Top 10 Affordable Wedding Venues In Cape Town (2023)

It is an old life hack that outdoor wedding venues help couples plan their weddings on a budget. To buttress that well established fact, this is a list of affordable wedding venues in Cape Town, which have over the years helped countless couples have memorable weddings.

With proper decorations, these wedding venues can even outdo the more expensive ones when it comes to beauty and style; after all, a wedding is not a disco, and should not be held like a strip club. These traditional grounds give the feeling of grandeur and simplicity at the same time, and most of all, they make for breathtaking photography.

Top 10 Affordable Wedding Venues In Cape Town

1. The Joubertsdal Country Estate

Joubertsdal Country Estate is open, beautiful and wide. The hotel serves as lodging for private guests, mostly couples who want to get away from the hustle and bustle, and just enjoy some quality time together. This is also a pristine wedding location; set in a 300-hectare parcel of land at the foot of the Langberg Mountain Range, it gives a wide variance of color themes, and photography settings.

The hotel’s main house was built in 1972, and has the features of old buildings thatched roof, and so on. With a good event planner, a wedding held here can be memorable, and done with half the price.

2. The Langverwagt Farm

The Langverwagt Farm is more a garden that a farm, it has all kinds of ornamental flowers, and then there are also vine yards, oak forests, and beautiful rivers. It is located in a lush valley, and is beautiful all year round; meaning that you just have to pick a date that is not likely to be a rainy day.

As for photography you will have so many options to choose from; the lawn can decorated to your taste, and the bushes, shrubs and trees make for a spectacular background.

3. The Conservatory

The Conservatory is a beautiful venue is located in Franschhoek Valley, near the banks of the Kastaiing River. This place has been used as a wedding venue for many years, but it never manages to go out of style.

There are both indoor and outdoor options, although the general theme of The Conservatory is outdoor, meaning that the indoor has the effect of outdoor, but is only protected from the weather.

The walls are made of glass; you can still take photos as though you are standing outside by the trees. All the flowers in the garden are visible from inside, and guests will get the feeling of sitting in a garden, enjoying the cool breeze.

4. Rhebokskloof Wine Estate

The Rhebokskloof Wine Estate is a multipurpose event venue in the sense that it is a vineyard and winery, that takes advantage of its beauty to host memorable weddings. The estate serves as a wedding venue, but can also be a great place for the couple to hand out after their wedding.

There are spacious lawns, and walk ways, intentional arches, and views of the grapes hanging on their trellises. This is a great place to take wedding photos, and to enjoy a great time with family and friends. The best Part is that is it very budget friendly; the owners do not depend on income from weddings to run the place.

5. Cape Grace Hotel

The Cape Grace Hotel is situated is a waterfront resort from where you can see the activities on the bay; including the beautiful boats and other water vessels. These water vessels make for a beautiful background with which to take wedding photos.

There are also lodges and rooms for guests, and even for the couple should they choose to remain there. The Cape Grace Hotel is one of the budget wedding venues in Cape Town; although the indoor venues can be pricey, you can find the outdoor location to be one of the cheapest in town.

6. Suikerbossie Restaurant & Estate

If what you want is an affordable wedding venue that is still beautiful and classy then you should check out Suikerbossie Restaurant & Estate which is located in Hout Bay, Cape Town. As the name suggests; they have a wonderful menu there, and you don’t have to worry about catering services. They even have their own wedding planning services, which take a lot of worrying out of the picture.

The lawn is well designed with walkways and arches not just for the sake of photography, but to add to that special beauty of your event.

7. Rickety Bridge Winery

The Rickety Bridge Winery has both a indoor and outdoor venues, depending on the budget you are working with, and also on the number of guests you want to host at your wedding ceremony. The hall can hold only about 85 guests, while the open space can hold them in their hundreds.

They have wedding planning services here as well, so they have everything you need to make your big day smooth as silk. There is a chapel on the grounds as well, so this ground has more benefits that we can begin to enumerate.

8. Bakenhof Winelands Lodge

Bakenhof Winelands Lodge is a perfect place to host a wedding in Cape Town without breaking the bank. There are many things to see, and you can even book a tour of the winery before or after your wedding especially if you decide to stay.

It is spacious and beautiful; one of the places where you can host the wedding of your dreams, and still have some money left for the honeymoon.

9. Harbour Bridge Hotel

The Harbour Bridge Hotel is a truly breathtaking venue; just look at all the beautiful wedding pictures that have been taken in this location, and that is all it takes to decide that this is the place you want.

As the name suggests, it is close to the water front. To add to that water bound feeling, there are many glass buildings on the grounds. They serve various purposes, but the reflective appeal they give makes for truly breathtaking photos, especially when merged with the activities of the harbor on the farside of the background.

10. Lagoon Beach Hotel

Still talking about water-front wedding venues there is a certain Lagoon Beach Hotel which is a truly breathtaking sight to behold. Situated on an open plain, it gives a 360 degree view of beauty; from the Table Mountain to the Atlantic Ocean, to the imposing Robben Island.

The place can only hold somewhere around 150 People, so you have to check how many people you intend to invite.



The cheapest wedding venues in Cape Town are mostly outdoor locations that people have been using for years. Ironically, these cheap, outdoor venues are also some of the most beautiful; especially if you have competent wedding planners on your side. These wedding venues are available; one only needs to reach out to their managements, to negotiate.