PO Box 310 Grapevine Tx 76099 Owner

PO Box 310 Grapevine Tx 76099 comes up regularly within insurance circles, but many who make reference to that postal address do so in confusion because they do not know the owners of that important postal address. Perhaps there is some intention about that obscurity; the owners could have done more to ensure clarity.

Two important insurance brokers came together to sell an insurance product with that P.O Box as the claims address. So most people do not know whether it belongs to the first or second companies, or whether the product itself is registered as a separate entity.

This post is crafted with the mind of clarifying the ownership of the mailbox, and the circumstances behind its creation.

PO Box 310 Grapevine Tx 76099 Owner

PO Box 310 Grapevine Tx 76099 belongs to Alliance Healthconnect. The mailbox is used to receive customer care complaints and enquiries, and also to receive claims from policyholders. This PO Box is like a hotline for claims; sources confirm that it is regularly checked, and that responses are almost instant. However, the administrators may decide to contact the claimant via other means; not necessarily through the same avenue that was used.

This means that the response can come via email, phone, or any other means of contact provided by the claimant.

How Should Mails To PO Box 310 Grapevine Tx 76099 Be Addressed?

Mails to PO Box 310 Grapevine Tx 76099 should be addressed to Alliance Healthconnect. Granted, the customer making the enquiry could be from either of the two founding companies behind Alliance Healthconnect, but the address on the envelope should say Alliance Healthconnect. This will at least help ensure that the mail goes to the correct address, and to the correct office.

One may then (in the body of the letter) explain that he signed up to the policy from one of the parent companies. This should enable the proper steps to be taken so as to ensure that your claim gets the required attention.

About The Owner Of PO Box 310 Grapevine TX 76099

As mentioned above, Alliance Healthconnect is the owner of said mailbox. Alliance HealthConnect is a product bundle that combines the services of MeMD and TransConnect, in order to provide comprehensive health insurance that is suitable for people of all walks of life.

The product bundle is underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, and the intention is to provide health insurance solutions that are both innovative and forward thinking, especially as they are based on the use of technology.

Hopefully, in the long term these solutions and packages can help bring down the cost of health insurance all over the country; and halt the trend of increasing healthcare premiums and out-of-pocket payments. This will be achieved because employees will naturally choose the insurance option that takes better care of them, and that will cause other insurance providers to make adjustments so as to remain competitive.

Information About The Founding Companies


MeMD is a ground breaking company; it proves that virtual healthcare can be a successful venture. MeMD describes itself as a comprehensive telehealth solutions provider. That means the company addresses customer healthcare needs by providing answers and professional advice online, rather than on an in-person basis.

Of course the scope of this type of treatment is somewhat limited; the company provides care for common illnesses, injuries and behavioral health issues. This is done via the latest streaming technology so it looks real enough, and the communication is two way so both the patient and doctor can understand each other well.

This kind of consultancy is useful to both individuals and businesses because it allows them provide the necessary healthcare at less than half of what they would pay at some other insurance providers. This cuts out the expenses associated with transportation, and hospitalization of persons who only need minor medical attention. It saves both money and time, and it is very safe because it is done by professionals.

Of course there may still be a slight risk posed by people who mistake serious injuries for something that can be done online; hopefully that is countered by the doctors quickly realizing the severity of the problem, and advising that more urgent steps be taken to save the lives of the people concerned.


TransConnect is offered by The Transamerica Corporation; a huge American insurance group with more than 25,00 employees, in over 3000 locations. The company has several other insurance brands aside from Transconnect; and some of the major focuses of the company include life insurance, supplemental health insurance, investments, and retirement services.

The company has quite a reputation; it was founded in 1928, and has been growing ever since.



The owner of PO Box 310 Grapevine Tx 76099 is the claims office of Alliance Healthconnect, which is the brainchild of MeMD and Transconnect. This is aside from the emergency communication with the company, which is online or telehealthcare as described by the company.