PO Box 31362 Salt Lake City UT 84131 Owner

Another important mailbox when it comes to the insurance sector is PO box 31362 salt lake city UT 84131; although many do not even know exactly who it belongs to or the purpose it serves. However, for customers of a certain insurance company, the day may come when they have to search out this mailbox because it is time to file a claim.

The mailbox is like the hotline for claims; it allows for documentation of the claims, and allows for the speedy expedition of the claims processing by the company.

PO Box 31362 Salt Lake City UT 84131 Owner

The mailbox with the address PO box 31362 salt lake city UT 84131 belongs to UnitedHealthcare; it the designated contact point for policyholders who need to make claims.

However, the confusion may arise as to ownership of this mailbox because same is used by the company’s numerous partners to get claims across from their policy holders to the insurance company. For the purpose of clarity; UnitedHealthcare offers products in partnership with several brokers, dealers, and healthcare providers; in which case the company acts as underwriters.

Clients and policyholders from these partner companies are often asked to file their claims directly with the underwriters being UnitedHealthcare, in which case the PO Box in question would be used.

Even though the process of making claims is often quick, UnitedHealthcare usually has to work in collaboration with claims investigators to assess the circumstances surrounding the incidence, and then to make payments.

How Should Mails To This Box Be Addressed?

To ensure prompt delivery, and also that the mails land at the proper office at the company; all mails should be addressed to UnitedHealthcare; regardless of whether the sender is a client or policyholder from a partner company, broker, agent or healthcare provider.

However, it is always a good idea, if one is a client of a third party to state which partner one has signed up with, so as to ensure that the claims are promptly dealt with.

If one has signed up directly with UnitedHealthcare, then there is no need for this formality; one just needs to provide details of his claim, and also details of his insurance policy.

Information About The Company

UnitedHealthcare is a subsidiary of the American Insurance Giant known as UnitedHealth Group Incorporated. The company is a multinational company, operating in several countries across the world. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated operates as a managed healthcare and insurance company; meaning that it has healthcare services in partnership with hospitals and clinics with the intention of taking care of client health.

The company also provides health insurance services which are more financial than medical. This is a world renowned company with around 300,000 employees across all its subsidiaries (Optum & UnitedHealthcare) around the world. The company is a huge one by capital; it has about US$212.206 billion in Total assets, and US$75.045 billion in Total equity.

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and it is the world’s seventh largest insurance company by revenue, while clinching the top spot for healthcare company by revenue. The company is all the largest insurance company by net premiums.

While UnitedHealthcare Group consists of two distinct companies; the company (UnitedHealthcare) accounts for 80% of the Group’s overall revenue. For emphasis of its size, the company is ranked 11th on the 2022 Fortune Global 500.



Even though several insurance agent, brokers, and dealers ask their clients and policyholders to file claims at this mailbox, the PO Box 31362 Salt Lake City UT 84131 belongs to UnitedHealthcare Group, which is one of the world’s biggest insurance and healthcare companies.

The confusion arises because so many of the above insurance practitioners all ask their clients to file their claims to that mailbox.