One Year Certificate Programs That Pay Well In Canada (2023)

This is a compilation of one year certificate programs that pay well in Canada, and that offer the opportunity for one to earn a decent living, even if one is not opportune to pursue further education, which usually helps one to follow professional career paths.

The following are proven programs that can launch one unto a professional career, earning good money. They are in demand jobs all over the country, and they offer good pay, decent working conditions, job security, and the opportunity to climb the professional ladder.

It is for these reasons that these career paths have been chosen.

One Year Certificate Programs That Pay Well In Canada

1. Payroll Administrator

National average salary: $51,091 per year

Every organization needs a payroll administrator; they need someone to keep track of workers’ pay, vacation, sick time, and overtime for employees. Interestingly, this job does not even need a degree; it just requires a person to have received basic training on how to keep the records; usually with the help computer software.

One also needs to send out payroll cheques and update employee records. The required training for this job is The Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP), which is not even necessary in some instances although it helps one earn a higher salary, and assures the employer that the applicant is competent, and can be trusted with the employer’s money.

2. Firefighter

National average salary: $26.10 per hour

Firefighters are among some of the most valued public servants, because they are brave men who put themselves in personal harm in order to save their fellow citizens. They are first-responders in case of fire outbreaks; they appear at the scene and get the stranded people to safety, while battling the fire.

They are also trained in first aid, and emergency treatment for victims of fire outbreaks. Sometimes they are also part of rescue missions in case of natural disasters.

With a high school diploma one can register at the nearest fire department for a one year training course to enable one become a fire-fighter.

3. Automotive Service Technician

National average salary: $26.75 per hour

Automotive Service Technicians inspect and repair vehicles. Their certifications usually differ from province to province, but with a high school diploma, one can easily do an apprenticeship program, and then get the certification after a year. One can find a job at any garage and gradually grow to the point of starting his own auto workshop.

4. Nutritionists

National average salary: $23.59 per hour

The value of nutrition has recently come to light; most people now know that they can avoid countless medical expenses simply by paying attention to what they eat. The job of the nutritionist is to help people improve their diet and overall health. They can examine the patient, looking for signs of deficiency which they will correct by developing meal plans.

Nutritionists can work with patients by doing one-on-one consultations to supervise their diet. Nutritionists can work with sportsmen, obese people, and cardiac patients among others. People who are given to frequent illness can also be referred to nutritionists to seek ways to improve their health.

Depending on how far one intends to go in this career path, it may or may not be necessary to get training as a nutritionist. However, getting certification will help one work with the bigger hospitals, rehabilitation centers, gymnasiums and so on.

Many provinces do not require formal education or training. However, in some Canadian provinces one needs to pass the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination

5. Drafting Technician

National average salary: $23.74 per hour

Drafting Technicians work with architects to create building designs. They do their work with the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software to develop multidimensional technical designs and drawings. Interestingly, the certification for Drafting Technicians is relatively easy to achieve; it only takes about 10 to 12 months at a well recognized universities.

These programs typically focus on teaching students how to use the software; that means they assume that the student has some basic understanding of design, and a good grasp of mathematics.

6. Welder

National average salary: $24.67 per hour

Welders are important cogs in the wheel of productivity; in the field of engineering and building construction their skills are extremely important. Welders professional reshape and join metals in a similar fashion as carpenters work with wood. Welders have safety protocols to follow; and their work has to last for long.

To become a welder one needs to learn the trade under an apprenticeship program, or to earn a certificate from the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). At the CWB one can even study to get greater responsibility; such as the Welding Inspector Certification

7. Telecommunications Technician

National average salary: $24.73 per hour

Communication is an essential part of any company; which is why companies have to pay communications technicians well. They work with communications tools for companies. They install and repair phone, computer, and videoconferencing hardware and software so that company officials can communicate seamlessly, and even work remotely.

Sometimes they may be hired by the companies directly, or other times they may work with companies that specialize in this type of services; working with several companies.

8. Web Developer

National average salary: $27.28 per hour

Web Developers are key people in the digitalization of the world economy. They design websites and web applications for companies, individuals, businesses and organizations. Some of the websites can be just for the dissemination of information, while others may be for the users to interact with one another.

Web Developers can also work actively with these companies helping them fix problems on their websites on an ongoing basis.

Certifications are easy one may study for a year at technical institutions or any of the universities.

9. Emergency Medical Technician

National average salary: $27.33 per hour

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) may work with hospital ambulance services to respond at the scenes of natural disasters, accidents, or other emergencies. They are trained to provide emergency care under pressure, meaning that they can save lives no matter how bad the accident may be.

Depending on what part of the country a person lives the training can either be for 6 months or for a year. However, some provinces require that the certifications be updated periodically.

10. Personal Trainer

National average salary: $31.18 per hour

The value of fitness to maintaining optimal health has now been known. However, people sometimes need help and motivation to reach their fitness goals. This is where the Personal Trainers come in; they motivate their clients; working with them and offering guidance on how to go about the exercise routines they have been given.

11. Yoga Instructor

National average salary: $36.28 per hour

Yoga Instructors are similar to Personal Trainers because they both work to help improve the health and fitness of their clients; however, Yoga is also a spiritual path; one that refreshes the mind and the body. As such Yoga Instructions have to learn how to direct their mental energies so that they can help their clients become happier and stronger persons.

This is a one year certificate programs that pay well in Canada, and it also offers some other advantages such as the opportunity to forge professional relationships with all kinds of people, thereby opening up many other doors.


This collection of one year certificate programs that pay well in Canada has been compiled to present those job opportunities that are in high demand. These core and critical jobs will provide steady income, and allow one to earn more certifications in due time, so as to earn even more money.