6 Months Course In Canada For International Students (2023)

The purpose of coming to Canada for most students is to empower themselves to participate in the Canadian economy. There are several 6 months courses in Canada for international students to enable them gain the necessary skills with which they can get jobs, and earn money, and be productive in the Canadian economy.

These courses represent a great chance to quickly gain some skills without compromising their normal educational schedules, which means they can still continue with their degree programs, or work, or any other activities that they were previously engaged with.

These skills are paying well; they are in high demand. Smart students can quickly apply for these courses in addition to their on going studies in order to buttress the resumes, and give themselves a better chance to get good employment.

6 Months Course In Canada For International Students

1. Human Resources Management Certificate

This course enables one to work as a human resources manager in a company or organization. The role of a human resources manager is basically to make sure that the company gets the best out of its workers. That means that the best people have to be put into the positions that best suit them, and also that the workers are well motivated.

This course should be in combination with a university degree, which would put the holder in more esteem in the eyes of the employer. While a university degree may not be necessary, some employers may demand that their human resources managers have university degrees. A university degree can help one earn more, and may open further career opportunities.

2. Software Designers

Software Designers are one of the most important people in the Canadian economy as it progresses towards the digital economy. Software Designers design interfaces for companies to sell their products online, or to spread news and information about products and services. Software Engineers can also produce software for bloggers, forums, and newspapers/magazines.

Software Designers may work independently; in which case they would have a list of clients they service, and be paid on a contract basis. Otherwise, they can also work for companies as employees, in which case they would earn on a salary or hourly basis. Software Designers are very important persons for the future.

3. Competency In Structural Design

This is one of the best 6 months courses in Canada for international students because the construction industry in Canada needs all the hands it can get. Construction companies can hire multiple architects and structural designers to design their buildings, and even to peruse existing designs. This allows for dynamism, and also allows them to catch errors.

Competency in Structural Design courses are usually held at universities, and they are based on computer software, which means they do not require a lot of time to master. Most of these courses only take about 6 months to complete.

With this certification one can work with a construction company, although one has better chances of progressing in this career field if he has a university degree.

4. Communication

This is yet another short course that can open a lot of doors because every company needs effective communication to make sales and to maintain good relationships with customers. Whether it is fast moving consumer goods, construction, or any other business, they need people with effective communication skills to make sales.

Communication is an important skill; it can be learnt at a university during the period of 6 months. People often think that they can speak, and so they have no need to learn communication as a skill. However, communication is more than just speaking; it is also about effectively passing the necessary information, and watching for signs that tell that the message is passed, understood, and taken to heart.

5. Business Administration

Business Administration as a short course is one that can help one get a job at almost any kind of business, company or organization. It helps one get the rudiments of business so as to be able to succeed in the business world. This may be of particular advantage to people who have their own businesses, and who are already in the business world as executives.

This is a 6 months certificate course which may also help one gain employment in any of the businesses.

6. Human Services

Human Services is something that every society needs; although the main purpose of this kind of work is not to make money but to provide succor for those in the society who are suffering, or who are vulnerable. Therefore, Human Services is not for everyone, but for those who have a passion for helping others.

One those not even need to have any prior experience, one just needs to have the passion to take care of others. This certification will help one get a job with any of the NGO’s or charitable organizations. Interestingly the jobs come with good pay, and with the opportunity to travel around the country, or even around the world.

7. Certificate In Electrical Techniques

A Certificate In Electrical Techniques only takes a person 6 months to obtain, but can go a long way in getting a sustainable career in construction, maintenance, engineering, and so on. The Certificate can make one proficient in designing electrical layouts for buildings, installing cables and wires, and other electrical fittings for new building developments, renovations, and engineering projects.

However, it is better to already have some knowledge of electrical engineering; perhaps after some apprenticeship programs. This certificate will help one stand a better chance of getting a good career.

8. Certificate In Fire Safety Systems

A Certificate In Fire Safety Systems will enable one work as the preventive officer working in schools, hospitals, and other public buildings where fire systems are installed. This will make one in charge of the fire systems to prevent outbreaks, and also to fight minor fire outbreaks before the arrival of the fire service.

Alternatively, one may also get a job with the fire service, where one will be actively involved in fighting fires from place to place. The fire service is a very honorable profession; the pay is good, and the conditions of employment are very good as well.

9. Customer Service Workshop

Every business needs to have Customer Service because there are bound to be complaints from customers and clients. The Customer Service officers have the job of attending to the complaints coming from the customers and clients. However, Customer Service officers must be cordial when addressing their clients.

It is that cordiality that the Customer Service Workshop teaches. It shows one how to engage with customers; taking their complaints without antagonizing them no matter how unreasonable their demands may be.

Customer Service attendants are in high demand across the country; companies are always looking for people to efficiently perform these duties.

10. Computer Fundamentals And Internet

Computer Fundamentals and Internet is a course that is aimed at teaching one the rudiments of computers. Computer Fundamentals and Internet will help one to be proficient in the use of computers, and computer programs that can help one to work in companies in various capacities that need the use of computers.

Computers are used for various purposes including inventories, typing up documents, check out cashiers and so on. Use of computers is rarely the only requirement for these jobs, but it is usually a plus.


Some of these 6 months course in Canada for international students may not be able to guarantee job placements for those who complete them; but the skills obtained can go a long way to help them secure jobs, when added to the job training they already possess.