Top 10 Richest Families In America 2020

The Richest Families in America, have not led wars of conquest, neither have they claimed titles, and territories, by the sword. They do not control governments or go by the titles of King, Prince, Duke, or Earls. Do not be fooled however, they are equally as powerful.

This is a time of rising inequality and hunger, the majority of people have been hit by economic shocks that have obliterated their savings, and put so many out of work. Right now, the weaknesses in our social structures have become so obvious. 

Despite that stark reality, some of the wealthiest individuals and families have seen their wealth increase in value due to the steep rise in property and stock prices, as American investors have sought to protect their wealth from evaporating. So who are the richest families in America? Find out below!

Top 10 Richest Families In America 2020 

1. Walton Family – Walmart 

  • Estimated Wealth: $130 Billion Dollars

The Family of Sam Walton is the Richest Family in America and the world by quite some distance!  Sitting on top of a vast empire of over $130 Billion are Jim and Alice Walton who individually weigh in at over $44 billion each. 

They control Walmart, which is the biggest supermarket chain in the world. 

Sam Walton founded the company in Arkansas in 1962, Walmart has 1.5 million U.S. the company also has 5,362 stores in the U.S. 

2. Koch Brothers – Koch Industries

  • Estimated Wealth: $82 Billion Dollars

The elusive Koch brothers have been around the corridors of power for many years. Charles and David Koch have spent a staggering amount of money financing candidates and libertarian ideological groups. They have also spent a lot of money on education and lobbying for policy positions. 

But they owe their status to their father’s successful oil business. Charles and David Koch each have around $40.5 billion each.

3. Mars Family – Mars

  • Estimated Wealth: $78 Billion Dollars

Frank Mars founded the family and company that has now become one of the biggest empires in the world, with a treasury in excess of $126.5 billion dollars.  Mars is the most popular maker of sweets in the world. In 2017, the world’s largest candy family diversified their interests with the purchase of VAC, a pet care company, for $9.1 billion.

At the head of the Mars, family fortune sits Jacqueline and John Mars. They are grandchildren of Frank Mars who founded the company. Individually they have at least $23.9 billion dollars.

4. Cargill-MacMillan family

  • Estimated Wealth: $49 Billion dollars

The Cargill- MacMillian Family of Minneapolis, MN, USA is the force behind Cargill Incorporated, which is the number one agribusiness company in America. The company was founded by William Wallace Cargill who died in October 1909. Reins of the company then fell to his son-in-law John H Macmillian.

By 2019, twenty-three members of the Cargill-MacMillan family owned 88% of the family company. This helps ensure singleness of purpose as the bulk of the money generated by the company is kept for reinvestment. 

5. Cox Family

  • Estimated Wealth: $41 Billion Dollars

The Cox family of Atlanta, Georgia United States of America, comes in next with a fortune of about $41 Billion dollars. This family was established as far back as 1898 when James M. Cox purchased the Dayton Evening News. Since then they have expanded their businesses to Communications, Cox Media Group, and automotive assets. The family provides cable TV and internet services, and they also have newspapers, TV, radio stations, while at the same time they sell cars.

6. S.C. Johnson family

  • Estimated Wealth: $30 Billion dollars

The S.C Johnson family of Racine, WI comes in next with a fortune estimated to be in excess of $30 billion dollars. They produce cleaning products and home care items such as pesticides. 

The family business has lasted for 5 generations and was recently led by Samuel Curtis Johnson Jr. he was the great-grandson of the S.C. Johnson who founded the company. Some members of the S.C. Johnson family tree are Herbert Fisk Johnson III, S. Curtis Johnson, Helen Johnson-Leipold, Winnie Johnson-Marquart. 

7. Pritzker family

  • Estimated Wealth: $29 Billion Dollars

Pritzker family of Chicago, IL are an American family of Jewish ancestry that is famously wealthy. They are well known for entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Their family wealth comes primarily from the founding and expansion of the Hyatt hotel corporation.

The family bank collapsed in 2001, but they are still significantly divested with holdings in companies such as the TransUnion credit bureau, Braniff airlines, and McCall’s magazine. The Pritzker family is also the force behind the Royal Caribbean cruise line.

8. (Edward) Johnson family

  • Estimated Wealth:  $28.5 Billion

The Edward Johnson family, with a family fortune of over $28.5 Billion dollars comes in next on our list. The family is from Boston, Massasuchets, and has money management, financial advisory empire. 

The family is presently headed by Edward Crosby “Ned” Johnson III, an investor and businessman who, along with daughter Abigail Johnson, owns and runs Fidelity Investments and Fidelity International. Their business manages over 1 trillion dollars in assets.

9. Hearst family 

  • Estimated Wealth: $28 Billion

The Hearst Family of New York, NY, with a family fortune in excess of $28 Billion dollars, comes in next on our prestigious list of top American billionaires. The family is the force behind Hearst Corp.

Media giant Hearst Corp. was established by William Randolph Hearst, who ventured into newspaper publishing by becoming the proprietor of The San Francisco Examiner at age 24. Having acquired a taste for publishing, he went on to purchase several other newspapers before entering into radio broadcasting and television.

Today, the media conglomerate he established is run by his grandson William R. Hearst III and owns 46 newspapers, 340 magazines around the world. Perhaps their biggest brand is ESPN.

10. Duncan family 

  • Estimated Wealth: $21. 5 Billion Dollars

The Duncan Family of Houston, TX, with a family treasury of over $21.5 Billion dollars comes in next on our list. The family business is laying pipelines. 

The family company Enterprise Products Partners, was founded by the legendary Dan Duncan, who was born poor and rose to richest via hard work and providence. Today the company is run by his children; Milane Frantz, Dannine Duncan Avara, Randa Duncan Williams, and Scott Duncan.


Closing On The Wealthiest Families In America

Money is an exciting thing to have, but a rather difficult thing to maintain. Many people have robbed banks, won lotteries, or been bequeathed with a lot of money, only to lose it within a short span of time.  

In this article we hope you have learned a little from the richest families in Australia; the biggest protection is production. Money is a tool for production and the generation of more wealth.