Top 10 Best Universities In Tanzania 2020

Are you willing to study or get enrolled in a higher institution in Tanzania and you need the best Universities to make a choice from? Worry no longer as the top 10 Best Universities in Tanzania will be discussed right in this article. More also, this article features the best Universities and prescribed Universities which offer you a conducive learning environment and the desire to pursue your career.

Top 10 Best Universities In Tanzania 2020

  • University of Dar es Salaam
University of Dar es Salaam

Coming up fist on our list of top 10 best Universities in Tanzania is the Great University of Dar es Salaam. This University was formerly known as an affiliated college to the University of London.

The University of Dar es Salaam was founded in the year 1970 as a non-profit public higher education institution in Tanzania. This University is acknowledged as the most preferred higher institution amongst the list of 10 best Universities in Tanzania as it stands to offer you accredited courses and programs which lead to officially recognized degrees in various areas of study such as the pre-Bachelor degrees, Bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees. This University has been notably accredited by the required body or organization in charge of the accrediting higher institution, which is the Tanzanian Commission for Universities.  This great citadel of learning is, according to reports of the registered universities, earned its ranking as the first on this list regarding the number of enrolled students in the institution which ranges from 15, 000 to 19, 999.

Dar es Salaam University is located in Dar es Salaam’s largest city land, which also is known as the capital city of Tanzania. Following the year at which this institution was established, the institution has been in existence for 49 years and as such makes use of an admission policy based on the records and grades of the interested candidates in enrolling them. However, this institution notably provides about 70 – 80% admission for both local and international candidates.

Furthermore, on this interesting institution, the institution notably has a motto tagged “Hekima ni Uhuru” which implies that wisdom is freedom, and as such has proven wisdom in different varieties of courses and receives affordable fees for their programs.

  • The University of Dodoma
The University of Dodoma

The University of Dodoma was established or founded in the year 2007 in the rural settings of the Dodoma city which has an inhabitant of over 2 million people present in the city. This institution is a non-profitable University with a total population of 10, 000 – 14, 999 students enrolled in the institution.

Just as the first discussed institution, the University of Dodoma offers various courses and programs which are highly acknowledged and recognized in providing degree certificates in various fields of study.

This University being one of the best universities in Tanzania, they are focused on increasing the economic growth of the country and as such reducing the level of poverty through the developed access to higher education.

  • Sokoine University of Agriculture
Sokoine University of Agriculture

The Sokoine University of Agriculture was founded in the year 1984 in Morogoro. This institution has its branches in places like Arusha and Lushoto which are highly recognized and accredited by the Tanzanian Commission for Universities. Speaking of population, this institution has a total population count of 5, 900 enrolled students. The Sokoine University for Agriculture offers its students different courses and programs leading to a recognized degree in various areas of study.

The former computer center of this institution was initially established as the University’s arm of services, research in aspects of technology for agriculture, teaching consultancy, forestry, and veterinary medicine. However, ever since the establishment of this institution, a series of changes and developments have taken place notably in some aspects of ICT services.

  • Mzumbe University
Mzumbe University

The Mzumbe University was founded in the year 2003 as a non-profitable public institution situated in the small city of Morogoro which is a city with a population of 25-, 000 – 499, 999 inhabitants. This institution has been fully and duly recognized and accredited by governing Universities in Tanzania. This institution is a coeducational higher institution with a population ranging from 4, 000 to 4, 999. This institution is opened for both local and international candidates to enroll. However, this institution offers various courses which are recognized locally and internationally of which lead to Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees in different areas of study.

  • The Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences
The Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences

This institution was founded in the year 2007 as a non-profitable public higher institution. This institution is popping up on this list because it tends to be one of the best universities in Tanzania and also the best when it comes to courses and programs related to health.

The Muhimbili University of Health and allied sciences have been accredited and recognized by the Tanzanian Commission of Universities. This institution was created from the Muhimbili university college of health sciences which was a University of Dar es Salaam branch. This institution is a 12 years old institution s ranked 5th at national levels and ranked 5853 worldwide based on the programs and services the institution offers.

  • Augustine University of Tanzania

This university is a private owned University controlled by the Catholic Church and also one of the best Universities in Tanzania. This institution was established in the year 1998 and handed over to St Augustine of Hippo. They have a motto tagged as “Building the city of God”. This great citadel of knowledge and learning possesses unique features that enable a perfect and distinct character. The St. Augustine University of Tanzania has a total enrolled student population of 7037, and as such, the University ensures adequate learning and teaching infrastructure and grants access to every student in accessing the 28 lecture halls available I the institution.

  • Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology

This legendary institution is situated in Arusha, Northern Tanzania. The Nelson Mandela African Institute of science and technology is noted as one of the pan African institutes of technology and science and also one of the best Universities in Tanzania, although, this institution is a private University, but nevertheless, it was established for the targeted goal of developing and training up next generation of African engineers and scientist to bring a change in respect to advancement and development in the continent.

  • Ardhi University

This University was formally known as or formally called the University College of Lands and Architecture studies. This institution (Ardhi University) was a constituent college of the University of Dar es Salaam from July of the year 1996. Following the history of this institution, it was discovered that the University has a rich history since it was established as a surveying training institute in the year 1956 with its facilities structured in the year 1958 on an observation hill. This institution earned its name in the year 1972 and it was recommended to offer degree courses and has also been accredited.

  • St Joseph University in Tanzania

St Joseph University in Tanzania is a popularly known university in Tanzania and also stands tall as one of the best universities in Tanzania of which the University currently has three active branch campuses which are highly recognized in Tanzania. This University is located in Mbezi-Luguluni. This University offers degree and diploma programs in different fields of study which includes Mathematics education, science, and engineering, while the Boko Campus offers nursing programs, pharmaceutical science, and doctor of medicine.

In ICT aspects, this University is with no doubt one of the Best.

  • Tumaini University Makumira

This University was founded in the year 1996 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.  This University is noted as a Christ-centered institution known for conducting its program based on the beliefs of Christians. This University making its way up to the list of the best Universities in Tanzania shows that it offers quality services in various programs.


Conclusion On Top 10 Universities In Tanzania 2020

Studying in the best Universities should definitely be a top priority for students aspiring to be enrolled in the University and as such, we have a list of the top 10 Universities in Tanzania deemed as the best for you to make a choice.

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