Kaduna State University School Fees 2020/2021 {Undergraduate & Post Graduate}

List of all Post Graduate and Undergraduate Kaduna State University School Fees 2020/2021 Session – Actually, as far as academics are concerned, there is this picture that usually comes to mind whenever Northern Nigeria is mentioned. We, either consciously or not, envisage an illiterate society that has no plan or interest for academic exploration. Nevertheless, Kaduna State does not seem to fit into this picture. 

Known as the Center of Learning, Kaduna State has proven that it actually loves the acquisition of knowledge. The State has some superb learning institutions as far as Nigeria is concerned. If you are familiar with Ahmadu Bello University, you should be aware that this institution is one of the earliest institutions in the country as a whole, and it is also one of the best in Nigeria’s ranking. Where is the University located? Kaduna State. The State can also boast of its own University – Kaduna State University (also known as KASU).

Kaduna State University School Fees 2020/2021 {Undergraduate & Post Graduate}

 Faculties  KSU Indigene Tuition Fees  KSU Non-Indigene School Fees
 Agriculture  20,000-26,000  30,000-36,000
 Faculty Of Arts  20,000-26,000  30,000-36,000
 Environmental Science  20,000-26,000  30,000-36,000
 Medicine  24,000-27,000  36,000-38,000
 Pharmaceutical Sciences  23,000-27,000  32,000-37,000
 Faculty Of Science  20,000-26,000  30,000-36,000
 Social Management Sciences  20,000-26,000  30,000-36,000

Details of Kaduna State University Undergraduate School Fees

  1. Faculty of Agriculture
  2. – As An Indigene, you pay between N20,000 and N26,000
  3. – As a Non-Indigene, you pay between N30,000 and N36,000


  1. Faculty of Arts
  2. As An Indigene, you pay between N20,000 and N26,000
  3. As a Non-Indigene, you pay between N30,000 and N36,000


  1. Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  2. As An Indigene, you pay between N20,000 and N26,000
  3. As a Non-Indigene, you pay between N30,000 and N36,000


  1. Faculty of Medicine
  2. As An Indigene, you pay between N24,000 and N27,000
  3. As a Non-Indigenes, you pay between N36,000 and N38,000
Kaduna State University School Fees
  1. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  2. As An Indigene, you pay between N23,000 and N27,000
  3. As a Non-Indigene, you pay between N32,000 and N37,000


  1. Faculty of Science
  2. – As An Indigene, you pay between N20,000 and N26,000


  1. – As a Non-Indigene, you pay between N30,000 and N36,000


  1. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
  2. – As An Indigene, you pay between N20,000 and N26,000
  3. – As a non-Indigene, you pay between N30,000 and N36,000


Details of Kaduna State University Postgraduate School Fees

Unlike most (if not all Federal institutions) that don’t pay attention to this indigene thing, State universities, like KASU, put a lot of attention to such (and it is even applicable in their post-graduate school) 

  1. For indigenes of Kaduna State, they are to pay just N94,000 as tuition for their first year. When they enter their second year, their tuition is just N56,000 (which is cheaper than what many other schools collect) 
  2. On the other hand, if you are not an indigene of Kaduna State, you are to pay as tuition N125,000 for your first year, and then N96,400 when you proceed to the second year. 

(It must be noted that this fee stated here is simply tuition. We didn’t include other things like accommodate, departmental levy, and others like that) 

Kaduna State University is located in the suburban area of Ungwan Rimi (which is one of the most exotic areas the state can boast of at the moment). The School has been able to attract people from different places in the country – irrespective of their tribes and religion. Also, KASU offers several courses in various disciplines, and anyone can decide to develop their talents there, irrespective of their paths in life (in the Arts, in Agriculture, Education, Engineering, and so on) 

The School has witnessed some impressive transformation since Mallam Nasir El Rufai became the governor of Kaduna State. There have been changes in areas of facilities and even education standard. Additionally, attention is given to ensuring that things that will bring about benefits to the students are prioritized by the management. However, we should also note that some policies of the school have been criticized, as it is believed they are too extreme. For instance, when they said they want to promote decency, some things have been done that made some people feel University students are adults that should be allowed to make their own choices. 

KSU Acceptance Fees

But then, we can’t ignore how the School has eradicated the payment known as “acceptance fee”. So many schools in Nigeria are still collecting this fee from new students, and they keep ignoring the call for its cancellation. The funny thing is that it started as a very low amount, and it keeps increasing almost every session. But after Kaduna State University scrapped it, prospective students are now excited that money that could have been used for that, can now be used to settle other things. Therefore, it is now easy for admitted students to conveniently get things they desire getting before becoming full-time students of the school. 

Kaduna State University caters for both undergraduate and post students. Therefore, we will explore their various fees (without including levies such as accommodation and departmental fees)

Additional, just like it is the custom of various other State institutions in the country, indigenes of Kaduna State are given more priority, in that, they pay less than outsiders. 

Other Things to Know about Kaduna State University

  1. Kaduna State University is such an interesting institution with a nice story. The School came alive in 2004 (which made it a young institution when compared with the likes of the University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, and so on). Despite being one of the new generation institutions in the country, it has grown to become one of the best in the country. It provides qualitative education where it is located and now attracts people from various parts of the country. 
  2. Kaduna State University has over 30 departments that are spread across the 7 faculties she can boast of. The School also has two campuses. The main campus is located in Kaduna, while the second one is in Kafanchan. KASU is ready to maintain the level of standard which it is known for.
  3. As things stand now, KASU only offers Masters and PostGraduate Diploma at Postgraduate level. Nevertheless, it is expected that some years after now, they will evolve into an institution that awards doctoral degrees. Let us also state that their Postgraduate courses are only offered in the Faculties of Arts, Science, and Social and Management Sciences as things stand now. 
  4. For those living in Kaduna State, you should be familiar with the Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital. It is actually the Medical training center for Medical and Pharmaceutical students of the school. If you haven’t seen the place before, then you should know that the hospital is a well-equipped one that is prioritized by those who seek medical attention. 
  5. The motto of Kaduna State University is “Knowledge for Development and Unity”. The institution has its own board that sees to the effective running of its affairs. At the top of the segment is the Vice-Chancellor (in the person of Professor Muhammad Tanko). We also have the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration and the Coordinator of Kafanchan Campus). The person there at the moment is Professor Alexander Kure. There is also a Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics), the Bursary, the Dean of students, etc. 
  6. Kaduna State University has an office for a Librarian. They have a very big library with thousands of books, and it is the job of the Librarian to see to the administration of the library. Indeed, the institution is serious about becoming an elite in the country’s academic sector. Despite being a young school, KASU is fast becoming a hub of academic excellence in Nigeria. The institution has superb lecturers impacting knowledge into tons of students from different parts of the country, and people expect that in the coming years, Kaduna State University would have moved higher in the ranking of Nigeria’s best universities. 


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