Latest update on FUTA School Fees for freshers and returning students 2020/2021. Before attending any institution, you will want to know the cost of their school fees and acceptance fees before you can proceed further if you can apply for the institution or not. The Federal University of Technology Akure is one of the cheapest Federal schools in Nigeria, the school is known to have a good number of students ranging from undergraduates, postgraduates, and others.

FUTA is one of the universities where many students aspire to study in, they have good lecturers not just that the environment is conducive for learning and lots of good facilities. Many students consider some factors before they apply for a particular university which is what we are going to talk about in this article, this article will cover all you need to know about FUTA school fees, acceptance and hostel/accommodation fees, you know as a fresh student or an aspiring student, you need to know these things, before you can apply, just read on.

FUTA School Fees 2020/2021, Acceptance And Hostel Fees

 No.   Freshers Charges  Fees
 1.  Online Registration (First & Second)  1,000
 2.  Deed Of Undertaking  500
 3.  Certificate Verification  2,000
 4.  Laboratory Charges  2,250
 5.  Examination Charges  1,000
 6.  Electronic Charges  1,000
 7.  Student Handbook  500
 8.  Identity Card  1,000
 9.  Caution Fee (Refundable Fee)  2,500
 10.  Medical Examination  1,500
 11.  Medical (Tiship)  1,600
 12.  Sport Services  750
 13.  Endowment  1,000
 14.  Matriculation Charges  1,000
 15.  Library Charges  500
 16.  University Calendar  1,500
 17.  ICT Development  2,000
 18.  School Dues  500
 19.  Municipal Charges  1,000
 20.  Students Welfare Insurance Scheme  400
 21.  Students Union Fee  600
 22.  Development Levy  25,000
 23.  Facility Ethics and Student Conduct Manual  500
 24.  Laboratory Coat  1,500
 Tuition Fee   Total (Freshers)  51,100

Most aspiring candidates or students fail to know the exact amount of the University school fees, many of them stumble on the wrong information online and present it to their parents or guardians, if you have been following up previous posts, you will recall we said there are lots of scammers online who are there just to trick you and tell you that they will help you get into school for just a little sum of money or even tell you they will carry out the necessary arrangements for you so that you won’t be stressed out, I will advise you don’t listen to them as they are there just to extort money from you, this article has been written to give you credible information about FUTA School fees and Acceptance Fees.

The school fees for Federal University of Technology Akure is not that expensive, those that are in their first year pay more than those who are already way deep into the school fees, you can’t expect your school fees to be same, especially when you don’t even accommodation yet and you plan on staying in the school hostel.  As you go higher in the educational system, your school fees reduce, though most times many say it depends on the department which you are in for some Universities but in the case of FUTA we are not sure it’s like that, no matter your department you can’t be paying same fees that you paid in your first year and you should know that your acceptance fees are a one time fee, its paid just once. The meaning of acceptance fees is you as the aspiring student accepting the school as your desired institution of study.

Paying up your school fees and acceptance fees must be done in time, especially your acceptance fees. Without payment of your acceptance fees after some time, the school will close their portal and candidates who fail to make payment will lose their admission. Getting admission is not easy, so losing it should not be part of your plans. During registration in the school portal, you will see the bank details which you can use to make payment either for school fees or acceptance fees, each of these bank details carry the school name as the account name, so do not be deceived payment must be done into any school account be it your school fees or acceptance fees. The school fees comprise of many other fees that are added to it, so instead of you paying it differently, the school decides to sum them up together and you pay once into their account. Below is the amount for fresher’s school fees not just them but also returning students into the 2019/2020 academic session.  Below are the school fees amount and acceptance fees for the 2019/2020 academic session.

Tuition Fees For Returning Students (Old Students)

  • 100L

The 100L school fees comprise of Tuition fees, Online registration which is for the first and second semester, deed of undertaking, examination charges, electronic charges, caution fee, certificate validation, medical examination, identity card, student handbook, sports, endowment, university calendar, medical, industrial training, this is meant for those in 400L, library charges, students welfare scheme, ICT, school dues, Student union fee, entrepreneurship which is meant for 300L students only,  facility ethics manual, development levy, and laboratory coat when you sum up everything here together it will give a total of N51,100.

  • 200L

Students who are in their second year must have already paid for some of these things in their first year, so their charges will not be high. The 200L school fees is about N13,400. You should know that this school fees also apply to those who are in 500L, students who are in 500L study a five years course, so during their fifth year, they pay the least amount.

  • 300L

Those in 300L pay more than those in 200L because there are some other fees like the entrepreneur which is done in 300L only and it requires some amount of money. The total charges for the 300L fees is about N17,900.

  • 400L

Some courses in the University are known to be 4 years, while some are five years just few though. 400 L students or final year students like they are fondly called are known to have lesser fees and charges attached to them, they are to pay N15,100 as the total sum of everything. You should know that payment of school fees is done once in a year, once you pay in your first year until you move to the 2nd year before you can make the payment again. Talking about accommodation, I know you must be wondering if accommodation is added to the list, well no. Paying for your accommodation is different from your school fees payment. Accommodation depends on you as the aspiring candidates, most students prefer to stay off-campus, others prefer to stay inside the campus which is inside the school, accommodation outside the school is quite expensive, though you are to pay yearly too likewise inside the school, if you are the type who wants to live a private life then you are advised to stay off-campus, but if you are the type who loves to mingle with friends, wants to explore know more about the environment, or you don’t want to stay alone, then leaving inside the school campus is the best place for you, but you should know that there are some rules and regulations which will serve as a guide to you inside the school campus.  The school hostel is divided into three which is the old hostel, the new hostel, the Bisi Balogun hostel which is meant for postgraduate students.

Accommodation And Hostel Fees For FUTA Students

The old hostel accommodation fee costs N8,000 while the new hostel accommodation fee costs N18,000. It’s your choice to make, whatever fits your capacity you can pay for any of your choices, you can even inspect the hostel before making payment for any of them and you should know that there is steady light inside the school campus unlike off-campus where you have to pay for electricity, water, and every other thing. But you should know that there are some disadvantages which are also involved in staying in the school hostel but it’s very cheap and will also help you to reduce the cost in no time. Related:

In conclusion, we have given you basic information about FUTA School fees and the acceptance fees payment, we also added vital information about their hostel fees which will help make things easier for you. We hope you find this article interesting and we believe it has been helpful to you. Tags: FUTA School Fees and Acceptance Fees

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