FUTA Admission Portal – futa.edu.ng – There are many students who are aspiring to get into the University, the Federal University Technology Akure is one school that many students want to attend, with their good environment and quality facilities in the school, makes it possible for students to engage in their school activities properly.

Aspiring students who want to attend the university make sure they choose a good school of their choice, not just that they also think about the course of study which they want to study if the school has it and not just that if it is also accredited. Several Universities operate in different ways and there are some unique things about FUTA which I believe you still need to know, this article will give you information about FUTA Admission portal for students both for freshers and pre-degree students.

FUTA Admission Portal – futa.edu.ng – For Students (Freshers & Pre-Degree)

FUTA Portal Login detail URL is futa.edu.ng or go to https://www.futa.edu.ng/firarsnew/welcome/appindex

Being a fresher in a new institution you are mostly seen as a JJC which means Johny Just Come, many freshers don’t know a lot of things about a new school or even pre-degree students. Now let’s explain what the pre-degree is all about.

Pre-degree program is done in higher institutions, this program is mostly done by students who shy away from Jamb and it is done over the duration of 6 months which is equivalent to two semesters, pre-degree students are taught extensively in the school various courses which will enable them to pass the school general examination and will take them to the 100L. Most pre-degree students don’t know anything about the school, you should also have it in mind that being a pre-degree does not mean you have fully entered into the University, they just have a temporary admission to study there and once they pass they can be fully admitted into the school system.

In the case of freshers, these are students who just gained admission into the University through Jamb or any other means, these are called new intakes and they need to know the in and out of the school system so that they can cope, many freshers are known to have fallen victims of fraud, which is why this article has been compiled so you can know about the FUTA Admission portal and if there are fees which you need to pay, all will be stated here in this article.

Freshers (New Students) Registration Procedure

  • For a fresh student or pre-degree student that has no account with the school, you are to open the website and enter your UTME registration number for confirmation
  • You are to enter your UTME registration number to confirm if you have paid your acceptance fees if you have not paid you are to pay and click on confirm payment.
  • You should know that before you are being taken to where you will create your account, you will need to verify if you have paid your acceptance fees. After confirmation, during the account creation procedure, you are to fill in details like your email address, name, date of birth with a phone number, and other details that will be asked of you. After doing this your login details will be sent to your email address or the phone number which you used for registration, ensure you keep in your login details safe so that you won’t have issues the next time you want to login. You are advised to use your personal phone number and email address because during your stay in the university that is what the school will use in communicating with you.
  • You are to login with your username and password to start your registration, the data form is there for you to fill in, you should have it in mind that the data form are group into five (5) sections, additional to this is the court affidavit which you will have to download and then fill, you will need to take it to the court to get it stamped, you should know that this court affidavit is part of the document which will be uploaded later during the data form filling, you are advised to keep this properly for safety details.

FUTA Admission Portal – futa.edu.ng

  • There are some documents which will be needed for further registrations and they must be scanned and be in the JPEG format they are birth certificate, certificate of origin, court affidavit, attestation letter, passport, JAMB admission letter but you should know that this is optional, it is only necessary when you have it, candidates who don’t have JAMB admission letter should ensure that they report to the University admission office during resumption, finally your O’Level results. There are some students which are called Direct entry candidates, they are still like freshers but they will be starting in 200L, they are to upload their ND/NCE/IJMB/JUBEP/A Level result.
  • Above are what you need during your registration as a fresher and pre-degree student, the forms which you have filled online, you should go through them properly so that any mistake can be corrected then you can click on submit to finalize everything.  You should click on finalize submission to submit and a preview of the report will be displayed on the screen, you are to print the preview page and check the screening remark on the bottom page of the report, you should know that you are to pass the screening before you will be allowed to proceed to the bank for school fees payment.
  • There will be an e-tranzact receipt given to you that will be used to verify if you have paid school fees on the school portal and this receipt will also be used for course registration. You are advised to keep this receipt properly, ensure that it is free from water and every other stuff that might affect it.

Above is what is needed for the FUTA Admission portal both for freshers and pre-degree, those doing pre-degree there might be a slight difference in yours. You should know when carrying out this registration, it should be done in the school café if you don’t really know how to go about it.

Like we said above there might be some individuals who might come around to scam you and tell you to pay all sorts of fees, if any fee is needed from you, you will be directed from the school authorities or your department. I know you might be wondering what’s the course registration all about, after being given admission to the University there are several courses which you will do in that department of yours, as a fresher, you might do more or lesser courses, so you are to register each course before the time of examination, the registration of each course allows you to write it during the time of examination, this will let the school know that you have been offering the course all these while in school. Many students fail to register one course or two, which means they will have to carry that course over to the next level, you should also take note that the courses which you offer in the first semester are not the same as the one you will offer in the second semester, they will be very different, so you should have that in mind.

Those doing pre-degree should read the information above very well, they are to make sure they fill in the form, in the aspect of JAMB, they can leave that space blank, though we believe there will be a separate registration form given to them in the school portal, they are to fill and make sure they pay their fees according. Their fees will be different from those in 100L don’t be surprised if yours will be higher, you can’t compare pre-degree and those who have entered the school for their fees to be the same.

In conclusion, we have given the full details about the FUTA admission list and everything you need to know for both freshers and pre-degree students.

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