UEFA Champions League Winners List and Prize Money – Did you know that the UEFA Champions League is the competition with the Biggest Prize Money payout in the World? Did you know that the UEFA Champions League pays more in terms of Prize Money than even the FIFA World Cup? Well, that is the kind of information you get from naijaquest.com so always stay with us for stuff to broaden your knowledge of the beautiful game.

In this post, we want to know some of the winners of the UEFA Champions League, and how much money such clubs have carted home over the last couple of years. We also give a brief history of the competition, as well as highlight a little about how the organizing body (UEFA ) sources for the funds to payout such mouth-wateringly huge sums of cash.

UEFA Champions League Winners List and Prize Money

 Year   Club   Country 
 2019  Liverpool  England
 2018  Real Madrid  Spain
 2017  Real Madrid  Spain
 2016  Real Madrid  Spain
 2015  Barcelona  Spain
 2014  Real Madrid  Spain
 2013  Bayern Munich  Germany
 2012  Chelsea  England
 2011  Barcelona  Spain
 2010  Inter Milan  Italy
 2009  Barcelona  Spain
 2008  Manchester United  England
 2007  AC Milan  Italy
 2006  Barcelona  Spain
 2005  Inter Milan  Italy
 2004  FC Porto  Portugal
 2003  AC Milan  Italy
 2002  Real Madrid  Spain
 2001  Bayern Munich  Germany
 2000  Real Madrid  Spain
 1999  Manchester United  England
 1998  Real Madrid  Spain
 1997  Borrusia Dortmund  Germany
 1996  Juventus  Italy
 1995  Ajax  Netherlands
 1994  AC Milan  Italy
 1993  Marseille  France
 1992  Barcelona  Spain
 1991  Red Star Belgrade  Serbia
 1990  AC Milan  Italy
 1989  AC Milan  Italy

Top 10 Clubs With The Highest Number Of Champions League

 No.   Club Name   Trophy Number 
 1.  Real Madrid  13
 2.  AC Milan  7
 3.  Liverpool  6
 4.  Barcelona  5
 5.  Bayern Munich  5
 6.  Ajax  4
 7.  Inter Milan  3
 8.  Manchester United  3
 9.  Juventus  2
 10.  Benfica  2
11.  Porto  2
12.  Nottingham Forest  2
  • Brief History

What is today known as the UEFA Champions League initially started as the European Champions Clubs Cup in 1955, although most people just called it the European Cup. In those days only champions of each national league could participate, and then it was a straight knockout format. It took its current name as the UEFA Champions League in 1992 and made changes that allowed multiple representatives of each league, as well as a group stage leading up to the final. As present the Champions League is still not perfect; while some countries have up to five representatives, others have only one- the champion.

32 teams are drawn by lucky dip, into groups of four teams in the group stages, 2 teams from each group progress to the next stage, from there it is the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, and then the Final. They play home and away matches, while the final is decided at a neutral venue.

  • Sponsorship

How does the UEFA Champions League make money it awards to participating teams? Multi-national companies are allowed to partner with UEFA by paying for advertising their logos and brands around the pitches, as well as around the participating stadiums. They also have their names, brands, and logos on the interview boards, pitch-side, as well in conference rooms. Although many companies have sponsored the UEFA Champions League in the past, the current sponsors who provide the money distributed among the clubs presently are as follows:

Hotels.com, Santander, Gazprom, Heineken, MasterCard, Nissan Pepsico- Lays, Pepsi Max and Pepsi, and Sony-PlayStation. Adidas supplies the official match ball, as well the referee’s uniform. Hublot (watchmakers) also provide the fourth official’s board in the competition.

Television rights also provide extensive amounts of money for the competition’s organizers, the UEFA Champions League receives a substantial amount from T.V Rights. The Primary sponsors of the UEFA Champions League strive to reach the TV Audiences of the countries with the biggest purchasing power.

  • UEFA Champions League Prize Money Payout

As far as the UEFA Champions League is concerned, everybody gets a taste of the 2.04 billion Euros prize money fund. The Money is broken down into 2 major parts:

  • TV Rights Payments
  • Performance Rewards

TV Rights payments are not distributed equally. Remember that most of the prize money is generated through advertising. The purpose of this advertising is to make sales. The purchasing power of the T.V audiences is calculated by UEFA’s knowledgeable finance team. To break it down in simple terms; the TV Audience in England has more money to spend than those in Russia. Therefore teams from Russia get more money than teams from Russia. The Metrics do not only consider Purchasing Power, but also Audience Size.

Teams like Manchester United and Arsenal have a larger following all over the world than teams like Steaua Bucharest and Sparta Moscow. In this calculation England comes first, then Spain, then Italy, and France… on the lower end there are Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, etc.

  • Performance Rewards

On the other hand, there is a fixed prize for your wins in the Champions League, no matter what the team, or what country you come from. There is a need to break it down further, to allow for a clearer understanding.

  • Starting Fees (Group Stage)

Just for coming to the party, each one of the 32 teams gets 15.25 million Euros. That is 488 million divided among them. It does not matter whether you win all your matches or not, you still get the money.

  • Group Stage Win

Any teams that win a match will be awarded 2.7 million Euros, while any team that draws a match will get nine hundred thousand euros (900,000.) It does not matter what team it is, or what country they come from. For example: if Real Madrid plays FC Basel and the match ends in a draw, they both get nine hundred thousand euros each.
Group Winners get an additional 2 million euros, while runners up get 1 million.

  • Round of 16

Any team that wins a match in the round of 16 will get 9.5 million euros, while the losing team goes home.

  • Quarter-Finals

Winning a game in the Quarter Finals is equal to getting 10.5 million euros, the knocked out opponents go home.

  • Semi-Finals

Win a match in the Champions League Semi-Finals and you get 12 million euros, and a chance to write your name in gold by winning the final.

Winning the UEFA Champions League final will add another 4 million Euros to your bank account. The cumulative figure thus arrives at 53 million Euros in performance money to the winners, but this figure does not include the TV Rights money. Now let us look at the recent winners of the Champions League, and the prize monies they have taken home.

  • 2018/2019 Liverpool. The English club took home over 100 million Euros for their heroics. That can be broken down into 53 million in winnings, and 47 million in TV rights money.
  • 2017/2018 Real Madrid- Spain. The Spanish giants made a cumulative figure of 89.5 million Euros.
  • 2016/2017 Real Madrid- Spain. They got about 87 million euros in total. The money is broken down into 57.2 million in performance monies, and 30 million in TV Rights.
  • 2015/2016 Real Madrid- Spain 94 million euros. They played their fellow Spanish Club, Athletico Madrid in the final, keeping most of the TV rights for Spain.
  • 2014/2015 Barcelona- Spain. The Spanish giants made 61 million Euros in total funds received for their Champion League heroics that year.
  • 2013/2014 Real Madrid- Spain. They got 57.4 million Euros in total prize money for their heroics. The breakdown is as follows: 8.6 million, for participating, 20.5 million for TV Rights, and 38.5 million Euros for performance, including the final win.
  • 2012/2013 Bayern Munich- Germany … The German giants took home the sum of 55.46 million euros. As a result of the T.V rights money, they got less than Juventus who did not even make it to the Semi-Final.
  • 2011/2012 Chelsea Fc – England 60 million euros in total prize money.
  • 2010/2011 FC Barcelona – Spain 51 million euros … they got less than Manchester United who got over 60 million Euros; their money was boosted by the TV Rights, of which England receives the highest money.
  • 2009/2010 Internazionale Milano – Italy 48.75 million euros.

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