in our write-up today we will be writing on ABU Zaria School Fees. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is a federal government-owned Research University located in Zaria; Kaduna State.ABU was founded on the 4th of October, 1962, as the University of Northern Nigeria. The University is one of the leading tertiary institutions in Nigeria and it is near impossible to list the top five (5) Federal Universities in Nigeria without Ahmadu Bello University making the cut.

As it is known that ABU Zaria offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, we will be discussing ABU Zaria school fees for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

ABU Zaria School Fees 2020/2021 PORTAL

ABU Zaria School Fees 2020 By Faculty

 Faculty  New Students School Fees  Old Student School Fees
Faculty of Administration  N40,500  N23,000
Faculty of Agriculture  N40,500  N23,000
Faculty of Art  N39,500  N23,000
Faculty of Education  N39,500  N23,000
Faculty of Engineering  N43,500  N24,500
Faculty of Environmental Design  N40,500  N23,000
Faculty of Law  N40,500  N23,000
Faculty of Medicine  N44,500  N27,000
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science  N44,500  N27,000
Science Faculty  N44,700  N27,000
Faculty of Social Science  N39,500  N23,000
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine  N44,500  N27,000

As is observed in all tertiary institutions globally, students acquiring knowledge are charged different rates for different courses of study. This, in part, has to do with the complexities of some of the courses as well as the need for materials to teach them. The situation is not different in ABU. This is why the ABU Zaria School fees differ based on the faculty and the course in particular. In Nigeria, you will notice that medical sciences usually attract higher tuition fees than most other faculties in schools. The same applies to ABU Zaria school fees. The most fees are paid by students of medical sciences. Also, note that fees for new students (fresher) are not the same as those for returning students. Let’s take a look at ABU Zaria school fees for each category of students.

The Categories are New Students (UTME & Direct Entry Candidates) and Returning Students (200-500level Students)

ABU Zaria Undergraduate Tuition Fees for fresher (Acceptance fee included) ranges from N25,500 to N44,500 depending on your selected course of study while for returning students, it ranges fromN14,500 toN39,500, also depending on the course of study and the level of the student.

ABU Zaria School Fees By Faculty

ABU Zaria School Fees

Abu Zaria Fees Faculty By Faculty

  • Freshers in Faculty of Administration pay N40,500 while Returning students of the faculty of administration pay N23,000
  • Freshers in Faculty of Agriculture pay N40,500 while returning students of the faculty pay N23,000
  • Freshers of the Faculty of Art pay N39,500 while returning students of the faculty pay N23,000
  • Freshers of the Faculty of Education pay N39,500 while returning students of the faculty pay N23,000
  • Freshers of ABU Zaria Faculty of Engineering pay fees of N43,500 while returning students of the faculty of Engineering pay fees of N24,500
  • Freshers of the Faculty of Environmental Design pay fees of N40,500 while returning students of the faculty pay N23,000
  • Freshers of the Faculty of Law pay fees of N40,500 while returning students of the faculty pay N23,000
  • Freshers of the Faculty of Medicine pay N44,500 while returning students of the faculty pay N27,000
  • Freshers of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science pay fees of N44,500 while returning students of the faculty pay N27,000
  • Freshers of ABU ZariaScience Faculty pay fees of N44,500 while returning students of the faculty pay N27,000
  • Freshers of Faculty of Social Science pay fees of N39,500 while returning students of the faculty pay fees of N23,000
  • Freshers of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine pay fees of N44,500 while returning students of the faculty pay fees of N27,000

One thing I must state at this point is that this article is written based on the fees that are applicable at time of its penning. The amount quoted is subject to change at the discretion of the management of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. It is important to state that the school fees for new students have acceptance fees already included, as well as other miscellaneous fees.

Abu Zaria Postgraduate School Fees

The School of Post Graduate Studies of Ahmadu Bello University accommodates the PGD, Masters’, Doctoral, and even Post-Doctoral programmes. Expectedly, the fees for postgraduate programmes are far more expensive than those of undergraduate courses. Note that to apply for any of the postgraduate programmes of ABU; you have to buy the application form which costs N10, 500.

  • Acceptance Fee for ABU Zaria postgraduate courses is N50, 000 for both Sciences and School of Management Sciences. This is also the amount paid by Post-Graduate Diploma Students.
  • Registration Fee is N25, 000 for postgraduate diploma and Masters, both Sciences and Management Sciences.
  • Tuition Fee is N150, 000 for Post-Graduate Diploma, while Masters students pay between N200, 000 and N250, 000 depending on the course of study.
  • Health, Computer, Examination, and Sports Fees: All of these fees add up to about N120, 000.
  • Developmental Levy of the sum of N100, 000 is to be paid by every postgraduate student.

Total Fees Payable at the end of postgraduate Programme: While a Masters Programme in the Science faculty of ABU will cost about N510, 000 in total to complete, Management Sciences will cost N455, 000, while a PGD student will pay about N405, 000 at the end of the final semester.

You should be aware that these fees do not include accommodation costs, food, and other personal items you may need during your course of study. Usually, the school provides hostel accommodation for students who desire to live within the premises of the university and ABU students pay considerably lower rates in Nigeria for hostel accommodation than other schools. ABU Zaria School Fees Portal for freshers can be accessed on

ABU Zaria Registration Fees

The Registration fee is the very first step into entering the university. ABU Zaria registration fees are:

  • Master’s Degree Diploma – N 25,000
  • Post Graduate Diploma – N 25,000
  • Sciences Diploma – N 25,000
  • Management Sciences Diploma – N 25,000
  • Other payments for Abu Zaria Admission
  • The following fees are to be paid as well:
  • Acceptance Fee – N 50,000
  • Tuition Fee – N 25,000
  • Development Levy – N 100,000
  • Health Fees – N 120,000
  • Abu Zaria School Fees Portal

The ABU Zaria portal is Students of the school can log in and then find the ABU Zaria school fees portal for them to make payment of their fees.

  • Things You Should Know About Abu Zaria

Ahmadu Bello University is well known to be one of the most sought-after higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. Sitting on a landmass of about 7000 hectares, the school is known for its vast fallow lands, extending to neighboring communities at the Samaru end and also towards the western part of Zaria. The school is known to have produced notable Nigerians such as the late President Umar Musa Yar’adua, Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi Lamido, Isa Yuguda, former Vice Presidents Namadi Sambo and Atiku Abubakar, and several others. The school also has a pre-degree campus located at Funtua, also in Kaduna State.

  • Recognitions and Accolades

In the year 2017, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria was ranked as top University in the country by the National Universities Commission (NUC). It claimed the top spot in the country out of a hundred Universities that were ranked by the commission, comprising both public and private universities. Meanwhile, on the Webometrics list of top 30 Nigerian Universities based on openness, Ahmadu Bello University was ranked 10th.

  • Size And Population

The Ahmadu Bello University is arguably the largest University in all of Sub-saharan Africa in terms of landmass. The university sits on approximately 7,000 hectares of land and has an ever-increasing student population that currently sits at around 40,000.

Conclusion On Abu Zaria School Fees And Registration Fees 2020 Portal

Soon after its establishment in the post-independence era decades ago, ABU immediately became a hub of academic excellence, churning out renowned professionals and technocrats, who are today excelling in different fields both within and outside the country. ABU operates two campuses: Samaru (main) and Kongo in Zaria. There is also a pre-degree school in Funtua which is just a few kilometers from the main campus of the university. The Samaru campus houses the administrative offices of the University and also the faculties of physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, arts and languages, education, environmental design, engineering, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, and research facilities. The Kongo campus of the University is home to the faculties of Law and Administration.

The Faculty of Administration has the following departments under it: Accounting, Business Administration, Local Government, and Development Studies and Public Administration. The University is named after the late Sardauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello who was the first premier of Northern Nigeria. ABU Zaria runs a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs (and offers associate degrees and vocational and remedial programs).

ABU Zaria has a large medical program with its own A.B.U. Teaching Hospital which is regarded as one of the largest teaching hospitals in Nigeria and Africa. As one of the federal government-owned institutions in Nigeria, ABU is one of the cheapest universities one can attend to acquire tertiary education in Nigeria. We discussing the ABU Zaria School Fees and Registration Fees in this article. This will help guide those who have been offered admission to study one of the various available courses on offer in the University as to the amount they will be paying as school fees.


This article has provided all the details you need to know about ABU Zaria school fees, ABU Zaria registration fees and also the ABU Zaria school fees portal. This information will help guide both new and returning students of the institution.

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