FUTA Admission Requirements For Courses 2020

For students searching for FUTA admission requirements in the Federal University of Technology, Akure, you are in the right place. There are lots of requirements needed from you as a new intake into the university or before the University can even grant you admission. Many universities place cut off marks or several subjects to be used for various requirements before candidates can be allowed to study at their University.

Many aspiring students complain about having the required cut off marks and not gaining admission into the University, you might be wondering why you scored 180 which is the required cut off and you were not given admission, well this is what will be talked about in this article. This article will focus mainly on FUTA Admission requirements and their courses cut off, kindly grab a quick snack and a cold drink and read all you need to know about this.

FUTA Admission Requirements For All Courses 2020

  • Cut Off Mark – 180
  • Minimum Of 5 O’Level Result (Maximum of 2 Sittings) Subjects related to your course of interest (WAEC or NECO)
  • English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics

Many students are known to complain about having the requirements but have you stopped to wonder about the cut off mark for the required course which you want to study? Aspiring candidates should know that each University has its own required cut off marks and it changes every time, so you should always be updated about the latest news of the school of your choice.

The Federal University of Technology Akure has their cut off mark to be 180 it was first 200 but due to some issues they have to make some changes, so that more aspiring candidates can get into the university and study the course of their choice. There is something which you need to know, the school cut off is different from the departmental cut off mark, each course which an aspiring candidate applies for has a required cut off mark which they need from you.

There are times when it changes also, and you cannot expect that the cut off mark for medicine and surgery will be the same as that of business administration or even engineering its not that way, that’s even literally absurd. Candidates who apply for tougher courses or we call them professional courses are to ensure that they have a high score in JAMB and post utme to enable them to secure the admission which they want.

Many students or aspiring candidates who want to go into the University system feels its quite easy, but it is not that easy the way you see it, the examinations which you are given to write is like a competition and candidates with the highest score are being accepted, apart from all these there are several ways which you can use to calculate your score for you to know if you are eligible to gain admission into the University of your choice, many of you do not know about this, now let’s break it down for you below.

FUTA Admission Requirements

Following the scrapping of the Post Utme by the federal government, you should know that many universities had to reduce their cut off mark to be 180 even FUTA had to comply to the same treatment, many schools had to adjust so that they will not be given query or ban from the government. Many schools now use a new system instead of the Post Utme, many use the calculation from your O’level results, that is also another area which you have to do well because it is now a criterion for you to gain admission into the University.

FUTA has made this easy for prospective candidates, as you are to upload your results to the school portal for further screening. Many aspiring students do not know about the new method which is needed to gain admission into the University, so this article is here to help you out, just keep reading. FUTA has published the cut off marks for all courses for the 2020/2021 academic sessions online for candidates who choose the university as first choice and also those who pass the just concluded JAMB examination.

You should know that the higher your score, the higher your chances of getting admitted into the University, a candidate who scores 180 which is the required cut off mark for the University, and a candidate who scores 250 and they both apply for the same course lets say Bio-Chemistry who do you think the University will pick first, the candidate that scores 250 has a higher chance among the lists of admitted students. I believe now you will understand what we have been talking about ever since.  Below are the required cut off for each course in the Federal University of Technology Akure.

  • Medicine 260
  • Nursing 240
  • Pharmacy 260
  • Anatomy 260
  • Mass Communication 220
  • Common-Law 250
  • Physiology 230
  • Computer Science 220
  • English Language 190
  • Bio-Chemistry 190
  • Geology 190
  • Micro Biology 190
  • Engineering Courses 200
  • All Other courses 180

FUTA Admission Requirements

We have given the cut off marks for all the courses above, if you have plans of studying any of the above courses, you should know those are the cut off marks which are required from you.  Many candidates should know that the requirements needed are not that difficult to have, take a look at it below.

Candidates who apply for FUTA must have an O’Level result at a maximum of two sittings, it can either be just your WAEC or your NECO, GCE, or any other which are in relation to the school requirements. Aspiring candidates should have these requirements before they will even be considered, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics are the core subjects for the science aspirants those going for Arts courses or in the Social science department also have the list of core subjects which they should have as their O’Level.

Having all of this requires you to beat the required cut off mark which is 180 but also endeavour that you make plans to score higher than that so that your admission can be guaranteed.  You should beware of scammers online telling you that they can help you upgrade your results to get a higher one, you are being advised not to fall for any scam like this, as they are here to collect money from you, you can’t just wake up one morning and expect your result to be upgraded, you are being advised to read so that you can pass your exams successfully if possible attend tutorials so that you can secure your admission in the right way, don’t do things out of haste and frustration because others are doing it, don’t do it also.

When you are being given admission, you are to pay your acceptance fee to accept the admission being given to you, failure to do this, you will lose the admission which requires you to take another examination again, registration on the school portal have been talked about in our previous article if you want to know about that.

In conclusion, we hope you find this information useful, we can assure you that FUTA is one of the best universities which you can attend the University is known to have lots of facilities that enable students to learn well and lucky you, it’s a federal university so their school fees is quite cheap, we hope that you pass your exams and we wish you success as you embark on your educational journey.


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