List Of Schools Of Nursing In Lagos And Their School fees – There are several schools of nursing in Lagos State, one thing is to know the school you want to attend, the other is to know if they are accredited or not and even the cost of their school fees if it is available. Many individuals would love to attend the school of nursing, many don’t even know the steps they have to take or even the requirements needed for this course, but I believe this article will give you the right information which you need to know, and everything to know about nursing.

List Of Schools Of Nursing In Lagos And Their School Fees

 No.   School Name  Fees
 1.  School Of Nursing, Lagos Teaching Hospital  <250,000
 2.  School Of Nursing, Igando  230,000
 3.  Dept. Of Nursing Sci., UniLag  100,000
 4.  School Of Nursing Military Hospital, Yaba
 5.  School Of Post Basic Nursing, Igbobi
 6.  School Of Psychiatry Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatry Yaba
 7.  School Of Post-Basic Paediatric Nursing, LUTH
 8.  School Of Post Basic Nursing, Lagos

Details On The School Of Nursing In Lagos And Their School Fees

  • School Of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital

This school of nursing is a federal school of nursing that is aimed at teaching students and making them professionals in the nursing field, this school is designed to run a 3-year program course for students and they offer courses that are based on the nursing curriculum. Their school fees is less than 250,000 which we believe is affordable.

  • School Of Nursing, Igando

This school of nursing is located in Lagos State and they run several programmes for students, their school fees is about 230,000 naira for the first year, candidates applying must be from 18-23 years of age. The first-year school fees include accommodation and must be paid before resumption.

  • Department of Nursing Science, University of Lagos

The University of Lagos has the department of nursing science which is also known as the school of nursing. Candidates can apply through Jamb in this school and their program of duration is about 4-5 years, all courses which are being taught are the things which you need to know, their school fees is about N100,000 which will include other expenses added to it.

  • School Of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba

This school is meant for those aspiring to be a nurse and want to work with the military, this school of nursing is accredited and you are granted permission to study there, though details of their school fees are not stated online it is very much affordable.

  • School Of Post Basic Nursing, Igbobi

This is another nursing school which is located in Lagos, this is for those who want to furthermore into the nursing program, the two programmes which are available in the school are; post basic orthopedic nursing programme and the post basic accident and emergency nursing. Applicants applying for this school should have a license and must be registered nurses with the NMCN.

  • School Of Psychiatry Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Yaba

This school is located in Yaba and it’s meant for students aspiring to be in the nursing field, taking care of psychiatric patients, and knowing all about their health. This school is accredited by the federal government and their fees are affordable at least by everyone.

  • School Of Post Basic Pediatric Nursing, LUTH

This school is located in Lagos, and it’s registered and accepted for students. It’s a pediatric school of nursing that trains you in the affairs of children, knowing their health and how to take care of them.

  • School Of Post Basic A&E Nursing Lagos

This school teaches its students what to know, aspirants, and all that. You should know that studying a post-basic course requires you to have a license first as a registered nurse before you can run this program. Any post-basic course is like an extra course that is meant to broaden your knowledge in the areas or field of nursing.

List Of School Of Nursing In Lagos And Their School Fees

A nurse is someone who has graduated from the nursing program, you are not just called a nurse, you are called a registered nurse. The nursing program or nursing school lasts for a duration of maybe 3-4 years, you must meet the requirements which are needed for a registered nurse, after your program or school, you will be given a license that you can use to practice.

Nurses are employed in different areas of professional settings, they don’t work in the hospital only, they work in schools, offices, military, government offices, and so many other places. Nurses undergo several training to keep their licenses, most times or rather they are known to work harder than the doctors, as they are in charge of caring for patients, taking injections, keeping tabs on patient’s health, making reports and so many other things.

Many nurses in Nigeria travel over to different countries to work, many complain that they are underpaid, that the country is not conducive or not enough jobs. As a nurse, many people look up to you at high esteem, making sure you do your job professionally, patients might be hard to take care of sometimes, but these are some of the things which you are being taught in your nursing school. Nursing school might be somewhat stressful, many say it takes a lot of time and patience, after graduation and gaining your license, practicing might become harder as you will meet lots of patients who will give you a hard time, most times at the verge of even losing your job, but you must learn to keep a smile and tolerate your patients.

Nurses are known to work in shifts, some at night while some in the morning, this shift is done because just one nurse cannot run the affairs of the hospital. If it’s a nurse that works in a school then he/she can work full time. Many complain that their jobs are tedious, like cleaning wounds and patients spilling different substances on their bodies, these are some of the reasons why these shifts are being made so that as a nurse you can have time for yourself, especially for those who are married.

Many nurses run two to three jobs a day, many of them use the advantage of the shift to earn more salaries which will help them with their upkeep. There are differences between a nurse and a midwife, although not too much. A midwife is known to specialize in the care or delivery of pregnant women, they have also trained in that aspect also, so they will know how to care for them during labour pains and after delivery. You should know that nurses and midwifery go together, so you can practice the two if you seem fit enough, both can be practiced in the same school so don’t be surprised when you see the school of nursing and midwifery in this post. Before we move out of the main topic, let’s give you a list of nursing schools in Lagos State and their school fees, you should know that the schools listed below are all accredited schools of nursing, no doubt you will find this interesting.

You as an aspiring nursing student can apply for the 3-year basic general nursing program, the 3-year basic midwifery program, or the five-year generic BNSc nursing program. Before jumping into any of the nursing programmes, you must have the basic requirements which are needed for the program, lucky enough the basic requirements needed for nursing and midwifery are all the same. You must have a minimum of five credits in your ‘O Level not more than two sittings in subjects like English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. You can either pick a Jamb form to get into the school or use the application form.


Conclusion On The List Of School Of Nursing In Lagos And Their School Fees

There are other schools of nursing in Lagos, but these are the ones that we know are accredited and can serve you what you need. You should know that becoming a registered nurse is not easy, everything comes at a slow and steady pace. Their school fees are not that expensive, you can also find out more information in the school to know more about their school fees plan as some might be more costly than others do not assume they are all the same. You should have in mind before running this program, your O-level result must be ready.

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