Parastatal Salary Scales In Kenya (2023)

List of major parastatal salary scales in Kenya. It can be said that no government can function excellently without parastatals. Parastatals are boards or associations, organizations that are government-owned. The parastatals help the government to oversee it’s business and other elements. Also, they are responsible to offer certain services to the general public.

Besides, parastatals top the list of well-paying and competitive employers in Kenya. Parastatals also serve as a source of employment for many Kenya citizens. By so doing, the rate and number of unemployed Kenyans in the country is reduced. One ought to be well educated and acquired relevant experiences in order to get a job with many of the parastatals. This provides the opportunity to earn a good amount of money.


Details On Major Parastatal Salary Scales In Kenya

Parastatal jobs in Kenya now draw the attention of people Possessing the qualifications and experience needed from a competitive local labor market.

In mid-2017 SRC, interpreted as Salaries and Remuneration Commission revealed scales/structure of parastatal salary in Kenya covering the salary of state corporation chiefs not more than one million Kenyan shillings. The new pay scale by SRC has been largely controversial and has raised huge concerns among many parastatal members who feel it is not favorable to them. The new salary employs the Paterson grading system and is critical in determining the appropriate salary for every member. Sh253,333 is the lowest that’ll be paid to CEOs in service and regulatory State corporations while Sh812,970 per month is the highest will take home. Even though parastatals are among the best paying institutions in Kenya, some parastatals still pay less than others.

Below is the list of the top 10 best parastatals that pay well and their average salaries.

  • National Security & Intelligent Service (NIS)

The National Security and Intelligence Service are one of the topmost paying state parastatals in Kenya. A newly employed staff earns close to Ksh. 119,000 to Ksh. 165,000. The average salary of this parastatal paid to each employee is at Ksh. 183,000.

  • Kenya Airports Authority

Kenya Airports Authority is tasked with the service of managing airports and airstrips in Kenya. If you are employed by this organization as a graduate trainee, you will earn Ksh130, 000-Ksh150, 000 as a starting salary. 65% of KAA employees earn over Ksh180, 000.

  • Ethics And Anti-Corruption Commission

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is an important Parastatal that plays a major role in regards to ethics in the public sector. This put this organization in a sensitive position and its employees earn an attractive remuneration so as to encourage the employees. The basic salary a fresh graduate earns once employed at EACC is Ksh 120,000-Ksh144, 000. The chairman of the commission receives the best payment in Kenya.

Commissioners are paid Sh485,000 by EACC as a basic Salary. The chairman earns Sh420,000 while the vice-chairman Sh395,000.

The chairman is paid a risk allowance of Sh200,000, the vice-chairman earns Sh175, and the members of the organization earn Sh150,000. There are other allowances besides the salaries listed above and this pushes the salary of the chairman to in excess of Ksh1.5 million.

Parastatals Salary Scales In Kenya

  • Kenya Power And Lighting Company

This is also a public organization in the Kenyan energy sector. The corporation is tasked with the responsibility to generate electricity both for domestic and industrial uses. A graduate trainee engineer newly employed at Kenya Power receives the salary of Ksh.130,000 to Ksh.160,000 while a secretary in this corporation earns between Ksh. 60,000 to Ksh.120,000. Electrical engineering is a much-needed profession in this organization, so if you possess a qualification in this field, you can give it a shot!

  • Central Bank Of Kenya

Central Bank of Kenya is classified as Class A Parastatal, this implies that the employee’s salaries are categorized alongside that of NIS and EACC employees. A fresh graduate earns not less than Ksh160,000 at CBK while a senior manager is paid a minimum of Ksh600,000. The employee’s average salary at CBK is Ksh 210,000

  • Nairobi Securities Exchange

This Parastatal role in regards to investment is very vital. The organization seldom advertises job opportunities, but the fortunate employees currently working there would surely convince you the salaries are extremely good. The junior employee at Nairobi Security Exchange earns Ksh 150,000. For individuals that possess a business-related degree as well as CFA qualification, chances are you’ll receive beyond your starting salary which would amount to Ksh 300,000.

  • Kengen

KenGen is a power generation Parastatal. The principal skills required to work in this organization include oil and gas engineering electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, customer service, procurement and purchasing, civil engineering, and sales & marketing. A graduate trainee earns Ksh145,000-Ksh 180,000 at KenGen.

  • Kenya Power

Another Parastatal involved in the energy sector is Kenya power. A graduate trainee engineer at this organization is paid Ksh130,000-Ksh160,000 while a secretary’s salary ranges between Ksh60,000-Ksh120,000.

  • National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)

This Parastatal deals with matters in the environment especially pollution and conservation of the environment at large. Fresh graduates that are just employed at NEMA are paid about Ksh. 80,000 while the senior employee’s salary is up to Ksh. 500,000.

  • Communication Authority Of Kenya

This is one of the top paying organizations in Kenya. Regardless of the portfolio or position you hold in the institution, you definitely cannot complain about the amount you are paid. The lowest-paid graduate or a freshly employed graduate earns Ksh 130,000-Ksh145,000.

  • Kenya Pipeline

Kenya pipeline also on our list of major parastatal salary scales in Kenya, it’s recognized as one of the best Parastatal to work within Kenya. Also, it is in the energy sector. If you are fortunate to secure employment at Kenya Pipeline as a fresh graduate, your salary scale is at Ksh140, 000.

  • Kenya Revenue Authority

This is a government institution whose staffs are well rewarded and motivated. This organization seldom places job advert but whenever it’s out and you are able as afresh graduate trainee to secure employment in KRA, be sure to receive a pay scale ranging between Ksh.120,000 to Ksh.165,000. Senior employees in this organization’s minimum salary is Ksh. 450,000.


In Kenya, Government organizations are categorized into three; A, B, and C. The pays ale is used to determines their classes. Parastatals in Class A pay better than parastatals in Class B, which, in turn, pay better than class C.

Notably, it is eminent to highlight the fundamental role played by parastatal in ensuring the smooth running of the Kenyan government, the same government can function effectively without one. The principal function of parastatals is to assist the government to manage and oversee commercial activities among other crucial elements. Additionally, Parastatals render beneficial services to the general public.


“While implementing the parastatals model salary structure, the following ought to be considered:

  1.    There is a need for current salaries where they are above the model salary structure;  
  2.    Adopt the model salary structure where current salaries are lower or within the model salary structure, depending on affordability and sustainability,” explained Serem.



The list of Parastatals that pays well is endless but the above listed are the best major parastatal salary scales in Kenya. With this salary scheme, it will gear the majority of Kenyans, especially the youth to be vastly educated so that they will not fall short of any criteria demanded by any of these organizations. If you are a national, don’t sit and fold your arms but embrace any of these opportunities when they arise. 

Parastatals operate and are overseen by the government and top managerial staff commissioned by the president. The job of Kenyan Parastatal job is therefore competitive and comes with high payment with various allowances. The parastatals are funded by respective ministries to facilitate proper functioning as well as the delivery of services to the state. On the other hand, some parastatals serve as a source of income to the nation (i.e. Parastatal like Kenya Power and lightening company which sells power and collect financial resources from the public, etc.).

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