Top 10 Best Paying NGOs In Kenya 2020

Top 10 Best Paying NGOs In Kenya 2020 – Non-governmental Organizations are organizations dedicated to providing humanitarian services to various aspects of human life in different parts of the world to those who are in need. These organizations do not receive any pay from those benefiting from their services. (Top 10 Best Paying NGOs In Kenya).

There are lots of these NGOs in Kenya and they provide some of the best job opportunities for any Kenyan citizen. In part of being the best-paid jobs in Kenya, most persons working with one NGOs or the other are some of the best-paid employees in Kenya. On average, anyone working with an NGO earns salaries not less than Ksh100,000. NGOs jobs are not only well-known for high salaries, they offer various benefits that make them more attractive than other types of jobs. NGOs offers numerous travel benefits and as such If you will love to travel around the world one day, then why not do that with the opportunity your job provides? Join NGOs and you will be presented with numerous opportunities to travel to other countries. This is because most NGOs offers services in different parts of the world and they constantly move their employees from place to place. So by joining an NGOs, you get the opportunity to move around the world as much as you’d like without any hiccups.

Best Paying NGOs In Kenya

Top 10 Best Paying NGOs In Kenya

  • 1. World Vision

World Vision is a Christian Non-governmental organization focused on offering charitable services to the less privileged around the world. It is present in more than 20 countries across the globe.

World Vision offers some of the best salaries amongst all the NGOs in Kenya and as it is a Christian organization, for you to be employed, you must be able to demonstrate passionate love for the lord and the helpless.  

  • 2. Oxfam

Oxfam is another popular NGO in Kenya with salaries following closely that of World Vision. Most workers in Oxfam earns between 180k-400k. Oxfam is an organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and the suffering it has produced in most communities in East Africa. The organization has been around for quite some years now and are making huge impacts on the fewer privileges in East Africa. To work for Oxfam, you’ll need a degree from any of the Tertiary institutions in Kenya and some working experience. With the above, you are good to go.

  • 3. USAID

United States Agency for International Development is a non-governmental organization dedicated to alleviating suffering and poverty from countries around the world especially developing African countries. It offers very attractive pays and lots of traveling opportunities to various workers and as such a very attractive organization for those seeking employment.

  • 4. Care International

Care International was established in 1945 and is dedicated to offering humanitarian services to various parts of the world especially emergency services during sudden wars, droughts, and other disasters. It focuses on all humans without caring about religion or geographical regions.

  • 5. United Nations

The United Nations is a non-governmental organization set up to solve various problems around the world such as education, health and so on. It owns other popular NGOs like the UNICEF, UNESCO, and WHO. United Nations jobs in Kenya are some of the highest paid NGO jobs in Kenya you can lay your hands on. A huge benefit of working with United Nations is its wide network. It spreads its tentacles to almost every nation on earth and as such you get the opportunity to travel to any part of the world.

  • 6. Amnesty International

Amnesty International has been offering humanitarian services for more than 50 years around the world and was recently launched in Kenya in 2002. The organization is dedicated to securing human rights around the globe. Amnesty International offers jobs with attractive pays and gives anyone an opportunity to defend the rights of others from being abused.

  • 7. Doctors without border

If there’s any organization that offers fearless medical aid to the needy around the world then it’s Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Border also known as Médecins Sans Frontiers offers emergency medical services to those in need – war victims, natural disasters and disease languished areas. It provides access to basic medical services to those who lack health facilities. Working with Doctors Without Border requires a certain level of courage and determination. It moves workers to even war zones.

  • 8. HF Foundation

Housing Finance Foundation was established with the aim of securing the future of Kenyans by creating a workforce in housing and real estates. It aims to provide quality entrepreneurial construction services to Kenyans. HF Foundation is a non-profit organization and working with them may be your ticket to financial freedom.  

  • 9. Mercy Corps

Mercy Cops are what they are called – mercy Cops, a group of persons dedicated to offering humanitarian services to those who are in no position to ever pay back.

  • 10. International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee is dedicated to helping countries which have suffered from one disaster – wat, disease, earthquake and other natural disasters to recover. They create favorable environmental conditions for those who have lost their means of livelihood due to one disaster or the order to start all over again. International Rescue Committee offers some of the best pay packages amongst other Kenyan non-governmental organization.

Traveling and higher salaries are not the only benefit of working with an NGO. You also get the chance to express your passion, make the changes you’d always dreamed of. NGOs offer selfless services to humans in different parts of the world. By joining an NGO you actually get the chance to express love for other people, give to people who are not in any position to pay you back.

So whether you’re looking for a job opportunity with a higher salary or with lots of traveling benefits or one that gives you the opportunity to show love and kindness to others, then you might want to find a job with an NGO.

In this post, we have compiled a list of some of the highest paying NGOs in Kenya and so if you are finding it hard deciding which NGO to apply to or just curious, well, you now have the information and it’s up to you to make a decision.
There are many other best paying NGOs in Kenya which you might want to consider but these are the top 10 best paying NGOs in Kenya. You can add any other high paying NGOs you know to this list through the comment section. A good way of knowing which NGOs will pay huge salary every month is to find out if it is owned by the Kenyan government or international government or agency. Those owned by the Kenyan government often offer very low pay while those by international organizations offer better salaries.

That’s all about Best Paying NGOs In Kenya.


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