Top 10 Richest Governors In Kenya 2020

With the conclusion of Kenya’s 2017 gubernatorial elections, we can affirm that the country’s class of governors now has new faces replacing some previous seat-holders. On the other hand, some strong governors were able to retain their seats and this means they will remain governors till 2022 when new gubernatorial elections will be held.

In point of fact, the issue above draws attention to what these governors have acquired in terms of wealth, what we expect them to accumulate within their 5-year gubernatorial term –from 2017 to 2022 –and finally, the additional revenues they will amass outside their roles as governors. Regarding this, we’ve come up with a detailed list of the Top 10 Richest Governors in Kenya for the year.

TOP 10 Richest Governors In KENYA 2020

  •  Ali Hassan Joho

Ali Hassan Joho has struggled and eventually dominated the greatest spot among the top 10 richest governors in Kenya. Having displaced Evans Kidero as the governor of Mombasa, Ali Hassan is now Kenya’s richest governor. As a wealthy personality, Joho is the reputable owner of a number of Kenyan companies such as the KPA-based forwarding companies. Having maintained his authoritative position as the governor of Mombasa, Ali Hassan Joho further claims the ownership of many apartments [in Mombasa] along with a family residence situated in the Kenyan city of Nyali.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested severally that Ali Hassan Joho will acquire more money through his control of a Kenyan County specified for a tourist destination.

  •  Francis Kimemia

Francis claims the second spot among Kenya’s richest governors just behind his counterpart –Ali Hassan Joho. Francis Kimemia is an eminent personality on the political scene –particularly in view of the various high political offices he held in the past. In that case, Francis Kimemia once served as the Head of Civil Service. Meanwhile, he is seen as a justifiable political character that was able to fend for his generation through the legitimate wealth he acquired.

  •  Mike Mbuvi Sonko

Significantly, Mike Mbuvi Sonko claims the third spot amongst Kenya’s most powerful personalities –an exclusive group of personalities such as Deputy President William Ruto and President Kenyatta. Factually known as the Nairobi’s incoming governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko expended a whopping sum of money in the previous 5 years. Meanwhile, several reports confirmed that he spent in excess of Ksh 3 billion while campaigning for the highest public seat in Nairobi.

Based on Nairobi’s financial estimates, Mike Mbuvi Sonko will be in charge of whopping annual revenues valued in excess of Ksh 50 billion. Within the next period of 5 years, Sonko will have accumulated more than Ksh 200 million as allowances and earnings. Above that, the lucky man will have beneficial returns –coming in the bulk of billions –through various other sources.

In course of his campaign for Nairobi’s gubernatorial seat, Sonko almost became insolvent but through the financial backbone of his shareholding in real estate, the reputable man was able to stand his ground and save himself from shame.

  •  Lee Maiyani Kinyajui

Having struck Kinuthia Mbugua out of his role as the Governor of Nakuru, Lee Maiyani Kinyajui is now the new face to assume Nakubu’s gubernatorial seat. Meanwhile, Kinyajui won the contest and claimed the position which drew interests from a number of other giant personalities. In previous times, Kinyajui served the Kenyan government and significantly, he is familiar with one of Kenya’s most famous backgrounds.

Kinyajui’s net worth has an undisclosed status for now but the established fact is that the new governor now ranks amongst the Kenyans who dominate the Class B group of millionaires.

  •  Alfred Nganga Mutua

Having defeated Wavinya Ndeti, Alfred Mutua now maintains an authoritative position as the Governor of Machakos. Mutua, who formerly served as the spokesperson under President Kenyatta’s administration, has significantly retained the Machakos gubernatorial seat –the position he held in the previous 5 years.

In Kenya, Mutua is currently classified as one of the country’s richest personalities in the political class. Amongst the governors in Kenya, he happens to be the fifth-richest person with two residential quarters located in Machakos. Besides that, he owns one more residence based in the Kenyan city of Limuru.

Moreover, Nganga Mutua has doubled up his wealth outside of his political status and currently, he has substantial investments in real estate and in the media.

  •  Sospeters Odeke Ojaamong

Odeke Ojaamong surprisingly finds his way into this exclusive list. Undeniably, Ojaamong is one of Kenya’s wealthiest governors and an obvious relative of Raila Odinga. Though we don’t have facts to prove what Odeke has earned over the years, several reports have confirmed his dignified status as one of the richest political characters in the country.

  •  James Elvis Omariba Ongwae

Omariba Ongwae is extremely rich and recently, many assets can be attributed to his name. Among these assets are a Nairobi residence, several apartments (located in Nairobi), and a number of homes around Kisii County. Meanwhile, it is believed that Ralia obviously made Omariba Ongwae his main man simply because the former hardly mingle with inefficient leaders.

  •  Charity Kaluki Ngilu

Had it not been for her wealth, Kaluki Ngilu wouldn’t have remained on Kenya’s political floor till this period. Kaluki Ngilu –who currently governs the Kenyan state of Kitul –maintains her wealthy status through what she inherited from her dead husband. Fortunately, Ngilu was able to acquire the billions her husband bequeathed her with. Besides this inheritance, the vigorous woman has tried to magnify her wealth through heavy investments and as God would have it, she has been able to fend for her generation through her substantial wealth.

  •  Granton Graham Samboja

Graham Samboja –who is responsible for the gubernatorial seat of Taita Taveta –remains a remarkable personality in the country’s media sector. Through the sale of his Milele FM –a radio station –to the family of President Kenyatta, Samboja has managed to bag millions for himself. In past times, he served in various positions –particularly in radio stations and at Standard Group. At the moment, he is considered one of the great figures as he ventures into Kenya’s gubernatorial arena.

  •  Ferdinand Ndungu Waititu Babayao

Some people might not believe it but the fact is that Waititu Babayao is a wealthy character. Significantly, he has great financial potentials and this constitutes the reasons why he isn’t stable in politics. Meanwhile, the vigorous character occupies himself with the construction of residential quarters around Eastlands. At the moment, he is ranked as one of the richest governors in Kenya and features among the big names rocking the country’s capital –Nairobi.

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