As the saying goes; two heads are better than one. A local economy is therefore boosted by the combined earning and subsequent spending by the residents of the locality as we will learn from this list of the richest counties in Kenya. Counties are areas of land consisting of a few cities or towns merged together for the purpose of administration.

The richest counties in Kenya often have large populations; and a good number of who are in their prime; earning good money, and contributing to the economy through the spending that they do. Interestingly, these cities are still the ones with the most prospects for the near future because they are the ones that attract the highest number of young people who are fresh out of school, and eager to start earning money.

Top 10 Richest Counties In Kenya

1. Nairobi County

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city and commercial hub, is by far the most economically vibrant county in Kenya. Nairobi County has a GDP of 27, billion US Dollars, which is equivalent to the economy of Armenia in Europe. Nairobi contributes about 21.7 percent to the overall GDP of the country; which is more than three-and-a-half times larger than its closest rival.

Nairobi County is also the seat of power in the country; a lot of money is spent here to run the government and the various agencies and arms of the government; which further contributes to the economic soundness of Nairobi.

2. Nakuru County

Nakuru County has a population of 2,162,202 and is a very beautiful place overall. Nakuru County has a GDP of 10.3 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to the total economy of Timor Leste. The largest city in this county is Nakuru, which is partly rural and urban and has a population of about 500,000.

Farming is the main economic activity in Nakuru County, nevertheless, the economy is also sustained by retail commerce, building and commerce, energy production, and of course tourism. Many people come in from all over the world just to see the Flamingoes that congregate in Lake Nakuru.

3. Kiambu County

Kiambu county has a population of 2,417,735 and is 40% rural and 60% urban. The capital is Kiambu and its largest town is Thika. Kiambu County is a rapidly developing place with a growing economy that accounts for about 5.5% of Kenya’s GDP.

Kiambu County is a region that is quite agrarian in nature; agriculture is the baseline of the economy; with tea, coffee, dairy, poultry, and horticultural agriculture the main products of the area. Kiambu County is actually seeing more investments in tea farming, cattle ranching for dairy production, and so on.

4. Mombasa County

Mombasa County has a population of 1, 208,333 people. Interestingly, for many people outside Kenya it is the second most recognizable name after Nairobi. As far as land area is concerned this is one of the smallest counties in the whole country; but it is very important.

Mombasa is one of the most visited places in Kenya; this is where most of the tourists who come to visit Kenya come to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the country. The main economic activity of Mombasa is tourism which contributes to 68% of the wage employment. The land meets the Indian Ocean to the east, and there are several tourist attractions all over the county; including Fort Jesus, white sandy beaches, water sports, Mombasa Marine National Park, and so many more.

This is one of the places in Kenya with a healthy real estate market; as many people are looking for opportunities to enter the tourism and hospitality industry.

5. Nyandarua County

Nyandarua County has a population of 638,289 and is a County in the former Central Province of Kenya. This is one of the most economically vibrant counties in Kenya with a GDP of 4.8 Billion US Dollars. The county is located on the northwestern part of the old Central Province and has a diverse and colorful landscape.

Nyandarua County’s main economic activity is farming; crop cultivation and dairy farming are some of the most important agricultural activities. This region is recognized as a major potato farming region; and there is plenty of potential for production of mangoes, millet, cassava, pumpkins and other such crops. The area is starting to see investments in processing plants.

6. Machakos County

Machakos County has a population of 1,421,932 and is close to Kiambu and Nairobi. This is one of the richest counties in Kenya; it has several revenue sources rather than some counties that are dependent on only one industry. Machakos has a vibrant population and atmosphere. Machakos contribute about 3.2% of the GDP of Kenya.

The economy of Machakos is diverse; you have livestock farming, fruit farming, sand harvesting, mining, and retail commerce. Tourism is also important in this county in terms of providing jobs, and in terms of bringing foreign exchange. The county is beautiful; it attracts many foreign people who love to admire the beauty and serenity of the land.

7. Meru County

Meru County is a county in Kenya with a GDP of 4.5 billion dollars, which is equivalent to Aruba. The county has a population of 1.55 million people, and is located roughly at the centre of the country. The area is mountainous; and ranges from 300m to 5,199m above sea.

Some important sectors in this county include transportation, agriculture, and tourism.

8. Kisumu County

Kisumu County has a population of 1,155,574. The county has a GDP of 3.8 billion dollars, which is equivalent to the economy of Cape Verde. This is an urban area; one of the popular places that is well known to people outside Kenya.

The economy of Kisumu County is diverse; there is plenty of fishing going on in the Lake Victoria, and then Agriculture such as sugarcane production, maize, beans, sweet potatoes, poultry and fresh vegetables. Industry and the services sector as equally important to the economy of Kisumu.

9. Bungoma County

Bungoma County is located in the west of Kenya. The county has a population of 1,670,570, and is a largely rural area. Bungoma County has a GDP of 3.6 Billion US dollars, which is equivalent to the economy of the Cayman Islands.

The economy of Bungoma County is mainly an agricultural area; some of the most important agricultural products are sugarcane and maize.

10. Kakamega County

Kakamega County is located in the West of Kenya. The county has a population of 1,867,579, and a GDP of 3.6 billion US dollars; which is equal to the economy of the Cayman Islands. Kagamega is a diverse economy; some of the important sectors in the county include; Agriculture, Retail commerce, Transportation, and the service industry.



The richest counties in Kenya all have one thing in common; a diverse economy that is buoyed by the teeming populations.

Agriculture, Tourism, Industry, and Food Processing are some of the industries that occur repeatedly across the country; and there is still plenty of opportunity for more investment in many diverse fields, as long as the investor has done his proper homework.