As any observer can tell you; the entertainment industry in Kenya is very vibrant. The richest musicians in Kenya are some of the most gifted singers and performers in the country; who have been able to turn their musical talents into money.

In order to become one of the wealthiest singers in Kenya, many of these musicians have leveraged their fame and created avenues for making wealth; rather than waiting to be paid big cheques. They have taken their music outside Kenya; and have proven their abilities across the sea; in places like America, England, and other parts of Europe.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Kenya

  1. Sauti Sol

Net Worth: $21 million

Sauti Sol is Kenya’s most recognizable name in music; especially for those observers outside the country. This is probably because the group has successfully held tours and music shows across Africa and Europe. Sauti Sol is, therefore, the richest musician in Kenya because of the number of international shows they have had, as well as their local performances, and the number of records they have sold.

The band does pop music; and thrills audiences with a combination of vocals and moves that prove beyond the immense talent within the group. Sauti Sol has had an exceptional music career; the kind of success this band has attained is something that other people may only dream about. Sauti Sol has taken Kenyan Music all around the world; it has not only been about music but about representing Kenya; flying the flag high.

  1. Bahati

Net Worth: $17 million

Bahati Kenya has ridden to fame and wealth on the back of praising God. He was born December 22, 1992, and he has become the number one gospel musician in the country. Riding the momentum of his success he has also become an actor and a record label owner. Yes, aside from pushing out top music songs, Bahati has also featured in several successful movies in Kenya. His shows are often sold out; and that has translated into immense wealth for this young man.

Bahati also founded EMB Records which is a company with which he pushes out new musical talents; onto the music industry.

  1. Lady Wanja

Net Worth: $13 million

Lady Wanja or Queen Jane was born in Kangema, Murang’a County, in Kenya. She has been into music as far back as 1984 when she was a backup singer for popular Mbiri Young Stars. Further cementing her personality as the music she married a musician Robert Mweka (Mandingo). Lady Wanja released his debut album titled Ndorogonye in 1991.

Even though the first album was not a serious success; Lady Wanja persisted with her music effort, and finally got a breakthrough with the hit album Mwendwa KK, which had some hit singles such as Ndutige Kwiyaba, Muici Wa Itura, Muthuri Teenager, and Arume Ni Nyamu.

  1. Akothee

Net Worth: $11 million

Akothee is a very passionate musician; she brings the emotions flowing from her personal love experiences into her music, and this raw passion is one thing that people love about her music. Akothee is so loved in Kenya, that she gets up to 1 million Kenyan Shillings per performance.

She has not only become a successful musician in Kenya; and she has taken her music international; with several international shows, and several collaborations with international acts such as McGalaxy, Flavor, and many others; Akothee is on her way to making even more money than she has already made.

  1. Jaguar

Net Worth: $9 million

Charles Kanyi AKA Jaguar is an established musician, and now a politician. As you may already know; you need to have proven yourself as a private individual; before joining politics. Charles Kanyi has proven himself as a musician with several hit songs under his belt. Jaguar has also won the hearts of the people with his generosity; he has been very good with charity organizations making donations within his power.

He joined Jubilee Party; and in 2017, he won the parliamentary election.

  1. Willy Paul

Net Worth: $9 million

Willy Paul is an award-winning musician and songwriter. He is also a record label executive; the CEO of Saldido international entertainment. Willy Paul came up into the spotlight in 2010. Willy Paul has since been making giant strides in music; he has proven himself as a man worthy of being one of the richest musicians in Kenya. He has performed in sold-out arenas both in and out of Kenya, and he has won several awards for his work.

  1. Nonini

Net Worth: $8 million

Nonini is a veteran of the Kenyan music industry; he rose to fame in 2002. Since then he has changed record labels a few times but has continued to deliver beautiful and commercially successful songs. One of his earliest hit tunes was Nonini Ni Nani, and another was Manzi wa Nairobi, which further earned him fame and fortune.

He released his album Hanyaring Game in 2004, and it had several hit songs which were well received on the radio.

  1. Size 8

(Net Worth: $1 million)

Size 8 was born on 4 August 1987, and her real name is Linet Munyali. Her talent is huge and vast, and that is evident in the way she switches between genres; effortlessly moving from R&B to Gospel, to Afro-Pop, and now to gospel music. In the early days of her career she released hit singles such as “Shamba Boy” and “Moto,” and since then she has become an actress and a songwriter.

  1. Wyre

Net Worth: $1 million

Wyre is another one of the commercially successful musicians in Kenya; although he is still on the ascendancy; yet to hit his true earning potential as a musician and entertainer. His real name is Kevin Waire, and he alternates effortlessly between RnB and Reggae. He started out with a group called Necessary Noize, but after things hit the rocks and everyone went their separate ways; he has gone on to build an exciting and financially rewarding career for himself.

Wyre has taken his music international; he has performed and collaborated with international artists like P-Square, 2Face Idibia, and so on.

  1. Nameless

Net Worth: $800,000

Nameless is one of the most popular musicians in Kenya; even if not the richest. He is an immensely talented guy who rose to stardom after he won a talent hunt show which was held by the Kenyan Urban Music radio station in 1999. Since then he has not looked back; dropping several successful music albums. He has also toured around; holding music shows in several places including Africa, America, and the United Kingdom.



From 21 million to 800 thousand dollars; the richest musicians in Kenya are rich not just from the perspective of Kenya; they are wealthy from the standpoint of any African. This further goes to show that Kenya is a place with a sound entertainment scene; a place where talent is truly appreciated.

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  1. Definitely Sauti Sol Makes it to the List, they are making great music and doing collabos across board. This is the best boy Band Kenya has had.

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