Top 10 Best Universities In East Africa 2020

The top 10 Best Universities in East Africa are the Top Universities found in the East African Countries, there has been quite numerous debate on that, people are eager to know the set of best schools in East Africa so as to make Choices on the Universities to get enrolled in, and as we all know that East African countries aren’t just a set of two countries or three, so that makes it quite tough to make out the best Universities in East Africa, but not to worry guys, we have got you covered guys, and all thanks to UniRank and other accrediting bodies in their various countries. Seatback and relax guys as we unfold the Top details.

Top 10 Best Universities In East Africa 2020

 Rank No.  University’s Name  Location
 1.  Strathmore University  Kenya
 2. National University of Rwanda  Rwanda
 3.  University of Nairobi  Kenya
 4. Kenyatta University  Kenya
 5. Ugandan Christian University  Uganda
 6. Pwani University College  Uganda
 7. Makerere University  Uganda
 8. Sudan University of Science and Technology  Sudan
 9. Uganda Martyrs University  Uganda
 10. Islamic University in Uganda  Uganda

Details On The Best East African Universities 2020

  • 1. Strathmore University

Strathmore University is termed one of the best Universities in East Africa located in Nairobi, Kenya as it stands to be a chartered institution. The Strathmore University at the initial stage was a college founded in the year 1961 as a multi-racial and multi-religious upgraded from six college offering candidates science and arts subjects, this higher institution was founded by a group of professionals who created or established a charitable educational trust which is now known as the Strathmore Educational trust following an inspiring spirit from the founder of Opus Dei “Saint Jose Maria Escriva in establishing the college.

Strathmore University tends tall as a Catholic University and has particularly excelled in accounting programs of which there Is a record of 60% of the CPA finalist in Kenya country graduating from the University in the past 12 (Twelve) years, dating far back from the year 2007.

  • 2. National University of Rwanda

Founding this institution was the initial plan undertaking by a man of high esteem, a member of Paul Kagame’s presidential advisory council, a man who not acts as the chairman for the board of Governors in the University, he goes by the name professor Paul Davenport.

The University of Rwanda is now standing tall as one of the best Universities in East Africa was founded in the year 2013 by a law that revoked the laws creating the National University of Rwanda and other public higher institutions in the country.

  • 3. University of Nairobi (UON)

The University of Nairobi abbreviated as UON officially has branch campuses in places such as Parklands, Lower Kabete, Upper Kabete, Kikuyu, Chiromo, and Kisumu for the conveniences of students. However, speaking of accreditation, the University of Nairobi is officially recognized and accredited by the Commission for University Education in Kenya. Following the UniRank enrollment quota, this University has termed a large citadel of learning as it has over 45, 000 students enrolled in the University.

The University of Nairobi is an accredited University and one of the best Universities in East Africa offers courses and programs which lead to officially recognized higher institution degrees such as the pre-bachelor degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, Doctorate degrees, and Master’s degrees in several fields of study.

  • 4. Kenyatta University (K.U)

This University being a University located in Kenya and also one of the best Universities in Kenya was established in the year 1985, following developments, this University has greatly developed unlike it was back then when it came to life, the University now boasts of great infrastructural development. However, Kenyatta University has branch campuses across the country in places such as Mombasa, Dadaab, Nyeri, Kericho, Nakuru, Kiambu, Ruiru, and Embu. The Commission for University Education in Kenya has notably accredited and fully recognized the Kenyatta University. Unirank stated this University to be a large coeducational higher education institute with an enrollment quota estimated to be over 45, 000 students.

KU was also was known as the Kenyatta University is known to offer courses and programs leading to higher institution degrees which are officially recognized, degrees which include the pre-bachelor degrees, the Bachelor’s degrees, Doctorate degrees, and Master’s Degrees in various areas of study. This University has notably been in operation for over 33 years and as such has a selective admission policy which is based on the applicant’s past academic records and grades. Meanwhile, this University welcomes interested international candidates.

  • 5. Uganda Christian University

This Great Institution (Uganda Christian University) was created in the year 1997 by the Uganda Anglican Church. This University keeps advancing in education as it expands its academic activities or curriculum to include, education, business, law, social works, theology, mass communication, development studies, information technology, library and information, and science & nursing. This development has notably earned them the rank of one of the best universities in Uganda and now has also brought the University up to the list of best Universities in East Africa.

Diving deep about this institution, the Uganda Christian University is known to attract candidates and students from other African countries, more also; the staffs present in this great citadel of learning are academic staffs from Europe, North America, and Australia, which is why this institution is known to produce great students.

  • 6. Pwani University

The Pwani University is located along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway in Kenya as it occupies a large space of land which is estimated to be at about 239 (two hundred and thirty-nine) hectares, which thereby gives great room and space for future expansion if deemed necessary. Pwani University was established on the 23rd of August, of the year 2007. However, the first group of students enrolled in this higher institution was found to be 200 as at registration process on the 20th of October, of the same year 2007, notably, the students registered into this higher institution were majorly in for Science (Education) and Arts (Education). This higher institution initially began way back as the following institution before it became the Pwani University in 2007,

It was first established as the Khartoum Technical School and school of commerce in the year 1902, the school of radiology in the year 1932, and the school of arts in the year 1946.

  • 7. Makerere University

Makerere University is located in Uganda as it was established in the year 1992. This university has earned its place on this list of best Universities in East Africa as it offers its student the best form of education in their various fields of study. Aside from the fact that this University ranks on this list, it also ranks as one of the best universities in Uganda. More also, this University is known to be one of the oldest higher institutions in Uganda and also Africa as a whole.

This higher education institution, Makerere University is focused on providing and impacting students, innovative teaching, good learning spirit, research minds, and services that are deemed responsive to the situation of things especially that of the Country and globally.

  • 8. Sudan University of Science and Technology

The Sudan University of Science and Technology is located in Sudan, East Africa. This higher institution has made its way up to the list of best Universities in East Africa has it has proved to be productive in aspects of science and technology.

The Sudan University of Science and Technology as spelled out in the University name is focused mainly on science and technology as it is highly equipped with an adequate technological facility. More also, this University is known to offer great educational techniques so as to aid students to get a better understanding of technology in their various courses of study.

  • 9. Uganda Martyrs University

The Uganda Martyrs University is a University established by a Catholic church in Uganda in the year 1993 and owned by the UEC (Uganda Episcopal conference). The Uganda Martyrs University was established as a non-profit University deemed on providing the best education legacy. This University, following its attainment of the required University standards, received a city charter from the Uganda government for legitimacy on the 2nd of April of the year 2005. Furthermore, this University has been licensed by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education, although this University stands to be a private University in affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda.

  • 10. Islamic University of Uganda

As the Christians own the Uganda Christian University, so does the Muslims own the Islamic University of Uganda, these two Universities are a great citadel of learning. Aside from the fact that it is one religion-based institution; it stands tall as one of the best Universities in East Africa having met all the criteria needed to be on this list.


Conclusion On Top 10 Best Universities In East Africa

People from the Eastern part of Africa would rather like to attend the best institution in their region rather than attending just any higher institution, which is why the list was made for them to choose from, and now our part is done as we have listed out the Top 10 Universities in East Africa, so you are left with your choice.

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