Top 10 Smallest Rivers In The World (2023)

The smallest rivers in the world are some of natures wonders. Mostly, when water flows in small quantities it is assumed that the body of water is drying up, and will soon go extinct. It is often believed that water needs to flow in enough volumes if it is to maintain its course, and continue to exist as a river.

Remarkably, some small bodies of water have remained small over the centuries and have proved the rule to be false. These small rivers may have even played important roles in sustaining the ancient human civilizations that lay the foundation for our societies that presently occupy their geographical locations.

Despite being so small, they have all the attributes that qualify bodies of water to be called rivers. They have constant flowing water which they receive from upland sources, and the rivers run into seas, lakes or wetlands. Despite their small size they often play important roles in nature and the environment.

Top 10 Smallest Rivers In The World

1. Reprua River

Location: Georgia

The Reprua is a river in the Gagra District of Abkhazia, in Georgia. It starts in the Krubera Cave, and flows into the Black Sea. Only measuring around 18m, this river may look easy to wade. That may be the most foolish to do; the river has a depth of more than 2300m, and flows at 2,000 litres per second. It is a very formidable river in deed.

Even though this is the smallest river in the world; it is surely one of the most dangerous as well. Even seasoned swimmers would be at risk of perishing in its currents.

2. Tamborasi River

Location: Indonesia

The Tamborasi River, which is located in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, is one of the shortest rivers in the world. It measures 20 meters long, and 15 meters wide, and has been turned into a tourist attraction. There are forests surrounding it, and there is a cave incorporated in the river.

People love to jump off the rocks and into the water, and the white sand of the Tamborasi beach at its mouth also make for a great spot for relaxing, and for sun bathing. This is a favorite spot for tourists from all over the world.

The river is located 85 km from the city of Kolaka and is fed by the numerous streams that are in and around the highlands of Sulawesi province. The water flows into the Flores Sea in Bone Bay.

3. Kovasselva River

Location: Norway

The Kovasselva River is located in It is found in Hitra, the seventh largest island in Norway. It is just off the coast of Norway, and is fed by Lake Kovassvatnet, while flowing into the Norwegian Sea. This river measures only 22 meters, and is not very deep, although there are no clear figures about its depth.

Kovasselva River has the Kristiansund, Orkanger as the closest towns to it. The water is clear and cold, and although somewhat remote, it receives its share of visitors yearly.

4. Ombla River

Location: Croatia

River Ombla in Croatia measures 30 meters from its source which is a groundwater from the Trebisnjica stream, to the Bay Rijeka Dubrovacka which is in the Adriatic Sea.

The Ombla river is clear and fast flowing; the highlands form an amazing backstop; making this quite a beautiful place to visit. This River is central to the nearby city of Dubrovnik; it is the principal source of drinking water in the city. There are also ongoing plans to put a hydroelectric power plant on the river.

5. Jezernica River

Location: Slovenia

Jezernica is located in Slovenia where there are many rivers, Jezernica gets its source from the Wild Lake, which is a lake and a spring emanating underground. It is also a tributary of the larger Idrijca which winds into the Adriatic Sea. The river measures 55 meters long, which looks good for intermediate level swimmers, but the water flow is around 60 cubic meters per second.

Jezernica River has a wider center, and a narrower tip, which is where the water speeds up. The surrounding area is covered with trees, and so this river is important to the ecosystem.

6. Roe River

Location: USA

Roe River is located in Montana, in the United States. This river is fed by the Giant Springs and runs into the Missouri River, near Great Falls, Montana. The river measures 61 m long, and is up to 2.4 meters deep at the end. This was once named as the shortest river in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, before the organizers eliminated the category. Even if the category where still in existence it seems unlikely that it would still hold the record.

This river was previously unnamed and insignificant, until a primary school in the area; Lincoln Elementary School in Great Falls, and in particular a teacher there named Susie Nardlinger, as well as her students petitioned that the river be named Roe River, and that it be assigned the title of the shortest river in the world.

7. Rio Los Patos

Location: Dominican Republic

Los Patos is a river and a tourist attraction in the Dominican Republic. This river measures 61 m long – but can be shorter depending on the tide. It is an important source of water for the people of the Los Patos village, which is in Barahona Province of the country.

One of the pearls of the Caribbean, the water flows into the Caribbean Sea at Barahona beach. There is a bit of a story behind this river; the name Los Patos means ducks; these birds were so many in and around this river in the past, but they were soon hunted into extinction.

In an effort at restoration, Muscovy ducks have been reintroduced into the area so that the river can at least live up to its name. Let’s hope they are not hunted to extinction again.

8. D River

Location: USA

The D river originates is located in Oregon, USA. It measures 130 meters from the Devil’s Lake and flows into the Pacific Ocean. Before 1987 this was said to be the world’s shortest river, but the title was snatched away from it by Roe River.

For the purpose of records, the people of Lincoln City did not give up without a fight; they submitted a new measurement of the river so as to reclaim the title.

9. Azuis River

Location: Brazil

Azuis River or Blue river flows for 147 m in the city of Aurora do Tocantins, Brazil. Its source is an underground spring, and its clear waters flow over a rocky river bed with a flow rate of approximately 11,000 l of water per second.

10. Aril River

Location: Italy

The Aril River called ‘Ri river’ is located in Italy. From its source in Cassone, a small village in Italy, where many freshwater streams run into it, it flows for 175 meters. It is essential to the ecosystem; it is an important pond where trout lay their eggs.

Aril River is one of the smallest bodies of water that are officially named as rivers. Furthermore, there is a waterfall at the end of it.



The smallest rivers in the world are scattered all over the world; but it is difficult to give an accurate measurement of any of these rivers because their lengths may vary according to the season.