Top 20 Richest Men In Ghana 2021

Though the best part of Ghanaian business giants is given to preventing their wealth from being declared, it is very certain that the business sector is the largest contributor to Ghana’s wealth base. In this regard, we hope to bring you the names of the top 20 richest Ghanaians 2021 Billionaires and millionaires who are largely business tycoons billionaires, and millionaires.

Top 20 Richest Men In Ghana 2021

1. Charles Ampofo Net Worth – $1.46 billion

Charles Ampofo: Sitting in the top position is Charles Ampofo. He is currently regarded as the richest Ghanaian and has earned a reputable stance for himself through business. He is the CEO and manager of Kampac Group which has its main office in Dubai, UAE. Meanwhile, Charles Ampofo’s net worth is currently valued at $1.46 billion.

2. Ernesto Tarricone Net Worth – $1.3 billion

Ernesto Tarricone: With his massive net worth of $1.3 billion, Charles Ernesto –who serves as CEO and manager of Trasacco Group –claims the second spot. Ernesto Taricone specializes in civil engineering and industrial investment and has provided employment opportunities for more than 4000 Ghanaians (together with foreigners) through his Trasacco Group.

3. Sir Sam Jonah – $1.2 billion

Sir Sam Jonah: an influential personality who has massively contributed to the mining industry. With the influence of his Jonah Capital, he possesses about 14 mineral resource assets throughout a number of African countries. His present net worth hangs around $1.2 billion.

4. Nabil Moukarzel Net Worth – $900 Million

Nabil Moukarzel’s net worth of $900 million place him among the richest people in Ghana and he is believed to have emerged from his investment with the FinaTrade Group –a voluminous enterprise specializing in commodities. Moukarzel is reported as the investor with the largest share portion in the well-known FinaTrade group.

5. Ibrahim Mahama Net Worth – $860 Million

Ibrahim Mahama is the fifth richest man in Ghana, believed to have developed a great passion for the private sector right from the moment he was with his father. As part of his involvement in the mining industry, he manages Africa’s largest indigenously owned mining firm, known as Engineers and Planners. Currently, his net worth hovers around $860 million.

6. Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat Net Worth – $800 Million

Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat is believed to have reached the milestone of $800 million (as net worth) through his diversified business dealings initiated through his establishment of Rana Motors and Metal Works Engineering. In addition, Mohammed Odaymat has a business engagement with BBC Industrial (Ghana) Limited where he currently serves as the Board Chairman.

7. The Irani Family Net Worth – $800 Million

The Irani Family comprises the pair of Edmund Irani and Anthony Irani who are brothers of Lebanese descent. The Irani Family is believed to have acquired its net worth of $800 million through its Irani Brothers & Others Limited which specializes in the production of wheat flour.

8. Patricia Poku-Diaby Net Worth – $720 Million

Patricia Poku-Diaby’s net worth of $720 million is believed to have stemmed from her ownership of Plot Enterprise Ghana –a business venture concerned with the processing of cocoa. Prior to her establishment of Plot Enterprise Ghana, Patricia Poku-Diaby actively engaged in her family’s business venture which specialized in transportation and trading.

9. Kalmoni Family Net Worth – $700 Million

Kalmoni Family: this is the second family on our list and is the ninth richest Ghanaians, Having acquired the net worth of $700 million, the Kalmoni Family’s wealth is greatly associated with Japan Motors –a large automobile firm which consists of seven subsidiary companies. The existing Kalmoni Family is believed to have evolved through Kalmoni & Sons established in 1912 by the grandfather of the present Kalmoni Family.

10. Kwabena Duffuor Net Worth – $680 million

Kwabena Duffuor: The riches tenth richest men in Ghana. Other than Kwabena Duffuor’s massive shareholding in UniBank, he serves as the CEO of House of Duffour Asset Holdings. He has acquired lots of benefits from his business dealings and he is widely known as the founding father of IFS (The Institute for Fiscal Studies). Apart from his own essential presence, his sons are famous for their significant roles in the commercial industry in Ghana. Currently, Kwabena Duffuor is worth $680 million.

11. Awuah-Darko Family Net Worth – $650 Million

Awuah-Darko Family: Having descended from the late Nana Awuah-Darko Ampem (the originator of the existing Awuah-Darko Family), the Awuah-Darko Family comprises individuals including Kingsley Kwame Awuah-Darko, Daniel Awuah-Darko Jnr, David Awuah-Darko, and Harold Awuah-Darko. The existing Awuah-Darko Family has the worth of $650 million obviously generated from its Vanguard Group of Companies.

12. Milad Millet & Family Net Worth – $620 Million

Milad is another Ghanaian who has descended from Lebanon. He is the founder of Spintex Limited –a company concerned with the production of textiles. Having generated enormous returns from the textile-making company, Milad is reported to be worth $620 million.

13. Joseph Siaw Agyepong

Joseph Siaw Agyepong: Known to have more than 32 subsidiaries, the Jospong Group is a large Ghanaian conglomerate established by Joseph Siaw Agyepong. With the Jospong Group presently carrying out its business operations in about 11 Ghanaian industries, Mr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong is associated with the worth of $600 million.

14. Ramchand Udharam Mohinani

Ramchand Udharam Mohinani: With a net worth of $580 million, Ramchand Udharam Mohinani maintains his massive wealth base as the manager of the Mohinani Group. Meanwhile, the Mohinani Group is known to have possessed several influential Ghanaian companies including Somovision, Polytank, etc.

15. Alhaji Adamu Idrissu

Alhaji Adamu Idrissu is the renowned owner and manager of Global Haulage which was formerly known as A.A Iddrisu Transport. Global Haulage maintains its prominence as a company actively concerned with cocoa evacuation. As it stands, Alhaji Adamu Idrissu is worth $550 million.

16. The Hitti Family

Robert Hitti is known to have accomplished a net worth of $540 million through his diversified business dealings which consist of the HITTI Group. Meanwhile, the HITTI Group comprises a total of 9 subsidiary companies found across Africa.

17. The Azar Family

Elia Azar, another business giant of Lebanese descent, is known as the founder of the Azar Group which is currently managed by Rustom Azar and Ghazi Azar. Through the Azar Group, which deals in the production of paints and several other products, The Azar family has obtained the current net worth of $520 million.

18. Kwabena Agyare Danquah

Known as the founding father of Metalex, Kwabena Agyare Danquah is a famous business tycoon who has amassed a net worth of $500 million. Metalex is a thriving business venture actively concerned with the production of premium roofing materials.

19. Ghassan Yared

Ghassan Yared: nineteenth on our list of the richest men in Ghana. Introduced as a Ghanaian firm in 1993, Forewin Ghana Limited is a successful enterprise that has made its name through vibrant distribution and marketing functions. Through his ownership of Forewin Ghana Limited, Ghassan Yared is presently ranked as one of Ghana’s leading business giants and he has a net worth of $480 million.

20. Serge Bakalian

Serge Bakalian: Known as the Executive Director of a popular Ghanaian company –Takoradi Flour Mills –Serge Bakalian is a Ghanaian believed to have descended from Armenia. Having been bequeathed with the company by his father, Serge Bakalian has emerged successful in the business arena and is associated with a net worth of $460 million.

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