Top 10 Least Marketable Courses In Kenya 2020

Top 10 Least Marketable Courses In Kenya 2020. Everyone comprehends the importance of holding an academic degree and that is why we find many people in universities and other tertiary institutions. In Kenya, degrees can be obtained in many courses (which are either marketable or valueless) and this is the major reason why you have to be very practical in choosing the career to venture into. (Top 10 Least Marketable Courses In Kenya)

Probably after 5 years of academic studies, many Kenyans expect to graduate with degrees which should provide them with reasonable jobs in the labour market. However, there are a number of “valueless’’ degree courses but people still pursue them without realizing how valueless they are in the labour market. By the word “valueless’’, it is believed that these courses belong to the category of least marketable degree courses in Kenya. Finally, below is a list of Top 10 Least Marketable Courses in Kenya.

Top 10 Least Marketable Courses in Kenya

1. Arts Courses

In Kenya, many people believe that arts courses are of little or no importance to the development of the nation. Even outside of Kenya, some people see arts courses as trivial academic engagements that add no value to a nation’s economy. In fact, Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni once claimed that all art courses are useless since they add no value to the economy.

Generally, Art courses command more creativity as they have to do with music, acting, or speaking, probably in the form of languages. Though some people may have strong passions for them, Arts courses constitute the least marketable courses in Kenya.

2. Hospitality

In accordance with the report issued by KUCCPS (Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement), hospitality is one of the least valuable degree courses in Kenya and there is no serious demand for it in the labour sector. Generally, hospitality spans across hotel management and catering. Taking Tourism and Travel studies, for instance, many people believe hospitality can only yield market value when you’re connected with somebody at the top level. Otherwise, you may find yourself working in an irrelevant place –such as banks –after graduating with a degree in hospitality.


3. Criminal Justice

Degrees relating to Criminal Justice are not considered marketable in Kenya’s labour sector. You may be convinced that such degrees could expose you to employment opportunities due to the country’s incidence of insecurity but the obvious fact is that many Kenyan security chiefs are not ready to engage the services of those holding such degrees.  In Kenya’s labour market as we speak, criminal justice is one of the less advantageous degrees, and many of those studying it perceive it to be undesirable.

4. Theology and Biblical Studies

Theology is one of the courses you can complete within a short timeframe –in fact, some notable Kenyans finished their degree programmes under one year. But in any case, anybody studying theology should have it at the back of his/her mind that the course may not guarantee employment in the labour market. Meanwhile, many people believe the course is solely meant for those who’re passionate about becoming pastors.

5. Psychology and Counselling

Graduates of Psychology and Counselling find it hard to secure employment in relevant positions. Most of them end up doing what they are not educated in and the resulting effect of this is poor remuneration. Psychology and Counselling is a great course which teaches you how to influence people’s lives and behaviour. However, in Kenya, no reasonable vacancies are available for graduates of this degree course.

6. Sports Science

You might not believe Sports Science is one of Kenya’s least marketable degree courses until those who graduated with the course tell you how valueless it is. On reasonable grounds, this degree course only guarantees you a good job if you belong to Kenya’s upper-class economy. In this case, you would be opportune to get a good job probably as a trainer or gym instructor in one of the country’s sports departments. However, the circumstance is always undesirable for somebody who finds himself in the low-class or middle-class economy because job vacancies are limited, making Sports Science one of the least marketable degree courses in Kenya.

7. Education

Thousands of Kenyans have chosen education courses but on a sad note, most of them wish they could pull the hand of the clock back. If these people had the chance to make a new choice, they wouldn’t think twice before selecting better courses. On many grounds, Kenyan graduates of education courses end up being teachers in secondary schools. And this comes with a lot of disappointments which involve inadequate academic funding, unsatisfactory working conditions, and meagre salaries. Besides the fact that the government pays little attention to academic infrastructural development, many teachers are not rewarded with reasonable salaries. In a consequence of all this, education is deemed one of the least marketable degree courses in Kenya.

8. Political Science

In general, Political Science is an interesting course, particularly as it exposes one to great political horizons. However, in Kenya, the case is quite unfortunate because most of the political science graduates in the country have little or no opportunities to utilize their political views. Moreover, these people eventually seek other places for jobs –usually unrelated jobs –and the reason for this is that Kenya is short of “Mutahi Ngunyi’’ vacancies. If you’re studying Political Science whereas you are not connected with somebody holding one of the country’s reputable political offices, you may end up with a profession you were never trained to undertake.

9. Mass Media

Mass media is an exciting degree to pursue and anyone pursuing it believes he/she will be opportune to appear on air probably as a newscaster. However, in Kenya, the case is very different because many mass media graduates are underemployed. Sincerely speaking, most of them are not doing what they were trained to uphold as a profession. In many cases, comedians or graduates –holding specified business degrees –are the ones who take on the job of many mass media graduates. This is really undesirable and has made mass media one of the least marketable degree courses in Kenya.

10. Chemical Engineering

It may be hard to conceive of this but the factual point is that Kenya’s labour market is not in serious demand for chemical engineers. On a good day and in many places, engineering courses usually appear amongst the most valuable courses which should guarantee quick employment. This remains factual but not really in Kenya and as a piece of advice, you can still study chemical engineering, and luckily with your certified qualifications, you should secure reasonable employment in advanced societies such as U.S.A and Russia.

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