Top 10 Richest Comedians In Kenya (2023)

Entertainment is money; and this is evident in the kind of wealth on display by entertainers all over the world; including musicians, actors, and the likes. In fact, one only has to look at the list of the richest comedians in Kenya to see how lucrative entertainment can be; especially in a country still classified as a poor country.

The wealthiest comedians in Kenya are generally those with the brightest talent. Comedy is one of the few places in the world where merit is the basis of achievement. No matter who you are or where you are from; if you are funny, you are funny; and all those who watch you perform just cannot help but laugh.

Comedians are therefore merchants of laughter; they make people laugh, and they get paid for their efforts. Impressively, however; a lot of Kenya’s top comedians have been able to leverage their fame to build media empires of different kinds, and generate huge amounts of revenue. This shows how enterprising Kenyans are.

Top 10 Richest Comedians In Kenya

  1. Churchill

Churchill is widely regarded as the king of Kenyan comedy. Aside from being one of the pioneers of the industry; he has contributed immensely to Kenyan comedy by portraying it as an industry on its own. He is looked at as one of the people in the industry who younger ones look at and then decide to become comedians themselves. He is also one of the pioneers who brought corporate support to the industry.

Churchill also had a hand in bringing up the next generation of comedians; he groomed many of the guys that are now successful comedians in the country. His main show has been a resounding success over the years; the “Churchill Show” is still one of the top breeding ground for the discovery of talent.

He has made his money from Youtube, his shows are syndicated on Television, brands are always eager to have him endorse their products, and if you want Churchill to perform at your show; you should be ready to shell out millions of Shillings.

  1. Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is one of the most accomplished comedians in Kenya. He has been able to turn his talent into fame, and his fame into money. First and foremost, you need to be financially ready if you want Eric Omondi to perform at your show; his appearances are not cheap. Eric Omondi has built a fabulous online presence; just imagine over 3 million YouTube subscribers, not counting other social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook.

Eric Omondi regularly posts on Youtube, and his posts regularly go viral because they are shared by his followers from person to person. He makes a lot of money from Youtube, shows, and brand endorsements. Eric Omondi recently bought a mansion worth Shs150 million.

  1. Jalang’o

Jalang’o is a Kenyan comedian with a background as a radio host. He has been able to combine these gigs so as to become one of the most successful Kenyan comedians; enjoying the appreciation of a huge fan base, and making a lot of money at the same time. Jalang’o worked with Hot 96 FM and Radio Milele, before switching base to Kiss 100.

From his radio presentation; he went on to create his own YouTube channel called ‘Jalang’o TV.’ He regularly posts videos and skits there, and he makes a lot of money for his work.

  1. MCA Tricky

MCA Tricky is one of the richest comedians in Kenya, and he did not get there by accident. This guy actually started his comedy career from Churchill Show as a stand-up comedian, and as you may know; that show is a launchpad to success! MCA Tricky has come a long way; he is one of the most sought-after comedians in Kenya; hosting shows where he thrills his audiences; leaving them roaring with laughter.

MCA Tricky has also entered radio; he now regularly hosts a show at Milele FM.

  1. Desagu

Desagu is one of the top comedians in Kenya and is earning money to prove his talent. He is a comedian, an event host, and an online personality. Youtube has been key to his success; he has over 500,000 YouTube subscribers, and he posts regularly for his fans. His videos regularly go viral, and his work is commonly viewed by users outside the country.

Aside from his earnings on youtube; he makes a lot of money from promotions and advertisements. Desagu is also quite expensive; you will have to shell out a hefty sum to get him on your shows.

  1. MC Jessey

MC Jessey is one of the most vibrant comedians in Kenya; you can sense that he has a lot of energy about him. That energy has led to the success of his show;  Jessey Junction which he organizes through his YouTube channel is gathering millions of views and continues to be hugely popular among the people of Kenya. His youtube channel now has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Aside from his youtube earnings; he has also turned his channel into a great place for advertisements; as many brands now use his platform to promote their goods and services.

  1. Professor Hamo

Professor Hamo is a comedian that is set to achieve great things in the Kenyan comedy industry. He was discovered and groomed on the Churchill Show; and he has established himself as a serious comedian in Kenya. He has syndicated his brand to enable him to work with multiple radio stations. Most notable among his radio appearances is the Morning Show he hosts at Hot 96 FM. He is also into brand endorsements; especially on his social media handles.

  1. Jaymo Ule Msee

Jaymo Ule Msee studied political science at Nairobi University but decided that making people laugh is more important than being a comedian. He has the flair and passion for his trade and he has shown it across different channels including online, on stage, and when he hosts events. He started by making videos and posting them on Youtube, and today his work is syndicated across several youtube channels.

His talent and passion have earned him the role of brand ambassador with several brands in Kenya.

  1. Muthee Kiengei

Muthee Kiengei has nearly 4 million likes on Facebook, and almost 100 thousand on Instagram. His real name is Benson Gathungu Kamua, and he is fondly called ‘Guka Wa Nairobi which means Nairobi’s Grandfather. Muthee Kiengei, is a Kenyan comedian, radio host, and pastor. Much of his success comes from his radio and TV shows on Kameme FM and Kameme TV.

  1. Flaqo Raz

Flaqo Raz is a young Kenyan comedian who has already displayed that he has a good grasp of how to turn fame into a dynamic money-making machine. He originally rose to fame with his hilarious comedy skits in which he plays the character of Mama Otis; which is a regular everyday African mom. These hilarious videos regularly go viral all over youtube and other social media; and he has leveraged that fame to sell himself as a rapper, dancer, and scriptwriter. He has gone ahead to sell some commercially successful R&B recordings.



The richest comedians in Kenya have used social media to great effect. Rather than depending on hosting shows in big arenas; they take the comedy to people’s homes through their computers and phones and tablets. Kenyans love to laugh, and this laughter will continue to be a source of revenue to those who know how to produce it.