6 Richest Kids In Kenya (2023)

The lives of rich children are always a point of interest; the richest kids in Kenya are always trending: the smallest detail about their lives is something considered newsworthy. These are the kids who set the trend; everything they wear, everything they eat, where they go, how they go, and where they sleep are always ripple causing events-especially among the young ones in society.

The most important point of interest when looking at the wealthiest kids in Kenya is how they got to be so rich in the first place. This post will also look at the source of wealth, as well as the perks of being a rich child in Kenya; all the goodies that they enjoy. This is not a waste of time; perhaps we can learn a thing or two, or even be motivated to preserve and grow wealth.

Richest Kids In Kenya

1. Alvin Kabogo

Alvin Kabogo, the youngest son of former Kiambu Governor and renowned businessman William Kabogo, lives a life of privilege. He has only known the high life; luxurious trips and parties with famous people, touring around the world and eating like a king- every day. His education is prestigious;  he studies at Brighton University in the United Kingdom.

Alvin Kabogo is famous on social media; he has about 25 thousand followers on Instagram, but when he posted pictures of himself and a white lady, it nearly broke the internet! This has sparked so much controversy and broken so many hearts a lot of people fancied themselves having a chance with the handsome and spoiled Alvin Kabogo.

2. Anerlisa Muigai

Everybody loves Anerlisa Muigai; she is beautiful and rich. The 1 million followers she has on Instagram must surely be because she has a heart of gold, and people are in love with her personality. She is the daughter of Tabitha Karanja; the founder and CEO of Keroche Breweries. Anelisa Muigai floods the internet with pictures of herself in posh locations; enjoying the good life.

Everything she does is news; her designer clothes motivate copycats all over Kenya, her high-end vehicles spark debate, and when her relationship hit the rocks, many people celebrated! She has learned a thing or two about business from her mother; she has launched her own company; Nero which produces premium quality table water.

3. Ian Waiguru

Ian Waiguru is the eldest son of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru. At least as at 18 years old, when he was still a student at Brookhouse School he was already an entrepreneur with 2 start-ups under his belt. He is handsome, and calm, and could have been excused if he had sat down to live large on his mother’s wealth. after-all, it’s not easy being a son, and when you have the public eye on you because of your parent’s position, it can put enormous pressure on a young person.

Young Mr. Waiguru has already assumed the role of a mentor to the young people who would like to go into business; he has made a few television appearances in which he has shared his passion for business; and how he thinks this is the way forward for Kenya. Make no mistake about it; he is young and lively and handsome, but this is a man of great things for the future.

Aside from Something Inc he has already started branching out into other projects; Kadi and Lion Arts. Kila Kadi is a business card replacement app while Lion Arts is a publishing venture that will focus on creative writing and illustrative works.

4. Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi is the beautiful daughter of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. As the daughter of an African politician she is expected to live a life of luxury and excess, and she has not failed. Her fancy and expensive lifestyle is on display on Instagram, and her lifestyle is sure to top the front pages of the gossip mills. She once stated that she wanted to join politics like her father; that would be a great thing; her beautiful face is sure to buy her some votes!

She was in a relationship with Kenyan Senator Lotiptip; with whom she has had a child, but the relationship is practically estranged; she publicly stated that she does not know him. It is not clear what exactly caused the problem between the two, but she went public about the whole thing- causing a splash on the papers and news media.

Next time you want to date a rich girl- especially one that suffers from bipolar disorder, you better be sure that you are ready for what comes with it. Saumu Mbuvi continues to enjoy the good life; Mike Sonko is always happy to splash money on his family whenever he has the time.

5. Jomo, Ngina And Muhoho Kenyatta

The Kenyatta Siblings: Jomo, Ngina, and Muhoho are President Uhuru Kenyatta’s children. These kids are like royalty in Kenya; their grandfather was also President of Kenya. The Kenyatta siblings have a lavish lifestyle that even they cannot explain; chauffeured everywhere they go; escorted by security since their birth, and given the five-star treatment every day of their lives. Even without ever lifting a finger; the Kenyatta Siblings are hands down the richest kids in Kenya.

One thing you have to respect the Kenyatta’s for is that they know how to build and expand wealth. Their grandfather Jomo Kenyatta made extensive and strategic investments in land and real estate; their father Uhuru Kenyatta has made extensive investments in financial and technology companies, and now they too are investing.

Ngina owns her own restaurant while the sons have top management roles in some of the family-owned businesses.

6. Wabosha Maxine

Wabosha Maxine is a Kenyan internet sensation. You have only to look at her picture once and you are going to fall in love with her. She has leveraged her beauty and talent, and she has gone on to build a brand for herself. Wabosha Maxine has nearly half a million followers on Instagram; per video, she gets around 70k views immediately, and many more are unaccounted for because they are shared by users who are not logged in.

She is one of the few young people in Kenya who live a high life independently of any political names; she is 100 percent self-made. Her work as a beauty and lifestyle content creator has earned her millions in revenue from advertisements on her various internet platforms, and also from brand endorsements because brands are always falling over themselves for her.



The richest kids in Kenya mostly come from wealthy families with solid foundations that allow them to live the lavish lifestyles that they are known for. One must therefore salute the few who have climbed this social ladder all by themselves, without having a political name, or a family fortune to fall back on.