Top 10 Richest Senators In Kenya (2022)

You already know that money is needed in order to be taken seriously in the Kenyan political climate; which is why the richest senators in Kenya is of particular interest because we love to see those who have proven their mettle in money; and so earned the confidence of the Kenyan electorate that they are not coming into politics because they want money.

These wealthy senators probably made their money from their careers in the private sector; they have had very good and lucrative work experiences in their lives before politics. Riding on the back of that success; they flaunted their wealth and achievements which brought them into political office. Politicians in Kenya earn good money; which is why these senators are not going to become poor anytime soon.

Top 10 Richest Senators In Kenya

1. Gideon Moi

Senator Gideon Moi representing the good people of Baringo County is widely recognized throughout the country for his extensive wealth in the form of investments. Gideon Moi owns Ranches, a Media Group, Real Estate, and other investments in Agriculture, Transport, and Aviation. He is said to be worth somewhere around 200 million Kenyan Shillings, and aside from his wealth, he is very influential too.

Gideon Moi could very well have his hands in every sector of the economy either directly or indirectly; and he is probably the go-to person if you need some special favours, something to go your way.

2. Johnstone Muthama

Johnstone Muthama is a rich and powerful Kenyan political and business figure. He was a senator from 2013 – 8 August 2017 and has extensive business connections. He is now the chairman of the UDA; a new political party in Kenya that is currently making the rounds because of the affiliation with the deputy president. Johnstone Muthama is known to be a man of great means; he has diversified investments in mining industries, apartment buildings, hotels, and transport services.

He is a notable political figure; he can be quite controversial when proposing his theories.

3. Johnson Sakaja

Arthur Johnson Koskei Sakaja, representing the good people of Nairobi County, is no doubt one of the richest senators in Kenya, despite being so young. He is a well-known businessman and philanthropist; who made a lot of money from his consultancy business; he is the CEO of Arthur Johnson Consultancy, which is a popular and well-connected cartel.

He is in the Jubilee Party, and he has previously been a nominated member of Parliament, before becoming a Senator on the back of his electoral victory in 2017. He is therefore very connected and influential in Kenya; and naturally, he is very wealthy as well.

4. Moses Masika Wetangula

Moses Masika Wetangula, who serves the good people of Bungoma county, did not suddenly become rich and powerful in Kenya; he has paid his dues; he served the Government of Kenya as the minister of Foreign Affairs from 2008-2010,2011-2012, and then he served as Minister for Trade 2012-2013. He is one of the most powerful men in Kenya; one of the most powerful lobbyists as well.

Moses Wetangula is also a businessman; with extensive business interests in the country.

5. Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen

Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen serving the people of Elgeyo-Marakwet County had a glowing and lucrative career as a lawyer before joining politics. He is on record to have claimed to make over KShs 1 million per month from his businesses; probably showing that he does not really need the money from the senatorial salary and allowances.

6. Kimani Wamatangi

Kimani Wamatangi representing the people of Kiambu County in the Kenyan senate is so wealthy that he set up the Paul Kimani Wamatangi foundation which is a charity aimed at impacting positively in the lives of the people.

Aside from his earnings as a Senator of Kenya, he also has a lot of business interests in technology, finance, and of course real estate. He is also rumored to be into transportation and hospitality; he was recently mentioned in a financial scandal, but such claims of embezzlement have not been substantiated.

7. Susan Kihika

Susan Kihika is the senator representing the good people of Nakuru County. She is not just a member of the Kenyan Senate; she has also held many different positions within the senate; thereby building her earning capacity. Susan Kihika makes somewhere around KShs 1.3 million per month. He is a vocal supporter of the small people in the country; she recognizes the role of small-scale businesspeople in the economy; and clamours for them to be treated with more dignity and respect.

Her family owns a ranch; and she is said to have several investments in agriculture, real estate, and so on.



The richest senators in Kenya are mostly big business investors. One wonders whether this does not somehow cause a clash of interests; whether they will not be tempted to use their offices to bring undue advantages to their businesses, and companies in which they have investments. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to see how Kenyan senators and politicians put money on display; perhaps it can motivate others to join politics.