South Africa’s youngest millionaires are not just singers and dancers; they are also tech entrepreneurs, real estate investors, currency traders, and inventors. This is a list of young South Africans of whom the country and continent are proud of.

South Africa’s future is in good hands with these outstanding individuals; they have proved their capacity to handle even more wealth, power and responsibility as time goes by. Their modest enterprises today will no doubt evolve into mega industries tomorrow; which will provide value to people all over the world, and bring more money to the country.

Top 10 Youngest Millionaires In South Africa 2023

1. Vusi Thembekwayo

Net Worth: $36 million

Vusi Thembekwayo is probably South Africa’s best known entrepreneur; his name rings a bell, and his pictures are well circulated on the internet. He is estimated to be worth somewhere around $37 million dollars.

Vusi Thembekwayo is a venture capitalist, private equity fund manager, entrepreneur and the Founding CEO of MyGrowthFund & IC Knowledge Bureau. He is also a public speaker, and an author. He is well known for his master-classes during which he shares nuggets about making and managing money, and during which he motivates young ones to take the destinies in their own hands.

Aside from the money he makes from his equity fund, he also makes money from public speaking, his investments in real estate, and other sources.

2. Ludwick Marishane

Net Worth: $20 Million

Ludwick Marishane was born on 23 May 1990. He is best known for being the inventor of DryBath; an invention that allows people clean their bodies without actually getting wet. He has also the Co-Founder at Excel@Uni, a for-profit business that is focused on using technology to boost education.

He is also into the business of product development through his company Headboy. He is a serial entrepreneur; and he has created a value chain which employs people, and which adds value to the economy.

3. Cassper Nyovest

Net Worth: $15 million

Rapper Cassper Nyovest is probably South Africa’s biggest name in rap and R&B. He was born on 16th December 1990, and started rapping at the age of 12. He is very good at it; and so it is no surprise that he has a net-worth of 15 million dollars- most of which he made from his music.

He also owns a Record Label through which he sells music done by other artists; his talent management business is also quite significant.

4. Khanyi Mbau

Net Worth: $10 million

Actress Khanyi Mbau, who is also a musician, television presenter, and social media influencer, is one of those who have found the South African entertainment industry to be quite lucrative.

She was born on 15 October 1985, and landed her first acting gig when she was just eight years old. Now at 37, she is one of the biggest names in the South African entertainment industry- with the bank balance to show for it.

She also dishes out advice for young people dreaming of success in the entertainment industry; she has a significant following on social media.

5. Adii Pienaar

Net Worth: $5 million

Adii Pienaar is one of South Africa’s biggest tech entrepreneurs. Some of the brands associated with him are Conversio, PublicBeta, WooThemes and WooCommerce. He is also a published author with at least three best-selling titles to his name.

Adii Pienaar explains that he helps ambitious Ecommerce brands grow their brands profitably. He also teaches businesses to use email marketing, branding, finance, team-building, operations.

6. Doug Hoernle

Net Worth: $5 million

Doug Hoernle is a tech entrepreneur; the kind who establish start ups and grow them into multinational corporations. His particular niche is education; he created a platform improve education worldwide using mobile technology.

He has since then ventured into other aspects of tech business; he is the CEO of Karri Payments. Doug Hoernle is an innovative person; his innovation in technology is his main advantage. He has created a value chain and has provided employment opportunities for many young people.

7. Sandile Shezi

Net Worth: $2.3 million

Sandile Shezi was born in 1993; he is an icon when it comes to investing; he is the most prominent forex trader in the country. He famously used his school fees to trade forex, and then made a lot of money which went on to build a career for him as a forex trader, and also as a marketer for forex brokers and companies looking to gain entry into the South African market.

Sandile Shezi drives exotic cars, holds public lectures, and motivates young people who are looking to build businesses for themselves and add value to the country.

 8. Bernard Parker

Net Worth: $1.5 million

Bernard Parker made his money through football. Among the current crop of South African footballers, there is hardly anyone who is more accomplished than him. He has played in Europe and won the Dutch Eredivisie title before returning home to South Africa and winning even more titles.

He has been one of the highest earners in the South African PSL over the years, and this huge earning potential has certainly made him rich.

9. DJ Zinhle

Net-Worth: $1.5 million

DJ Zinhle is another one of the young South Africans who have made it through entertainment. Among South Africa’s young millionaires, she is one of the coolest; an easy going lady with a penchant for making people dance.

DJ Zinhle entered the entertainment world when she was much younger; she started DeeJaying 2004 when she was about 21 years old. A very talented person; it did not take long for her to get her big break which came in the form of a deal to become the resident DJ on Jika Majika, a youth dance show on SABC 1.

10. Murendwa Mmabasotho Mukwevho

Net worth: $1 Million

Murendwa Mmabasotho Mukwevho  was born in 1990. She is a studio director at SABC studios. Aside from her day job she also runs a business empire that encompasses Logistics, real estate, and printing, as well as other ventures.

She is the owner of Mukwevho Enterprises, a courier company that delivers products to clients. She is also the director of PNM Properties, and then she runs Phomolong Guest House in Maseru.

In addition to these ventures she owns Morenda Printing Services in Maseru.



The youngest millionaires in South Africa are also some of the youngest and most powerful business people on the continent. This shows the depth of South African creativity, and that the country has the potential to lead the way in terms of entrepreneurship, industry and investment.

Furthermore, many of these young entrepreneurs have chosen to give back to society by motivating their peers, leading to even more success stories.