Top 20 Richest Men In South Africa 2020

Interesting list of the richest people in South Africa and their net worth. In terms of GDP, South Africa is Africa’s second richest country after Nigeria. The country has a desirable lineup of rich people {Billionaires} who are majorly found in the business sector. The prosperity of SA is driven by its considerable economic development and this makes it one of the destinations some foreigners prefer to run their investments on the African continent.

So, who is the richest man in South Africa in 2020. This article obviously focuses on the top 20 richest South African men and the actual reasons behind their substantial wealth. Sitting in the topmost position is Nicky Oppenheimer –a diamond magnate who is declared the second richest person in Africa.

Top 20 Richest Men In South Africa And Their Net Worth 2020

  • 1. Nicky Oppenheimer – Net Worth: $7.5 Billion

Nicky Oppenheimer is a 74-year-old (June 8, 1945) tycoon and the richest man in South Africa. Nicky Oppenheimer, who is Africa’s second richest man, is a South African of German descent. He is renowned as a diamond magnate. Previously, he served as the chairman of De Beers –one of the biggest diamond mining firms in Africa. Apart from that, he previously served as the Deputy Chairman of the Anglo American Corporation and as it stands, his net worth is valued at $7.5 billion.

Nicky Oppenheimer – The Richest Man In South Africa
  • 2. Johann Rupert – Net Worth: $4.6 Billion

Johann Rupert is a 69-year-old (June 1, 1950) business mogul considered the second richest man in South Africa. Being the eldest son of Anton Rupert –one of South Africa’s renowned business magnate –some portion of Johann Rupert’s riches can be attributed to his wealthy background. Currently, Johann Rupert is the chairman of Richemont –a prestigious company located in Switzerland and specializing in luxury items. Additionally, Johann Rupert doubles up his riches as the chairman of Remgro –one of the biggest companies in South Africa. At the moment, Johann Rupert is said to be worth $4.6 billion.

Johann Rupert
  • 3. Ivan Glasenberg – Net Worth: $2.8 Billion

Ivan Glasenberg is a 63-year-old (January 1957) business mogul who was born in the SA city of Johannesburg. He claims a great stance among the richest men in South Africa as a result of his thriving business involvement as the CEO of Glencore. Significantly, Glencore is one of the biggest global companies concerned with mining and commodity trading. To double up his business authority, Ivan Glasenberg serves as a board member of two mining companies namely Minara Resources Limited and Xstrata Plc.

Besides being a SA citizen, Ivan Glasenberg maintains a citizenship status in several other countries such as Switzerland and Australia. Currently, his net worth is valued at $2.8 billion.

  • 4. Koos Bekker – Net Worth: $2.2 Billion

Koos Bekker is a 67-year-old (December 14, 1952) South African business magnate born in Potchefstroom –SA. Koos Bekker, who graduated from University of the Witwatersrand and Stellenbosch University, is currently the chairman of Naspers. Significantly, Naspers is a giant media firm with a presence on the Stock Exchange lists of Johannesburg and London. Its vibrant media operations span across 130 countries and this makes it the media firm with the biggest market funds outside China and the US. Labeled as one of the wealthiest South Africans, Koos Bekker’s net worth is currently estimated at $2.2 billion.

  • 5. Patrice Motsepe – Net Worth: $1.5 Billion

Patrice Motsepe is a 58-year-old (January 28, 1962) South African businessman born in the SA city of Soweto. He is the richest black South African and the first black man to emerge into the category of billionaires in South Africa. He graduated mainly from the University of Witwatersrand and the University of Swaziland.

As a reputable South African in the mining industry, Patrice Motsepe is the executive chairman and originator of African Rainbow Minerals –a mining company concerned with platinum, base metals, gold, and ferrous metals. As it stands, Patrice Motsepe’s net worth of $1.5 billion makes him one of the richest men in South Africa.

  • 6. Michiel le Roux – Net Worth $1.3 Billion

Michiel le Roux is a 71-year-old (May 20, 1949) businessman regarded as one of the richest men in South Africa. He is the chairman and founder of Capitec Bank. Michiel le Roux accumulates wealth through his Capitec Bank –an operative financial institution with more than 10,000 workers and 6.2 million customers. Meanwhile, Capitec Bank carries out its operations through numerous subsidiaries –about 668 subsidiaries.

The best part of Michiel le Roux’s wealth comes from Capitec Bank and currently, his net worth is estimated at $1.3 billion.

  • 7. Stephen Saad – Net Worth: $1.2 Billion

Stephen Saad is a 55-year-old (June 23, 1964) businessman born in the SA city of Durban. Stephen Saad, who graduated from the University of Natal, serves as the CEO and originator of Aspen Pharmacare –Africa’s biggest manufacturer of generic medicines. He is a resident of Durban –the South African city where he was born and bred. His net worth is currently valued at $1.2 billion.

  • 8. Desmond Sacco – Net Worth: $1.1 Billion

Desmond Sacco is one of the leading business tycoons in South Africa. Born in the South African city of Johannesburg, Desmond Sacco is best known for his administrative roles as the MD and Chairman of Assore Limited –a SA company established by his father. He graduated from the University of South Africa with a B Sc. in Geology.

Desmond Sacco began his business journey after he was welcomed to Assore Group in 1968. With his net worth estimated at $1.1 billion, Desmond Sacco is believed to have built his business reputation through Assore Group.

  • 9. Jannie Mouton – Net Worth: $1.06 Billion

Jannie Mouton is a 74-year-old (1946) South African businessman who graduated from Stellenbosch University, SA. He is best known for his business reputation as the chairman and originator of PSG Group. In 1973, Jannie Mouton received the credentials which qualified him as a chartered accountant. Having been dismissed from his role as managing partner in 1995, Jannie Mouton went ahead to set up PSG Group. Currently, Jannie Mouton is a widower with two children and as regards his net worth, he boasts of $1.06 billion.

  • 10. Christoffel Wiese – Net Worth: $742 Million

Christoffel Wiese is a 78-year-old (September 10, 1941) South African businessman who has managed to garner enormous wealth through consumer retail services. He is a reputable South African billionaire and a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch –one of the top universities in South Africa. Currently, Christoffel Wiese is the Executive Director of Shoprite –Africa’s biggest supermarket store and retail outlet. Besides Shoprite, Christoffel Wiese maintains an authoritative role as the chairman of Invicta Holdings Limited. With the current net worth of $742 million, he is considered one of the most fortunate business tycoons in the history of South Africa.

  • 11. Lauritz Dippenaar – Net Worth: $650 million

Lauritz Dippenaar is a 71-year-old (October 25, 1948) businessman born in the SA city of Johannesburg. He graduated from the University of Pretoria, SA. He is best known as a self-made South African millionaire who has diversified dealings as a banker, investor, and businessman. Impressively, Lauritz Dippenaar is one of the influential South Africans who donates some part of their wealth to philanthropic causes. Among his philanthropic contributions is the scholarship scheme he organizes. As part of his business involvement, Lauritz Dippenaar happens to be the chairman of a financial group known as FirstRand. Regarded as one of the richest men in South Africa, Lauritz Dippenaar’s net worth is valued at $650 million.

  • 12. GT Ferreira – Net Worth: $510 Million

GT Ferreira is a 72-year-old (April 6, 1948) South African business mogul who graduated from the University of Stellenbosch. Although GT Ferreira works as a banker, he is best known for his vibrant roles in the business sphere where he serves as the Chairman of RMI Holdings. In conjunction with Lauritz Dippenaar and Paul Harris, GT Ferreira established Rand Consolidated Investing – the company which preceded FirstRand. Also in previous times (from 1985 to 1988), GT Ferreira took official roles as the Managing Director of RMB Holdings. With his vigorous presence in the business field, GT Ferreira is currently worth $510 million.

  • 13. Raymond Ackerman – Net Worth: $500 Million

Raymond Ackerman is an 89-year-old (March 10, 1931) South African who has been on the business scene for years. He is well known for having acquired the Pick ‘n’ Pay supermarket chain from Mr. Jack Goldin who established it. Besides, Raymond Ackerman’s personality commands great fame as a result of the philanthropic contributions he has made. In 2010, Raymond Ackerman resigned from his position as the chairman of Pick ‘n’ Pay.

Raymond Ackerman is an SA resident with three children namely Kathryn Ackerman, Gareth Ackerman, and Suzanne Ackerman-Berman. Also, he is a graduate of the University of Cape Town and his current net worth is valued at $500 million.

  • 14. Adrian Gore – Net Worth: $480 Million

Adrian Gore is a 55-year-old (May 16, 1964) South African and graduate of Wits University. As a vibrant businessman, he is best known for having founded Discovery Limited –the SA company he set up in 1992. Discovery Limited has appeared on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and since its establishment, it has grown into a financial company with global and diversified services.

With Adrian Gore being the chief executive of Discovery Limited, the company has widened its global extent to Asia, U.S.A, and Britain. Across the world, Discovery Limited has almost 8,000 workers. As it stands, Adrian Gore’s net worth is declared to be $480 million.

  • 15. Cyril Ramaphosa – Net Worth: $450 Million

Cyril Ramaphosa is a 67-year-old (November 17, 1952) South African. He is engaged in a number of activities making him a trade union leader, activist, businessman as well as politician. Over and above that, he has remained South Africa’s deputy president since 2014. In December 2012, Cyril Ramaphosa became the Deputy President of ANC (African National Congress). Meanwhile, he rose to this position as a result of the election held at the National Conference of ANC in Mangaung.

Cyril Ramaphosa is famous not only as one of the richest men in South Africa but also for holding a number of reputable positions. Besides the positions aforementioned, Cyril Ramaphosa serves as the chairman of South Africa’s National Planning Commission. At the moment, his net worth is valued at $450 million.

  • 16. Gus Attridge – Net Worth: $410 Million

Gus Attridge –alternatively regarded as Michael Guy Attridge –is one of the richest businessmen in South Africa. He has remained an active business partner since 1997. In that year, he collaborated with Stephen Saad in the establishment of Aspen Pharmacare –the company where he currently serves as the deputy CEO. As it stands, Gus Attridge’s presence on the business scene gives him the net worth of $410 million.

  • 17. Markus Jooste – Net Worth: $400 Million

Markus Jooste is a 59-year-old (January 22, 1961) South African who graduated from Stellenbosch University. He is one of the prominent South African businessmen who has been active for years. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Steinhoff International –the organization he has been working with since 1988. Markus Jooste is greatly acclaimed for his immense contributions to the development of Steinhoff International. Meanwhile, he is believed to have taken the company to lofty heights, making it the second-biggest domestic good retailer in Europe. Based on estimates, Markus Jooste’s net worth hovers around $400 million.

  • 18. Giovanni Ravazzotti – Net Worth: $330 Million

Giovanni Ravazzotti is a 746-year-old (1944) South African of Italian descent. He relocated from Italy to the South African city of Johannesburg and established Italtile –a South African company concerned with ceramics. Meanwhile, Ravazzotti set up this company in South Africa because he observed that the country was in need of substantial ceramic products. At the moment, Giovanni Ravazzotti is worth an estimated amount of $330 million.

  • 19. Wendy Appelbaum – Net Worth: $140 Million

Wendy Appelbaum is one of the wealthiest South Africans. Apparently, she is South Africa’s richest woman with a substantial net worth of R4.7 billion. She has been appointed to a number of authoritative roles. In the past, Mrs. Wendy Appelbaum served as the non-executive director of several companies. Among these companies are Liberty Investors Limited, Sphere Holdings Pty Ltd, and Connection Group Holdings Limited. Besides, she served as Deputy Chairperson in companies including Connection Group Holdings Limited and Wiphold Limited. Meanwhile, her reputation is still rising as fast as an influential South African woman.

That’s all on Top 20 Richest Men In South Africa 2020. Hopefully to increase this list to top 30 then top 50 Richest Man in South Africa.


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