Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In Africa 2020

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In Africa – When you hear of a country that is dangerous, what comes to your mind at first. Is it because of the killings or some other social vices being carried out in the country? Well with this article you are about to find out the most dangerous countries in Africa so far.

Africa has been a peaceful place in the past. Gone are the days when you find it difficult to see a peaceful country again in Africa. This list was being compiled based on the degree of instability and danger that commonly erupt in these countries.

Which Country Is The Most Dangerous In Africa? Most African countries have been characterized by war and political instability. Crimes against humanity have taken place all over, religious war and killings have been the order of the day. Well, let’s not spill so much information here, let’s go into the list so you can see it yourself.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In Africa 2020

  • 1. Sudan

Taking up the number one spot in the list of most dangerous countries in Africa is Sudan. You might be surprised right, well this is what we have to say about the country.

Sudan has suffered internal conflict over the year now. They have had serious political, security, and humanitarian consequences. Lots of violence has taken place in the country. This conflict has been able to kill about 300,000 people. Some of which even died of different diseases, others were as a result of famine. The two border states in Sudan where communities traditionally allied to the South found themselves North of the border after independence and which makes 2.7million people in Sudan being displaced. War and killings have taken place a lot in Sudan even to the peace agreement that was signed between one of the strongest rebel groups and the government did not hold.

  • 2. Somalia

one major problem facing Somalia is the civil war, which has been taken place in their country for years now. Several groups of Islamist rebels which some of them are even Al-Qaeda are ones causing lots of havoc in the country. This group is in a conflict between the Federal government. It has been noted that 20% of Somalia under the office of the United Nations for Refugees have fled the country as they see its no longer peaceful for them to stay in any longer. Somalia has been termed as a country that is being ruled as even the government is scared of taking action and making decisions.

  • 3. The Central Africa Republic

Many do not really know about the Central Africa Republic, but they are one of the most dangerous countries in Africa. The Central African Republic forces devastating humanitarian crises that have to plunge the citizens of the country into fear. The Lords Resistance Army is led by Joseph King, this group has been ranked as one of the most violent in the world and it has expanded and even gone into Sudan, over there he has caused lots of Abduction of civilians and looting.

  • 4. Libya

The Crisis in Libya has taken place for a long time now, all effort to calm and manage ever under the authority of the NAT has been put into vain. The crisis has led to many killings, many mass atrocities. The people of the country no longer feel safe anymore as they know lots of things are taking place in their country.

  • 5. The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Since the year 1998, from research calculations and some Studies reviewed it has been known that 5.4 million people died from conflict-related causes in Congo. The Ugandan rebel movement is in conflict with the Congolese government, it has been known that this group is related to the Shabab Somali fundamentalist Islamic group which is linked to a foreign group. Apart from this, Genocide has taken place in the country and lots of insecurities in the border and also violence. This has made Congo be in the 5th position as the most dangerous country in Africa.

  • 6. Nigeria

I know many would not be surprised to see Nigeria at the 6th position in this list. A country where the police have been ranked as the worst in the world, what do you expect, the lives of the people are no longer safe. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the country has been facing political economic and social instability. Though, recently Boko Haram threats, killings, bombings have taken place in the country have greatly reduced. Though sadly, the terrorist group has sent up to 20,000 Nigerians to their early grave. The most affected parts of terrorism in Nigeria is the North and Southeast in Nigeria. Kidnapping has nowhere been the order of the day in Nigeria, if not due to the recent successful operations of the police to catch one of the kidnappers’ kingpins in Nigeria, since then, the rate of kidnapping has reduced in Nigeria.

  • 7. Zimbabwe

The crime rate in Zimbabwe took a high rate when Robert Mugabe and his rival Morgan Tsvangirai are seating at the top posts of the government seats in the country. The Zimbabwe government has been known to be a troubled coalition that is characterized by bickering and stalemate. The President and the Prime Minister have generally done lots of things which have pushed the country into violence, arbitrary arrests have also taken place, looting and ransacking public meetings were also banned in the country and so many other things.

  • 8. Burundi

Over the years now, Burundi has been involved in lots of political conflicts. This has increased the rate of political conflicts. This has increased the rate of killings, violence and so many other things in the country. The International community and other organizations have tried to find a way out of this but because of the differences in the political system, there has been no stopping.

  • 9. Chad

Chad is politically insecure and very volatile. There have been ethnic clashes, banditry, and fighting between government forces and rebel groups. All of these contribute to worsening security situations in the region. 700,000 Chadians have been displaced from their homes, 180,000 Chadians have also been forced from their homes within three years.

  • 10. Ethiopia

The crisis facing Ethiopia is the conflict with Eritrean for more than ten years now, this has been happening. Eritrea got her independence from Ethiopia about 30 years ago following a prolonged fight of freedom, after the court has separated the two countries and has even marked the borders, Ethiopia does not want to let go.

In conclusion, we can see that African countries are mostly filled with war and violence due to the government and so many other crises. However certain measures have been taking place to calm down the countries and to avoid mass killings, bombings, and so many other violence. We also wish that the countries stated here will also face peace very soon as lots of these things are also hindering their growth.