A list of the top 10 biggest malls in South Africa comes to the mind of most citizens of South Africa or new immigrants to South Africa are always on the verge of getting new stocks either in their offices, home, or for other purposes.

Many stores today even in other countries do not usually have all their consumer wants, most of the consumers’ needs are always available in most of the big shopping malls which may be around them at times some minutes away from their residential home.

No one can ever devalue the purpose of shopping malls in one locality either big or small, both have a specific purpose and reasons for setting them up. Some malls today are out of date and you can only find goods of old model their compare to ever dynamic shopping malls.

So, today we will be looking briefly at the top ten biggest shopping malls in South Africa. Also, not all market hubs can cater to the need of all the citizens in the country as there about over millions of people living in this country and there will always be a need to buy different commodities and other necessary materials, so the need for the big mall is paramount. Some of the malls we will be writing about might be closer to you or some minutes’ drive away.

Top 10 Biggest Malls In South Africa 2020

  • Menlyn Park Shopping Center (Pretoria)

This mall can be found in the core area of this country. The land area this shopping mall is sitting over is over 177,00 square meters in total area and it is the biggest in the whole of South Africa. In the year 1979, this mall was established in this country under the ownership of London mutual properties that were later transferred to Pareto development company.

This shopping mall was designed by Bild architecture. There are 3 segments in this mall the first segment is the Garden followed by the food court and lastly the keyhole mall.

In this mall are 500 stores and outlets for lease which are all on 4 floors with just an exist for cars and about 16 parking entrances couple with 8,250 parking area inside the shopping mall arena. Another thing about this shopping mall is that it is a shopping mall in the whole world to have the biggest rooftop.

  • Gateway Theater Of Shopping (Durban)

The Gateway shopping mall is the second biggest mall in South Africa. This shopping mall was established in the year 1998 in Umhlanga in Durban. The present location of this mall as on a former sugarcane plantation land. The mall was constructed to take the look and shape of the shopping mall of America and West Edmonton shopping mall.

There are 3 architects that work n the mall mode which include CHT architects, Johnson Murray Architects, and Staunch Vorster architects.

Even though the model before it was finally set up it underwent different reviews to suit the best taste which is the present look of the shopping mall.

In this mall, it occupies 460 store outlets, 12,00 parking spaces, arcade theme park, 6 Nouveau Theatre, 90 restaurant, indoor funfair, 18 movie theatres, the highest mountain in Africa, tenpin bowling alley, valet parking, 3 flow riders, 400 square meter skate park. And with the statistical record, there are facts that this mall receives over 2 million visitors yearly.

  • Sandton City (Johannesburg)

This in its present location is having a landmark description which is adjacent the Nelson Mandela Square which was previously known as Sandton Square.

In the course of time, there have been several renovations done in this shopping mall. This mall was set up in the year 1973 under the ownership of Rapp, Maister, and property development company in which the ownership was later transferred to the Liberty Holdings/Liberty two Degree Pareto Ltd.

This shopping mall was situated in the heartbeat and economic center or South Africa which is Johannesburg.

The current size of the mall is 128, 000 square meters which are having inside the mall 120 stores which are constructed in a 21-story building with concrete blocks.

  • Mall Of Africa (Johanessburg)

This mall has a record-breaking history to be the only mall situated in the Waterfall City with the largest single block shopping mall.

In this mall are two major floors also embedded with a restaurant outside the shopping mall? This mall is under the ownership of the Atterbury Group, Attacq, RMB Holdings, and M&N enterprise.

The shopping complex itself is occupying 131,000 square meter landmass by it occupies in total about 500,000 square meters.

In this mall, the restaurant is connected directly to the parking area. It is the 4th biggest mall in the whole of South Africa. It’s no wonder it made our list of biggest malls in South Africa.

  • The Pavilion (Durban)

In Durban Pavilion shopping mall is one of the largest and also the second biggest in the area but the 5th biggest in the whole of South Africa. It is situating in the West-Ville Durban it occupies a land area of 119,000 since its operation fully started in the year 1994 which as at then was just having only 75,000 landmass but now due to renovation and expansion has really increased. In this shopping mall, we have 300 malls for lease and other facilities that make shopping easier.

  • Eastgate

With record and statistics made available, this mall receives on a monthly basis an aggregate of 2 million visitors. This is undeniably the biggest malls in South Africa. This shopping is known to houses other brands that are global with the likes of cinemas, Ster-Kinekor, Checkers Hyper, Woolworths, and Edgars. It has witness expansion and renovation over the years. In this mall are over 300 stores, 13 jewelers, and over 60 fashion boutiques. It was established in the year 1979. It has a landmass of 118,732 square meters.

  • Centurion Mall (Pretoria)

The landmass this mall is covering is 112,828 square meters which include in a total of 2,853 parking areas and 200 shopping stores. In this mall are various multi-global brands like Game, pick and pay, and Woolworth.

  • Westwood (Durban)

This mall is found in West-Ville in Durban and on the landmass of 109, 000 square meters. In this mall are various facilities that make your shopping a lot easier without having a need to branch the bank before coming to the mall, there banking facilities here car wash and post office should in case you want to wash your car or post goods to families or friends after shopping it.

  • Cresta Shopping Center (Johannesburg)

This shopping mall was established in the year 1977 with a land area of 104,342 square meters, it is situated in Johannesburg.

  • Northgate (Johannesburg)

This mall is located in Johannesburg in Northridge to be very precise, in this mall you have the conglomeration of all you need for all activities including special events and concerts.


Conclusion on Biggest Malls In South Africa

South Africa boasts of the biggest malls in Africa as a whole. We have listed the top ten biggest malls in this country that you need to know, also relative information about the mall for those who make need some facts about the mall for research processes have also been included in the write-up, sit back, and enjoy every bit of the write-up.

In recourse to what the most respected Archbishop Desmond Tutu qualified South Africa as he said, South Africa is to be known as the Rainbow country, and his premises are based in his view of the country having beautiful environments dzeren areas that are cool to pass leisure time and other activities.

There are different centers in the country that makes it stand out from another country in Africa. Even though the common attribute attached to this country is the Apartheid that occurred some years back in the country that totally shut down the country affairs and activities.

Kindly share this list of biggest shopping malls in South Africa If you found it helpful.

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