Top 10 Most Populous Countries in Africa 2020

Top 10 Most Populous Countries in Africa – Africa is said to be the second most populated continent on earth, it accommodates a population of over 1.1 million people. Just as the population is distributed in other parts of the world, the population in Africa is not evenly distributed. While some places have a population of 150 million, some countries can not even lay the claim of having 50 million. Let take a brief look at the top 10 most populated countries in Africa.

Top 10 Most Populous Countries in Africa 2020

  • 1. Nigeria 

Nigeria sometimes called the giant of Africa is unarguably the most populated country in Africa and 7th most populated in the world. It is home to about 184 million people and accounts for 15% of the total population on the continent. The capital of Nigeria is Abuja. This country is one of the oil-producing nations in the world and even among the largest producer in the world. Sometimes in 2014, this country was regarded as among the largest economy in Africa.

  • 2. Ethiopia 

Ethiopia is a country located in the horn of Africa. Addis Ababa is the capital of this country. Ethiopia is the world’s most populous land-locked and the second-most populous country in Africa directly behind Nigeria. This country is a home of about 100 million people, this accounts for about 8% of the population of Africa. Ethiopia is one of the two countries that was nor colonized during the scramble for Africa.

  • 3. Egypt 

Egypt is one of the world’s oldest nations. With over 92 million inhabitants, this is the most populous country in North Africa and the Arab world as well as the third most populous country in Africa and the fifteenth-most populous in the world. The majority of its people live near the banks of the Nile River, where the only arable land is found. This country accounts for roughly 8% of Africa’s population. Cairo is the capital of this country and it is one of the largest cities on the continent.

  • 4. Dr. Congo 

This country is also referred to as DRC, Congo-Kinshasa, East Congo, or simply Congo. It is the second-largest country in Africa by area and eleventh largest in the world and has a population of over 80 million. This makes the Democratic Republic of Congo the most populated officially Francophone country, the 4th most-populated nation in Africa, and the 18th most populated country in the world. Kinshasha is the largest city in the country.

  • 5. South Africa 

South Africa is the country at the extreme of Southern Africa. It is the only country in Africa with 3 capital cities and can be said to be the 5th most populated country in Africa. It has a population of 55 million people.

  • 6. Tanzania 

Tanzania is a country in Eastern Africa within the African Great Lake region. Parts of the country are in Southern Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is located at the northeastern part of Tanzania. The country has an estimated population of 51.82 in 2014.

  • 7. Kenya 

The very popular tourist destination is also one of the top 10 most populous countries in Africa. With an estimated population of 46.6 million, this country is the 7th most populated country in Africa and 31st in the world.

  • 8. Sudan 

Before 2011 when South Sudan seceded from Sudan, Sudan was the largest country in Africa in terms of landmass. Now, it is the third-largest on the continent. It is the 8th most populous on the continent and has an established population of 40 million.

  • 9. Algeria 

Algeria is located in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast. This country is the largest country on the continent and the 10th largest in the world. It has an estimated population of 40 million.

  • 10. Uganda 

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa and happens to be the 2nd most populous landlocked in the world after Ethiopia. it is the 10th populated country in Africa and has an estimated population of 37 million.

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