Check out our free NNPC Past Questions And Answers PDF Download 2020 – It will be an understatement to say it is important to get yourself prepare ahead of any examination you are about to attempt. No one will ever tell you the secret of their success; it is left for those who are willing to see you get to the point you have the desire to be. So here on our platform, we have prepared some materials that would be helpful to pass the close NNPC screening examination. But before we forge ahead to tell you how to access this file and what you are to do to get these files, we will be writing shortly why you need to get the questions and what is ahead of you in the examination.

Issues of unemployment are not limited to Nigeria, various nation of the world today are being faced with this global phenomenal even though it is high in one country to another, in Africa especially the number of hubs ready to employ ready hands are relatively few compared to the government body, NNPC updates their portal on bases to announce to the entire public on vacancies in the organization and interested Nigeria to apply for the jobs.

Free NNPC Past Questions And Answers PDF Download


2) Last year Jose sold a painting for $2000. If he made a 25% profit on the sale, how much had
he paid for the painting?
A. $1200
C. $1500
C. $1600
D. $2400
E. $2500
Jose made 25% profit, so if he bought the painting for x, he sold it for: x + 0.25x = 1.25x = 2000 ⇒x
= 2000 ÷ 1.25 = 1600.
The answer is (C).
3) In the figure below what is the value of b?
A. 30
B. 36
C. 45
D. 60
E. 72
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Page 4

Since vertical angles have the same measure, c = d, d = a, and b = a – b a = 2b.
Therefore, c = d = a = 2b. Also, the sum of the measures of all six angles is 3600,
so a + b + c + d + a – b + d = 2a + c + 2d = 360. Replacing c, d, and a by 2b yields
10b = 360 ⇒b =36.
The answer is (B).
4) A lacrosse team raised some money. The members used 74% of the money to buy
a uniform, 18% for equipment, and the remaining $216 for a team party. How much money did
they raise?
A. 2400
B. 2450
C. 2500
D. 2600
E. 2700
SINCE 74% + 18% = 92%, THE $216 spent on the party presents the other 8 % 0f the money
raised. Then: 0.08m = 216 ⇒ m = 216 ÷ 0.08 = 2700. The answer is (E).

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5) In the figure below, what is the sum of the degree measures of all of the marked angles?
A. 600
B. 620
C. 700
D. 720
E. 750
Each of the 10 marked angles is an exterior angle of the Pentagon. If you take one angle at each
vertex, the sum of the degree measures of those five angles is 360; the sum of the degree
measures of the other five also is 360: 360 + 360 = 720.
The answer is (720).
Page 6

8) If the measures of the angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 1:2:3, and if the perimeter of the triangle is 30 + 10 (3)½, what is the length of the smallest side?
A. 20
B. 18
C. 15
D. 12
E. 10
9) What is the area of Triangle ABC?
A. 350
B. 360
C. 370
D. 375
E. 390
The area of Triangle CDE = 0.5(8)(15) = 60. Since the ratio of similitude for the two triangles (as
calculated in solution C15) is 2.5, the area of Triangle ABC is (2.5)2 times the area of CDE: (2.5)2 × 60 =
6.25 × 60 = 375. The answer is (375).
10) What is the perimeter of triangle ABC?
A. 80
B. 85
C. 95
D. 100
E. 105
Page 7

By the Pythagorean theorem, 82 + 152 = (CE)2 (CE)2 = 64 + 225 = 289 CE = 17. Then the perimeter of
CDE = 8 + 15 + 7 = 40. Triangles ABC and CDE are similar (each has a 900 angle, and the vertical angle
at C are congruent). The ratio of similitude is = 2.5, so the perimeter of ABC is 2.5 × 40 = 100. The
answer is (100).
11) If the difference between the measures of the two smaller angles of a right triangle is 200, what
is the measure, in degrees, of the smallest angle?

A. 30
B. 35
C. 40
D. 45
E. 50
12. What is th
Page 8

13) What is the area of Triangle BED in the figure below were ABCD is a triangle?
A. 12
B. 24
C. 36
D. 48
E. 60
You can calculate the area of the rectangle and subtract the area of the two white right triangles,
but don’t. The shaded area is a triangle whose base is 4 and whose height is 12. The area is (4)(12) =
24. The answer is (B).
14) What is the value of PS in the triangle below?
B. 10
C. 11
D. 13
Use the Pythagorean Theorem twice, unless you recognize the common right triangle in the figure.
Since PR = 20 and QR = 16, PQR is a 3x-4x-5x right triangle with x = 4. Then PQ = 12, and PQS is a
right angle triangle whose legs are 5 and 12. The hypotenuse, PS, therefore is 13. The answer is (D).
Page 9

A. 40
B. 45
C. 50
D. 55
E. 57
Since lines l and k are parallel, the angle marked y in the given diagram and the sum of the angles
marked x and 45 are equal:
Y = x + 45 y – x = 45.the answer is (45).
16) In an office, there was a small cash box. One day Ann took half of the money plus $1 more. Then
Dan took half of the money plus $1 more. Stan then took the remaining $11. How many dollars were
originally in the box?
A. $50
B. $45
C. $42
D. $40
E. $38
You can avoid some messy algebra by working backward. Put back the $11 Stan took; then put back the
extra $1 that Dan took. There is now $12, which means that, when Dan took his half, he took $12. Put that
back. Now there is $24 in the box. Put back the extra $1 that Ann took. The box now has $25, so before
Ann took her half, there was $50. The answer is ($50).
17) Each of the 10 players on the basketball team shot 100 free throws, and the average number of
baskets made was 75. When the highest and lowest scores were eliminated the average number of
baskets for the remaining 8 players was 79. What is the smallest number of baskets anyone could have
A. 22
B. 20
Page 10

C. 18
D. 16
E. 14
Since the average of all 10 players was 75, the total number of baskets made was 10 × 75 = 750. Also,
since 8 of the player had an average of 79, they made a total of 8 × 79 = 632 points. The other 2
players, therefore, made 750- 632 = 118 baskets. The most baskets that the player with the highest
number could have made was 100, so the player with the lowest number had to have made at least 18.
The answer is 18.

NNPC Past Questions And Answers

18) Karen played a game several times. She received $5 every time she won and had to pay $2
every time she lost. If the ratio of the number of times she won to the number of times she lost was
3:2, and if she won a total of $66, how many times did she play the game?
A. 30
B. 35
C. 40
D. 45
E. 48
Karen won 3x times and lost 2x times, and thus played a total of 5x games. Since she got $5 every time
she won, she received $5(3x) = $15x. Also, since she paid $2 for each loss, she paid out $2(2x) = $4x.
Therefore, her net winning were $15x – 4x = $11x, which you are told was $66. Then, 11x = 66 ⇒ x = 6,
and so 5x = 30.
The answer is 30
19) Since 1950, when Martin graduated from high school, he has gained 2 pounds every year. In
1980 he was 40% heavier than in 1950. What percent of his 1995 weight was his 1980 weight?
A. 80
B. 85
C. 87.5
D. 90
E. 95
Page 11

Let x = Martin’s weight in 1950. By 1980, he had gained60 pounds (2 pounds per
year for 30 years) and was 40% heavier:
60 = 0.40x x = 60 ÷ 0.4 = 150. In 1980, he weighed 210 pounds, 15 years later, in 1995, he weighed
210/240= 7/8= 87.5%. The answer is C.
20) Henry drove 100 miles to visit a friend. If he had driven 8 miles per hour faster than he did, he
would have arrived in of the time he actually tokes. How many minutes did the trip take?
A. 100
B. 120
C. 125
D. 144
E. 150
21) Two printing presses working together can complete a job in 2.5 hours. Working alone, press
A can do the job in 10 hours. How many hours will press B take to do the job by itself?
A. 10/3
B. 4
C. 5
C. 25/4
E. 15/12
Multiply each term by 10x: 2.5x + 25 = 10x
.Subtract 2.4x from each other: 25 = 7.5x
. Divide each side by 7.5: x = 3 hours. The answer is A.
Page 12

The table above shows the specializations of North West Medical School graduates in 2005.
Percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number. One hundred and nineteen students
graduated that year. Use this information to answer the following.
22) If seven students changed their specialization from family practice to pediatrics, approximately
what fraction of students would then be specializing in pediatrics?
A. 1/7
B. 1/4
C. 1/7
D. 1/5
E. 1/15
Answer: D
Explanation: Thirteen percent of 119 students (119/100) * 13 = 15 specialized in paediatrics. If 7
students joined them then there would be 22 students studying it. This equates to
22/119 = 0.18 which is approximately 1/5.
23) What is the approximate ratio of students specializing in sports medicine, emergency medicine
and family practice?
A. 6:4:10
B. 1:4:5
C. 2:8:10
D. 3:2:10
E. 3:2:5
Answer: D
Page 13
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Explanation: The ratio of students specializing in each is (15:11:48) which approximates to 3:2:10.
24) One-twelfth of the students who chose to specialize in the family practice plan to work abroad. How
many is this?
A. 7
B. 8
C. 5
D. 9
E. 3
Answer: C
Explanation: Forty eight percent of 119 students (119/100) * 48 = 57 specialized in family practice. One
twelfth of these equates to 57/12 = 5 who planned to work abroad.
25) How many students decided to specialize in immunology?
A. 9
B. 11
C. 14
D. 7
E. 15
Answer: B
Explanation: Nine percent of 119 students decided to specialize in immunology. This equates to
(119/100) * 9 = 11 students
The table above shows the amount spent by Ace Marketing Consultancy to promote their clients.
‘Marketing’ spend does not include the time of any Ace employees, this is billed separately as ‘Personnel’.
Use this information to answer the following questions.
Page 14

26) Approximately what percentage of Ace Marketing’s total business is accounted for by their three
smallest clients?
A. 18%
B. 17%
C. 20%
D. 16%
E. 22%
Answer: C
Explanation: The total value of Ace’s business is $41,427 (marketing) plus $40,614 (personnel) which gives
$82,041. Since we know that Aardvark account for 54% of the business, the quickest way to work out
how much the three smallest clients account for is to calculate how much Blue Arrow accounts for
($21,659 which is 26%), add this to the
54% to give 80%, which leaves 20% to be accounted for by the smallest three
27) Approximately what percentage of Ace Marketing’s total business is for Aardvark Cellular?
B. 57%
C. 50%
D. 54%
E. 56%
Answer: D
Explanation: The total value of Ace’s business is $41,427 (marketing) plus $40,614 (personnel) which gives
$82,041. Aardvark Cellular account for (21,340+22,749 =) $44,089.
This equates to (44,089/82,041) * 100 = 54%.
28) If flyers for Aardvark Cellular cost $150 per thousand. Approximately, how many thousand have
been produced?
A. 23
B. 20
C. 17
D. 14
E. 18
Answer: B

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If you get to different platform promising you heaven and earth on what you will be getting on their past questions, our platform is different, in previous examinations, the pdf we sold out to our users has to fetch many of them the work they applied for. This was as a result of careful selection and observation we have gathered so far on the body and their likely question. Even though every organization is entitled to decide how the examination should be like also they are to see to the full ethics that will be guiding their examination.

Our past questions and answers house different topics that are drawn from the various sphere of life and the combination of various subjects.

  • Why should I get this Past question?

It helps you to prepare and read ahead of the screening day and give you an edge among your colloquies.

It will give you the foresight to the most touched topics from different subjects and this alone have given you an open door on what to concentrate your efforts on.

It builds your accuracy, your speed and also improves your confidence because you rest assured you have prepared enough which is one of the attributes every one preparing for examination must have to be confident and feel relax when they real day comes.

Working with the last question gives you the ample opportunity to even prepare for other job screening in a related field especially those going for force related recruitments, so it is important you get a copy of this.

Answers have been provided on all the questions all you have to do is check for the answers for the ones you do not know, and constant practice with this tend to cached some questions and their answers in your memory and make it easier for you to recall when you see the related question in the examination hall.

  • How does NNPC screening look like?

No one can say this is how it is because the last time NNPC organizes such aptitude test is 2013, so its been a long time and the number of applicants for the job openings from this body is always in thousands, so it is paramount for the body to devise an intelligent way to shelf some of the lists to carefully select the best among the students

  • What are the common topics and subjects in this Question?

The following are the most common causes and topics you will find in this past question.

  • English
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Information Technology
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Biology
  • Current Affairs
  • General Sciences
  • Basic oil and gas knowledge
  • General Engineering
  • Diagrams and interpretations


  • What Should I Know about NNPC Screening?

I told you earlier, one of the things that guarantee one success in the examination is thorough preparation, and preparation without a guide is equal to nothing. You are given all together different questions to attempt which has been carefully divided into multiple sections, you are possibly to have 1 minute to answer each question which is about 120 minutes for the questions, now the benefits of getting the past question comes in, you can only perform well in the examination you have limited time for by tackling enough related questions at home before you can surmount the mountain of the giant you will be facing in your examination hall.

Also, you should take note that the specific job or field you registered for will be part of your question and screening you will be attempting.

  • How will the Examination be conducted?

With the recent trend of government agency recruitment in Nigeria, there is a high possibility that the aptitude test is conducted by JAMB which simply means the screening will be a computer base. This is another thing you should take with seriousness, if you are the type that is not used with Computer, the earlier, the better you should start taking a class on the computer on how to write CBT based tests and some many other things that will help you as you know the computer is always accurate with its timing, you can only maneuver time when the timekeeper is man, but the computer has been program to log you out when it is time it was programmed for you so do everything best to get you acquitted and efficient in the use of a computer.

  • Will the Examination be the same for everyone?

It is a clear answer, you cannot answer the same questions with anyone either sitting close to you or after you, the computer has to be designed to randomize questions which will make it very difficult for someone very close to you to answer the same question with you. But be rest assured you might even be attempting different section at a different time, just as we have stated earlier that there is a various section on this system for all to attempt. Be careful not to involve yourself in examination malpractices which may lead to your disqualification and also get you jail term you do not prepare for. So, be careful not to answer anyone in the exam hall, prepare yourself well, and hope for the very best.

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It is paramount you take note that the Past question was not from NNPC nor was authorized by the body, we are not working for any official of the body but we are making everything best to take the challenges in our shoulder and help our users and readers to have a safe landing in writing their screening and also get them to be employed by this body.


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