Full details on the accredited list of Private Universities in Nigeria and their school fees, including their school portal {portal}. Years upon years, day after day education system all over the world is taking shape and serving in the capacity to sharpen the face of most societies. Education can never be underestimated when writing about things that have made all humans live in mutual agreement, solve the societal needs that arise per time.

In a different nation today, we have different forms and settings of education which ranges from the creche to the higher stage of education which is the universities. It is also of importance to note that different body has brought about successful change in the face of education which ranges from the public setup, private individuals, and some organized investors. Today we will be writing on the list of private Universities in Nigeria. Before that, we will chiefly write about some things we need to know regarding education.

List Of Private Universities In Nigeria 2020

No. Private Universities Tuition/School Fees Website
1. Achiever University, Owo N500 – N650,000 achievers.edu.ng
2. Adeleke University, Ede adelekeuniversity.edu.ng
3. Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State N1M – N1.7Million abu.edu.ng
4. African University Of Science & Technology, Abuja aust-abuja.org
5. Ajayi Crowther University, Ibadan N496k – N507,000 acu.edu.ng
6. Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin N350,000 alhikmah.edu.ng
7. Al-Qalam University, Katsina auk.edu.ng
8. The American University Of Nigeria, Yola N1.6M – N3Million aun.edu.ng
9. Augustine University
10. Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo N620K – N2Million babcock.edu.ng
11. Baze University N bazeuniversity.edu.ng
12. The Bells University Of Technology, Otta N bellsuniversity.org
13. Ben Idahosa University, Benin City N500,000 idahosauniversity.com
14. Bingham University, New Karu N binghamuni.edu.ng
15. Bowen University, Iwo N bowenuniversity-edu.org
16. Caleb University, Lagos N505,000 calebuniversity.edu.ng
17. Caritas University, Enugu N248k – N450,000 caritasuni.edu.ng
18. CETEP City University, Lagos N
19. Chrisland University N
20. Christopher University N
21. Covenant University, Ota N432,000 covenantuniversity.edu.ng
22. Crawford University, Igbesa N400k – N600,000 crawforduniversity.edu.ng
23. Crescent University, Abeokuta N480,000 crescent-university.edu.ng
24. Edwin Clark University, Kaigbodo
25. Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin N elizadeuniversity.edu.ng
26. Evangel University, Akaeze
27. Fountain University, Osogbo N341,500 fountainuniversity.edu.ng
28. Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu-Nike, Enugu State
29. Gregory University, Uturu gregoryuniversity.com
30. Hallmark University hallmark.edu.ng
31. Hezekia University, Umudi N
32. Igbinedion University Okada N540k – N3Million iuokada.edu.ng
33. Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji N436,000 jabu.edu.ng
34. Kings University N
35. Kwararafa University, Wukari wukarijubileeuniversity.org
36. Landmark University, Omu-Aran N lmu.edu.ng
37. Lead City University, Ibadan N550,500 lcu.edu.ng
38. Madonna University, Okija N madonnauniversity.edu.ng
39. Mcpherson University, Seriki Sotayo, Ajebo N491,000 mcu.edu.ng
40. Micheal & Cecilia University
41. Mountain Top University
42. Nigerian-Turkish Nile University, Abuja ntnu.edu.ng
43. Novena University, Ogume N400,000 novenauniversity.edu.ng
44. Obong University, Obong Ntak N190,000 obonguniversity.net
45. Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu-Osun State N164,000 oduduwauniversity.edu.ng
46. Pan African University, Lagos N pau.edu.ng
47. Paul University, Awka-Anambra State N300,000 pauluniversity.edu.ng
48. Redeemer’s University, Mowe N545k – N605,000 run.edu.ng
49. Renaissance University, Enugu renaissanceuniversityng.com
50. Rhema University, Obeama-Asa, Rivers State N325,000
51. Ritman University N lcu.edu.ng
52. Salem University, Lokoja N salemuniersity.org
53. Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa N
54. Southwestern University, Oku Owa
55. Summit University
56. Tansian University, Umunya tansian-edu.com
57. The University Of Mkar, Mkar N unimkar.edu.ng
58. Veritas University N450,000 veritas.edu.ng
59. Wellspring University, Evbuobanosa – Edo State N213,750 wellspringuniversity.net
60. Wesley University Of Science & Technology, Ondo N wusto.edu.ng
60. Western Delta University, Oghara N wduniversity.net

Still on the list of the private universities in Nigeria and their school fees 2020


What comes to the mind of many people when you write or talk about education is the school setting especially in Nigeria. Some go as far as thinking about their teachers or lecturers that is all they know about education. But to be more sincere, education is all-encompassing, it is encapsulating many planned and unplanned approaches to learning new things, ideas, cultural heritage, and values. Education can be of three types, formal education which is majorly an organized instructional process that has an expected end or aim of what the learner to become about undergoing such courses for some duration. Education doesn’t necessarily mean it is must occur in the four corners of the school, as a matter of fact, education even before the adventure of the modern-day schools and various institution has been in existence the only difference between the education of the old days and the modern-day is the approach and ways each goes about passing his or her information to learners.

Majorly education is of three types, formal education, semi-formal education, and informal education, all these aforementioned forms of education are majorly aimed at impacting learners to be functional to themselves and the society at large. The formal education is the established form of education that make use of planned curricula, teaching method, and has a predefined aim and objective of what the learner knowledge should be after a specific period of time. Also, it is the one that is majorly seen everywhere in the country today, it is adopted everywhere in all of the countries due to its time-bound, resourcefulness, and predetermined objectives. While semi-formal education is also time-bound but they don’t require formal approach in times of writing, teaching method, it is a practice in form of apprenticeship, learning of simple handwork and so many other forms of education. The informal education is the common form of education that has been around even before the advent of reading and writing, it has existed before the knowledge men have today, it is also known as traditional education, it enhances basic needs if human to survive, provide accommodation and personal hygiene, it is the idea that translates to the modern education around today.

Nigerian Institutions

Nigeria today, there is a various set of an institution which practically is meant for different purpose and reasons in which they have different well-planned curricula for their students. But to be precise we have the following set of the institution in Nigeria.

  1.    Universities
  2.    Polytechnics/ Monotechnic
  3.    Colleges of Education
  4.    School of midwives

A glance and a thorough look at this schools will leave one wondering and ask for the main reason or essence of these institutions at least if they are majorly meant for the same purpose of learning there should not be much of these around the country today

  1. Foreign Affiliated Universities 

we have affiliating universities that connect with their mother campus but run a satellite learning via other locations which may be in the same country or outside the country with the mother campus.

  1. Polytechnics

This is a learning citadel that enhances the development of the hands and at the same time the mind. The management of the polytechnic award various certifications which ranges from the ordinary national diploma (OND), and higher national diploma (HND) and often certified a post higher diploma certification (PDGE). This type of institution is set up to help students who are not fit into the university education system and most times do meet up to the requirement of a university senate.

Nevertheless, as we wrote earlier that universities can be owned and control by different bodies, also, the Polytechnic is owned and run by the various body which can be stated polytechnics, private polytechnics, Federal Polytechnic and of course foreign-affiliated polytechnic which are carefully situated around part of the country.


This is one of the most important strata of learning, it is an institution that is saddled with the responsibility of inculcating different individuals who are students of the college ability to teach, make students learn even under conditions that tend to incapacitate the learner. Here teachers are made, they are given the needed pedagogies and skills to impact learners, they are also can be owned either by a private body or an individual who to run the institution privately. The major award or certifications made here are the HND and the OND likewise.

It is of great importance to note the reason why educational college are set aside is, learning has a process, method, and skills which not everyone has killed to make this work well for all learners but here they are trained and mastered how all skills can be used to actualize a point where all learner in the class are carried along.


In the case of teaching hospitals where nurses and doctors were trained to get to a certain professional level, the school of midwives is established to teaches students who care to venture into midwifery. They also come in different types privately owned, the federal owned, state-owned the only dissimilarities here is, no foreign-affiliated school of midwiferies yet to be situated in Nigeria.


This the peak among all the learning cadre anywhere around the globe. In Nigeria today, universities that are Federal, universities that belong to a state, and the private universities. The specific objective of university education is to award a degree certificate in an area of specialization of a learner, this setting has more hands on deck, more academicians and scholars who are finely refined in a different area compared to other institution where teaching and learning are dished out, to write more on this type of institution is, this institution saddled student for problem-solving skills, advanced research, prepare the learner for advanced courses and certification which are not easily achieved by an average student. The certification that is usually bagged here is the postgraduate degrees, degree, Ph.D., and professorship.

    • Federal Universities

This is the universities owned, financed, established, and managed by the federal government of Nigeria. Name of this institution are usually given after the location they are situated. They are of different types and they are teaching hospitals, federal universities of technology, and all-encompassing federal universities, for example, the University of Ibadan.

    • State Universities

This is usually governed, owned, and financed by the state government. they took their identity and operation from the federal government-owned varsities. The major observable differences between this university are, one is owned and control State government while the other by the Federal government.

    • Private Universities 

Like we all know for everything the state owns there are also bodies ready to undergo tasks to offer the same service for people because the government is never a monopoly of the market and strategy. Private universities are universities that are owned, governed, and financed by a private body, the major aim is to bring about the standard in terms of the education system and the ways learners learn. We have a different list for all these universities, yet more are under construction

Difference Between Government-Owned And Private Universities In Nigeria

Briefly, we will write about the major differences between government-owned universities and private universities.

  • Stable Academic Calender

The major purpose why many fill in for most private universities is to avert the rampant cases of strikes and different situation that always result in truncation in academic calendar thereby making the calendar inconsistent and stable

  • Standard Learning Apparatus/Learning Facilities

Most private universities are always in terms of facilities standard compare to many government-owned universities and more advanced procedures to different careers are adopted frequently compare to government universities that hardly deviate from the aged pedagogies and strategies.

Major Constraint Of Private Universities 

The major problem that has hindered many to study in most private universities in the high tuition fee that is hardly affordable for sons and daughters of the common in Nigeria. It is crystal clear that only the rich man wards are seen on the premises of the privately-owned universities.


Conclusion On The List Of Accredited Private Universities In Nigeria

We have been able to look at education in Nigeria, some institutions in Nigeria, we also write about school fees of private universities in Nigeria. Thanks for reading.

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