Do you want to attend the current best medical schools in Nigeria and you are looking for a list of a detailed list? With this list, we can help you analyze medical schools in the country and guide you towards making the best choice. If you want this list of the best medical universities in Nigeria for research purpose, you are also on the right track.

Gone are the days that Nigeria was underrated in the medical field; it has become a thing of the past. There are now top medical schools in Nigeria that boast of well-equipped facilities and conducive conditions for learning. Here are the lists of the medical schools:

Top 10 Medical Universities in Nigeria 2019

Please take time to go through this list to get basic knowledge about the courses offered and general knowledge about the universities.

  • 1. College Of Medicine, University Of Ibadan, Oyo State

University of Ibadan, Oyo state is unarguably the best university in Nigeria if not Africa. It topped the list because of the value of medical knowledge it offered that is yet to have a rival in the whole of Nigeria. It has close ties with international institutions that send students to UI to get medical knowledge.

UCH – Top 10 Best Medical Universities In Nigeria

Admission into medical school in UI is usually competitive because it offers the best, so students aiming for this university have to be ready to take the challenges head-on.

Its college of medicine boasts of four faculties with departments under the faculties. Those faculties are:

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
Faculty of Clinical Sciences
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Public health

  • 2. College Of Medicine, University Of Lagos

{{College of medicine, UNILAG was founded to produce highly trained medical manpower to provide specialized medical services and to conduct research into health-related problems.}} It has a goal of being a world-class research-intensive medical school. It made this list because it has conducted lots of medical based researches that added value to the school and the courses offered. It receives a grant from the federal government to embark on those researches.

College Of Medicine University Of Lagos

It boasts of three faculties namely:

Faculty of Basic medical science
Faculty of clinical sciences
Faculty of dental sciences

  • 3. College Of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife (OAU)

This college is made of three faculties and one institute. Like the University of Lagos, it is research-based and aims at excellence in medical education. It offers competitive and student-centered curricula that have produced top professionals in the field of medicine.

It has four faculties namely:

Faculty of Basic Medical Science
Faculty of Clinical Sciences
Faculty of Dentistry
Institute of Public Health

College Of Health Sciences, OAU

Faculty of Basic Medical Science has 10 departments including Chemical Pathology, Medical Biochemistry, Nursing Science, Physiological Science, Haematology and Immunology etc

Faculty of Clinical Science also boasts of 10 departments including, Radiology, Surgery, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Paediatrics and Child Health, Mental Health, Community Health etc

Faculty of Dentistry consists of four departments namely: Child Dental Health, Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Pathology, Preventive and Community Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry.

Institute of Public Health is practically oriented; it provides a vast platform aimed at promoting multi-disciplinary health research and practice. It partners with other institutions and development agencies to actualize its goal of health development in Nigeria and beyond.

  • 4. College Of Medicine, University Of Ilorin, Kwara State

The University of Ilorin is famous for its fast academic calendar because it rarely goes on strike; so you can concentrate on your studies and pass out as at when due. Coupled with the fact that it boasts of quality medical education with room for growth, it made the list of top 10  medical Universities in Nigeria.

It started as a faculty of health science in 1977 and has since experienced rapid growth.

It has two faculties namely: Faculty of basic medical science and faculty of clinical science.

Faculty of Basic Medical Science consists of eight departments. The departments within this faculty are Pharmacology& Therapeutics, Hematology, Chemical Pathology& Immunology, Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, Pathology and Medical Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology.

UITH – Current Best Medical Universities In Nigeria

Department of Clinical Science is one of the two departments in the college of medicine, University of Ilorin, it consists of 10 departments namely: Behavioural science, Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Department of Nursing, Medicine, Ophthalmology, Gynaecology, Radiology, Obstetrics, Anaesthesia and Surgery.

  • 5. Faculty Of Medicine, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State

This medical school is the first medical school in the northern states and the largest faculty in the university. The faculty is not only the biggest in the university, it is also capacitated to produce good medical students.


Currently, the faculty runs the following undergraduate programs, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB, BS), BSc Human Anatomy, BSc Human Physiology and Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc).

Furthermore, postgraduate programs at masters and Ph.D. levels are run in the Departments of Haematology, Human Physiology, Human Anatomy, Nursing Sciences, Chemical Pathology, Pathology, and Medicine, in addition, the Department of Community Medicine runs the Masters in Public Health (MPH) and Masters in Field Epidemiology (FELTIP).

The Doctor of Medicine program (MD) is run by the departments of Medicine, Haematology, and Human Physiology. It is the best choice for anyone seeking admission to a medical school in the northern part of Nigeria.

  • 6. College Of Medicine, University Of Nigeria, Ozara-Ituku Enugu State

College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, made the list because of its quality of academic and clinical programs and commitment to the concept of working from bench to bedside.

The college currently boasts of three faculties and trains not only medical doctors but also professionals in the field of medicine. The faculties in the medical school are:

Faculty of medical science
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of health science and technology

It consists of a total of 20 department and sub-departments. It uses a problem-based formula learning methodology and it is research oriented. it is best for the study of Epidemiology and Population-based Biomedical Research, Molecular medicine and Oncology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases.

  • 7.  Lagos State University, Ikeja, Lagos State College Of Medicine

This medical school made it to the top 10 medical Universities in Nigeria because of its commitment to producing world-class graduates in health science who would be contributors to global medical practice and research. Fondly referred to as the pride of LASU, it boasts of three faculties namely:

Faculty of basic medical science
Faculty of clinical services
Faculty of Dentistry

Departments in basic medical science include departments of Anatomy, Chemical Pathology, Pathology, Micro-Biology, Biochemistry, and Haematology.

Faculty of clinical services consists of the following departments: Anaesthesia, Medicine, Obstetrics, Community Health, Behavioural Medicine, and Paediatrics.

Faculty of dentistry consists of the following departments: Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine, Child Dental Health,  Preventive and Community Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Restorative Dentistry.


8.  Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State College Of Medicine,

The prestigious college of medicine, Ambrose Alli University also made it to our list of top 10 medical Universities in Nigeria because of its commitments to provide doctors of international standards and its facilities.

The school presently awards the following degrees:  B.S.C, Medical Physiology, and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences.  The MBBS degree is without honor classification but the B.S.C. Physiology and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences are with classification based on CGPA.

A student may, however, pass with distinction in an individual subject. Postgraduate programmes are also available in Medical Physiology and Medical Laboratory Sciences.


9. College Of Health Science, Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State

Delta state college of sciences also made the list of the top 10 medical schools in Nigeria because it is an accredited medical school with traces of excellence.

It has four faculties namely: clinical pharmacology and Therapeutics, Family Medicine, Anatomy and medicine.

Its various departments and sub-departments include Obstetrics, pathology, physiology, surgery, psychiatry, public health and physiology and Biochemistry.


10. College Of Medical Science, University OF Benin, Benin-City, Edo State

And last but not the least is College of Medical science, university of Benin, Edo state. This medical school is fully accredited and attended by students who seek medical knowledge in Edo State.

It boasts of a school of medical science, school of dentistry and institute of child health.

Conclusion On The Top 10 Best Medical Universities In Nigeria 

These are the lists of accredited and top 10 medical schools in Nigeria currently. Hope we have helped you to make the right choice of the best medical school to attend.


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