These are the top 10 most expensive Universities in Nigeria in 2020. Nigeria is home to over 186 million people, and the majority of these people have great value for education. In Nigeria, education is seen as the first step to being successful in life. The rich see it as a step to remaining rich, and the poor see it as a way of moving up the ladder.

There are basically three levels of education in Nigeria: primary, secondary and tertiary. Their order of importance decreases, as listed. However, we are concerned with tertiary education.

At the tertiary level of education, are types of institutions known as universities. A university is the best type of tertiary institution recommended for a student who wants the best for himself or herself. However, there are cheap universities and expensive ones.

In this article, ‘Top 10 Most Expensive Private Universities In Nigeria’. Note that this includes: federal, state and private universities.

Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In Nigeria 2020

  • 1. Nile University of Nigeria

The Nile University of Nigeria is the richest university in Nigeria. This university stemmed from pressure exerted by parents of students at Nigerian Turkish International Colleges (NTIC). People who had wards at Nigerian Turkish International Colleges (NTIC) were very pleased with the quality of education provided by the institution and were desperate to see such a great school exist at the tertiary level.

Nile Turkish

The Nile University of Nigeria is currently the most expensive university in Nigeria (Private) and they offer a wide range of courses. Some courses offered at this institution include: Economics — 2,300,000 NGN; English Language Studies — 1,700,000 NGN; Political Science and International Relations — 2,300,000 NGN; Mass Communication — 2,300, 000 NGN; Biology — 2,300,000 NGN; Biotechnology — 2,300,000 NGN; Biochemistry — 2,300,000 NGN; Microbiology — 2,300,000 NGN; Physics — 2,300,000 NGN; Chemistry — 2,300,000 NGN; Mathematics — 2,300,000 NGN; Statistics — 2,300,000 NGN; Computer Science — 2,300,000 NGN; Computer Engineering — 2,300,000 NGN; Electrical & Electronics Engineering — 2,300,000 NGN; Chemical Engineering — 2,300,000 NGN; Petroleum and Gas Engineering — 2,300,000 NGN; Civil Engineering — 2,300,000 NGN; Bachelor of Law (LLB) — 2,500,000 NGN; Medicine & Surgery Degree (MBBS) — 5,750,000 NGN.

  • 2. American University of Nigeria AUN

Next to the Nile University, comes the American University of Nigeria, on the list of the 10 most expensive universities in Nigeria 2018. This institution is owned by a former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar. The school is located in the northern part of the country, to be more specific, Yola, Adamawa State.

The least tuition fee paid at this school is about 1.6 million per semester. The institution is a residential institution. Students at the institution can either choose to live with fellow students or stay alone. Students who choose to live with fellow students pay a lot lesser as accommodation fees.

  • 3. Igbinedion University

Igbinedion University is not only an expensive Nigerian university, but it is also a very popular one. This institution is furthermore the premier private university in Nigeria. This school was established in 1999, and it is located in Okada, Edo State.

Igbinedion University is owned by the Esama of the Benin Kingdom, Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion. The university offers a good number of great courses.

The highest tuition fee at this institution is paid by their medical students, about 3.5 million NGN.

  • 4. Babcock University

Babcock – Top 10 Most Expensive Private Universities In Nigeria

Babcock University is one of the most expensive universities in Nigeria, and also one of the best in the country. The school is furthermore among those that give students the worth of their money.

Babcock University which is located in Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State, is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria. School fees paid at this institution lie between 502,000 NGN and 3,160,000 NGN. School fees are not uniform for all courses, they differ. The highest school fee which is N3,160,000 NGN is paid by medical students at the institution. This school is also a residential school.

  • 5. Afe Babalola University

AFE ADO-EKITI among the Most Expensive Universities In Nigeria

Afe Babalola University is a popular and expensive higher institution of learning. Interestingly, this school is a non-profit school. The institution is located at Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, and it has its site in a learning-conducive environment.

The school has a total of 5 colleges: College of Law, College of Sciences, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Engineering, and College of Social and Management Sciences.

The school fees paid by students of this institution are between 665,000 NGN and 1,577,000 NGN. Furthermore, the institution runs a pre-degree programme.

  • 6. Bowen University

Located in Iwo, is another expensive private university known as Bowen University. Bowen University was established as a non-profit university and named after the pioneer of the Baptist mission.

The school is owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention. It started out with 3 faculties namely: the faculty of agriculture, faculty of science and sciences education, and faculty of social and management sciences.

School fees of students at this institution range between 470,000 NGN and 1,850,000 NGN.

  • 7. Benson Idahosa University

Benson Idahosa University is another university on our list. The school is owned by a religious organization, Christian Faith University. The school was renamed after Archbishop Benson Idahosa. This university stands out for having great international recognition.

Agriculture students at this institution pay the cheapest school fees, while the most expensive is paid by law students of the institution. Agriculture students pay 278,000 NGN, while law students pay 1,150,000 NGN.

  • 8. Covenant University

Covenant University is just like Babcock University. The school is expensive and academically excellent. Many people consider it the best of all private universities in Nigeria.

Covenant University is affiliated with Living Faith Church Worldwide. It is homed in Otta, Ogun State. The school fees paid by a student of Covenant University is between 790,000 NGN and 814,000 NGN.

  • 9. Crawford University

Crawford University is also among the most expensive higher institutions in Nigeria. The school has three colleges, and its school fees range between 461,0range and 600,000 NGN.

  • 10. Caleb University

Caleb University is a relatively new university in the country, less than 10 years of age. This institution is located in the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos State.

That’s all about Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In Nigeria 2020.


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