Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Florida Without A Degree (2023)

The unique weather in Florida, as well as its location, make for a rather interesting economic setup, as is clearly seen by observing the highest paying jobs in Florida without a degree. In Florida, one can find a good job, perhaps in agriculture, retail commerce, law enforcement, or hotels and accommodation, and then work his way up to more lucrative positions within the industry.

Typically, most of the jobs on this list are supervisory positions; while they may not require university degrees, they usually need the worker to have received some training, and also to have experience gained from several years working in similar positions.

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Florida Without A Degree

 1. Farmers, Ranchers, And Other Agricultural Managers

Farmers, Ranchers, and Agricultural Managers make a lot of money in Florida; and rightly so. They ensure that the country has enough to eat, and that is an essential service. They make an average salary that is around $128,170 per year, and the best part is that this job is not particularly difficult.

In this job, one would plan, direct, or manage the operation of farms, ranches, greenhouses, or aquacultural installations. Sometimes it could be the activities of nurseries, timber tracts, or grain fields. A person in this position may hire, train, and supervise farm workers to ensure that they carry out their duties correctly.

 2. First-Line Supervisors Of Police And Detectives

Supervisors of Police and Detectives supervise and coordinate activities of members of the police force. They also investigate complex crime scenarios to ensure the culprits are found and justice is done to them. In order for them to concentrate on their jobs, and in order to ensure that they do not fall into temptation from criminals who may try to corrupt them.

The average salary of police detectives in Florida is $109,440, and they easily make as much $200,090 per year.

 3. Transportation, Storage, And Distribution Managers

Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers are those that work within the supply chain of production companies. The job requires one to plan, direct, or coordinate the transportation of goods and services. They also need to plan how to properly store and manage their products, and to manage the people who work in these facilities within applicable organizational policies as well as government regulations.

Transportation and storage managers work some of the highest paying jobs in Florida without a degree because they are essential workers who ensure that supermarket shelves are well stocked, and people across the country can get all the items they need. Typically, Transportation and Storage Workers earn around $104,030 per year.

 4.  Supervisors Of Firefighting And Prevention Workers

Firefighters and Prevention Workers are essential workers; they come to the rescue at the most desperate moments and save lives and property. They supervise and coordinate the activities of workers engaged in firefighting and fire prevention and control. For this essential work, they earn around $102,390 per year, while some make as much as $187,890.

 5. Transportation Inspectors

Transportation is an essential service, and thankfully this well-paying job does not often require a university degree. The job requires one to inspect equipment or goods, in order to ensure the safe transport of cargo or people. Workers in this position typically earn around $100,260 per year, and some make as much as $119,270.

 6. Detectives And Criminal Investigators

Detectives and Criminal Investigators are pillars of the law, and pillars of the justice system. It is therefore important that they are some of the highest-paid workers in Florida without a degree because this enables them to retain their integrity from those that would try to corrupt them. However, one does not just apply to be a detective; it takes several years on the force and a lot of training.

Typically, Detectives and Criminal Investigators make around $96,610 per year on average, with some making as much as $127,380.

 7. First-Line Supervisors Of Non-Retail Sales Workers

Supervisors of Non Retail Sales Workers are essential workers as well; they too keep the shelves stocked; without them, the retail industry would face certain collapse. They supervise and coordinate the activities of workers who stock and ship consumer goods to the supermarkets and retail outlets where they are sold. They may also carry out budgeting, accounting, and personnel work.

Typically they earn around $87,760 per year, and some may earn as high as $124,150.

 8. Lodging Managers

The tourism industry in Florida is great; the state receives a great multitude of visitors who come in to enjoy the beaches and the amazing weather. Lodging Managers are those that ensure that visitors find enjoy their time; that they enjoy the comforts of the hotels and lodges where they are accommodated.  They supervise the workers of the lodges and hotels, and they earn an average of $81,090 per year on this job.

 9. Ship Engineers

Ship Engineers work on cargo vessels and even on passenger ships that transport people for business or pleasure. Their job is to ensure the smooth progress of the journeys by operating, maintaining, and servicing the engines onboard the vessels. Ship Engineers typically earn around $79,630 per year, and some make around $100,170.

To work this job one may not be required to have a university degree, but it is necessary to pass through some form of post-secondary training to acquire the knowledge and the certification necessary to work this job.  They will then supervise and coordinate the activities of crews who operate and maintain the engines.

 10.  Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Brokers are rich because their work is to provide homes, and homes are necessary for all of us. In Florida, Real Estate Brokers typically earn around $78,950 per year, and up to $129,820. Real Estate Brokers operate real estate offices, and they are the people to see when one needs commercial or residential real estate. They help clients buy or rent houses and offices.

 11. Electrical And Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse Workers

Electrical and Electronics Repairers are important workers who work in the electronic industry; including the production and distribution of electricity. Without them, the electricity supply in the country would be disrupted, and there would be no way to address the situation. Without any doubt, we all need electricity- it is absolutely essential; which is why Electrical Powerhouse engineers work some of the highest paying jobs in Florida without a degree.

On average they can make around $77,800 per year, while others can earn as high as $113,410.

 12. Gambling Managers

Gambling Managers make about $77,760 per year in Florida. Their work involves planning, directing, and coordinating the gambling operations in casinos. They may need to formulate house rules to keep people from winning too much. For their hard work, they can make as much as $102,700. As the gambling industry in Florida continues to grow; they will make even more money.

 13. Elevator And Escalator Installers And Repairers

People in big residential and commercial buildings know how important elevators are; if they get broken, it becomes very difficult to go up and down within the buildings. Escalators are also important attractions to the big shopping malls where they are found, which is why the people who install and repair these conveniences must be well paid. They earn around $76,970 per year, and they can even rake in as much as $109,710.

 14.  Supervisors Of Farming, Fishing, And Forestry Workers

Even though they work in very diverse fields, supervisors of the farm, fishing, and forestry workers make up a class of some highly paid workers without degrees. They directly supervise the work of those who work on farms, in fishing businesses, or in aquaculture facilities, or those that work in the forest. Their work assures food security, and they thoroughly deserve their pay.

They typically earn around $75,140 per year in Florida.

 15. Insurance Appraisers

Insurance Appraisers work with insurance companies. Their work involves the investigation of vehicle damage to determine repair costs for insurance claims. That means they are not interested in who is right or wrong; just in how much is to be paid.

Insurance Appraisers typically earn around $74,240 per year, and it can rise to about $85,150.

 16. Power Plant Operators

Power Plant Operators operate or maintain machinery to generate electric power. Depending on the exact duties they perform at the generating plants they may earn around $72,760 per year, in some cases rising to as high as $114,420. While they may not need to have university degrees to work this job, they certainly need some post-secondary training and certification.

 17. Aircraft Mechanics And Service Technicians

Aircraft Mechanics and Technicians usually specialize in different types of air-crafts with various sizes and engine complexities. Air travel is very important because it is the quickest way to get around; which is why these workers who ensure its safety need to be well paid. They receive around $70,740 per year, which can rise to around $95,680.

 18. Occupational Health And Safety Technicians

Occupational Health and Safety officers collect data on work environments for analysis by occupational health and safety specialists. They also enforce programs designed to limit chemical, physical, and biological risks to workers while in their work environments.

For this work they can earn around $57,870 per year, but the pay can rise to around $80,790.

 19. Firefighters

Firefighters risk their lives to save other people from certain death. They also prevent fires and other dangers by working with the authorities, as well as sensitizing the communities about the first line of action to prevent fires, and what to do in the event of actual fires. They typically earn around $68,980 per year, but their paychecks can swell to around $125,680.

 20. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors

Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors earn around $68,790 per year, which can rise to about $83,080. They supervise and coordinate the activities of people who load, unload, and secure aircraft cargo or baggage. They may accompany the aircraft as part of the flight crew, and they may be required to assist during emergency situations.



Many of the highest paying jobs in Florida without a degree actually require some form of post secondary training and certification, while others require one to grow into the job, after years of dedication. These jobs can pay well enough for one to have some good savings, and live a good quality of life.