Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Dayton Ohio 2023

Ohio is a rather crazy place to live; from Neo Nazis to drunken brawls, this is one place where such types can be found in abundance. The worst neighborhoods in Dayton, Ohio are some of the most unpredictable of places; where people run away from preachers, but run towards fights.

These are places with high concentrations of young people with more bravery than sense; and also with little economic opportunities to help them develop their potentials.

For the record; Dayton is one of the craziest places in Ohio. The architecture varies from skyscrapers, to Victorian styled buildings, to town-houses as well. Dayton is beautiful; it’s the people you have to worry about.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Dayton Ohio 2023

1. Lakeview

Lakeview is located somewhat to the South of Dayton, Ohio. It has a population of 1,574, but has the astronomical figure of 1,738 crimes per 100,000 people.

Some of the violence in Lakeview, Dayton, Ohio is absolutely gruesome; in December 2021, what started as an altercation ended in on Ruth Avenue, ended up as an incident in Lakeview Avenue, in which two people were shot and hospitalized. In September 2021, two people landed in a hospital after a shootout; one of them was a police officer. In January 2022 four people were involved in a shooting; two landed in hospital, and two in the morgue.

2. McCook Field

McCook Field is a neighborhood with a lot of history. Around 1917, this was the test site for some of the earliest airplanes, built by the Wright Brothers. During World War I, it became a ground for military test flights. Today, it is a neighborhood of less than 1000 people.

McCook Field is quite a hot spot for crime; 1,738 crimes were recorded per 100,000 people.

3. Roosevelt

Roosevelt is a small neighborhood in Dayton, with a population of about 782. This is a largely residential area, although it can hardly be described as rural. Most of the residents rent their homes, and many of the houses are apartment blocks. There are also single family detached houses; and some of them are also rented.  Roosevelt also has plenty of restaurants; coffee shops, and parks, as well as other attractions.

Roosevelt is a rough place to be; 1,668 violent crimes are recorded for every 100,000 people.

On a cool Friday night in August 2021, there was a shooting in which one person landed in hospital. In May 2020, a man attempted to rob a store in Roosevelt but ended up getting killed after the store manager pulled a gun and shot him several times.

4. Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is a small planned neighborhood in Dayton Ohio. The area is almost completely residential; it is made up of small, single family detached houses. The neighborhood has only about 443 residents. The neighborhood is beautiful; there is plenty of greenery in the environment. Despite the greenery, Arlington Heights is one of the worst neighborhoods in Dayton, Ohio.

Arlington Heights recorded 1,603 violent crimes in one single year. For a neighborhood with such a small population those figures are staggering.

In March 2019 a man was shot in this neighborhood, and his attackers were two men in a truck. In December 2015, the Arlington Heights High School was locked down after a gun was found. In Oct 2020 a 14 year old boy was accidentally shot and killed as he played with a gun with his friends. In July 2022 a 14 year old boy used a stolen gun to shoot and kill his mate.

5. Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is a small neighborhood in Dayton, one with a population of 2,365. Greenwich Village is in Montgomery County. The houses are usually suburban; most of them with lawns and trees. Normally, this would be a nice private area where families could live in comfort; without the neighbors being too nosey.

However, Greenwich Village is one of the most ghetto neighborhoods in Dayton Ohio; with the madness to show for it. 1,571 Violent Crimes were recorded there recently; in March 2016 a street fight broke out outside a bar; it turned into a display of madness. In October 2022 two young men attacked and beat up a woman before robbing her.

6. Twin Towers

Twin Towers, Dayton Ohio used to be a very impressive place during the early 1990’s. The city used to have many German and Jewish people; and many of them were industrialists who owned factories and employed lots of people. Things have since changed for the worse; the neighborhood is now largely run down.

Twin Towers reported 1,517 violent crimes recently.

7. Stone Ridge

Stone Ridge is located in Dayton Ohio. This is a small residential area with a Population of 1,554, and shops, restaurants, and a park. However, it is quite a ghetto.

In December 2021 a man shot and wounded another man. On March 21 2021, a man shot and killed another man in what is believed to be a robbery. In July 2020 a 67 year old man was killed in what is believed to be an attack by a knife wielding attacking.

8. Highview Hills

Highview Hills is a neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio with a population of 521. This largely residential area also has cafes, restaurants, and a park. It looks like a pretty nice place, but the people can be quite aggressive.

Highview Hills records 1,495 violent crimes in one year. It is quite a rough place; it is best to stay away from deserted places when in this neighborhood.

9. West Wood

West Wood is a bustling neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio. It has a more urban feeling; the architecture includes apartment blocks, single family houses, and even condos. There are restaurants, coffee places, and shops in this neighborhood. West Wood has a population of 5,107 people.

West Wood is a rather dangerous place to be; 1,485 crimes Violent Crimes were recorded in this neighborhood recently.

10. Southern Dayton View

Southern Dayton View is a medium sized neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio. The neighborhood has a Population of 2,229 people. Of course, attractions include a park, and there are shops, and restaurants also serving the area.

For no obvious reason the people of Southern Dayton are aggressive; 1,482 violent crimes were recorded there recently.



The worst neighborhoods in Dayton seem to be the ones with small populations; perhaps it is the run down nature of these neighborhoods that cause them to have small numbers, or perhaps it is the small numbers that attract criminals. In any case, these are places to stay sharp when visiting.