Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Compton (2024)

The worst neighborhoods in Compton are selected for the high amount of criminal activity recorded there. Even though there is much less gang activity in the area; observers have often commented that Compton has not been gentrified much; there is very little cultural integration, and some parts of the city are reported to have residents that are largely unfriendly, and overly aggressive.

The perception of Compton as a dangerous place is not helped by the fact that its residents are largely from one ethnic demographic, and also because that ethnic demographic has for a long time been associated with poverty and lawlessness. The perception of Compton as a hard place may have been boosted by the rap group N.W.A in the late 80’s and 90s.

Nevertheless, every state or city has its own relatively dangerous areas; and as for Compton they are as follows.

Worst Neighborhoods In Compton 2023

1. Compton Boulevard

Compton Boulevard is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Compton. This is no doubt worsened by the layout of the street, it is very narrow, and so it is difficult to see around corners. This makes an ideal location for a thug looking for someone to rob. It is therefore no surprise that this Compton Boulevard has been noted for its rate of crime since the days when Compton was a headquarters of gangs.

The road is not so good, and there have been many accidents on Compton Boulevard, so even if the road seems smooth enough, it is still a good idea to be careful if driving through this area.

The street is known for its high crime rate, especially violent crime. While, Compton Boulevard may no longer be the headquarters of the Bloods Gang in LA, there are still regular reports of shootouts; and there have been many homicides on Compton Boulevard.

The police are always, busy, but much difference has been seen since the 80s.

2. Long Beach Boulevard

Long Beach Boulevard is located somewhat in the center of Compton, on the intersection of Rosecrans Avenue. This neighborhood is known for its high crime rate, and for its high concentration of young people, many of whom are just not friendly.

Only a few years ago there were a string of homicides in a short strip of Long Beach Boulevard in Compton; there was also a small girl being shot, although she survived the shooting.

There are also many crazy drivers plying this route; there are several fatal accidents on the street, and this place is considered one of the most dangerous places to drive in Compton. Of course one can drive through; one just has to be extra cautious.

3. South Chester Avenue

South Chester Avenue is located on the South Side of Compton, aside from the usual perception of Compton as a hub of crime, South Chester Avenue has suddenly racked up a reputation, because of the ugly headlines with which it has been associated in recent times.

Just in September, two men were shot and killed in South Chester Avenue, and aside from that, the neighborhood had already acquired a name a few years ago as the site of policemen shooting unarmed citizens, leading to riots.

4. Alameda Street

Alameda Street is one of the most violent streets in Compton. Alameda Street, is located the east of Compton, and has seen a lot of face lifts; there are several public utilities surrounding it, including the Compton Public Works, and the Compton Unified School.  This neighborhood has seen a lot of crime over the years, and is often the site of shootings and gang violence.

Back in 2015, there were a total of 21 shootings on Alameda Street, just last year a man was killed in a car, and this year a man was found shot to death in this neighborhood.

Alameda Street is quiet a rough part of town; it is better to be on the alert whenever one is in this neighborhood, and it is better to stay away from this place at night.

5. Manchester Boulevard

Manchester Boulevard is one of the worst neighborhoods in Compton; it has been the site of numerous shootings, stabbings, and other violent crimes. This is one of the places where gang activity has somehow refused to go down; it is still largely considered a hot-spot for gang activity.

The police are always busy; and patrols have been beefed up in and around the area; but aside from regular arrests, it seems that not much has been achieved with this style of law enforcement. Furthermore, the streets are not very well lit, and so it is quite difficult for pedestrians, not that there are many.

6. Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue is located in the east of Compton, and if not for the high rate of crime, there are many attractions in the neighborhood such as the Park in the east, the Compton Pawn shop, and the Taco shop in the adjoining street. However, all of these fall into insignificance when the rate of crime and insecurity is considered. The neighborhood is known for its high crime rate and is often the site of violent crimes.

It is also important to know that there is plenty of gang related activity in this neighborhood so one may choose to avoid too much familiarity with people who are not well known because that could cause one to be mistaken for a gang member.

7. Rosecrans Avenue

Rosecrans Ave is known for its high crime rate, which is not surprising because it makes an intersection with Long Beach Boulevard which is also an unsafe neighborhood. To make matters worse the street is lined with abandoned buildings and it is also poorly lit.

Rosecrans Avenue has made headlines for all the wrong reasons; a few months ago a man selling fruits was fatally shot during a robbery in this neighborhood, about a year ago 3 men were killed outside a barber shop, and back in 2009 there was a triple homicide in March.

8. Desert Avenue

Desert Avenue is considered one of the places neck deep in gang activity. The situation is not helped by the fact that there is minimal police presence in the neighborhood; and even though the robberies do not happen every day, there are lots of reports of shootings, and a great deal of them are gang related.

It is certainly wise to avoid this part of town.

9. Kalsman Avenue

Kalsman Avenue is a rugged neighborhood; too rugged for a lady or gentleman. Just this March there was an incidence in which a man was fatally shot, and two other people were badly injured.

Sometime ago there was a standoff in which a criminal defied police and stayed holed up in a home; exchanging fire with police. There are many registered sex offenders in this town; it is generally unsafe.

10. Essey Avenue

Essey Avenue is just around Rosecrans avenue, and so it is reasonable to expect that it experiences the same challenges as Rosecrans and Long Beach Boulevard. It has made headlines for wrong reasons.

In October 2022 a woman stabbed her own boyfriend to death, there was a gang related drive by shooting in August 2015, and there was the case of a man fatally shot in 2008.



Despite these horrifying news headlines the worst neighborhoods in Compton are just as bad as any other city; Compton is not even in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the USA. Nevertheless, it pays to be on the alert, and to observe common sense, especially when going to an area known to have gang activity.