The 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Charlotte, NC 2023

In almost every City you visit there are places where the residents would rather avoid. The worst neighborhoods in Charlotte are therefore the city’s version of what every other city has- neighborhoods that have not seen the same level of development, gentrification, and social transformation that other parts of the city have seen.

This usually stems from social issues such as the perception of the neighborhoods as hot-spots of crime; which in turn leads to businesses and financially stable families avoiding said areas. Businesses close down and people lose jobs.

This spirals into neglect; because soon enough, even law enforcement and social services learn to focus on protecting and serving the areas where upstanding citizens are concentrated.

The 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Charlotte, NC 2023

1. Pinecrest

Pinecrest is so bad that its main landmarks are a Church and a Golf Club. While these two places are important for strengthening social bonds, they do precious little economically, and they do not bring people together during the weekdays. Jobs are very hard to find in Pinecrest; the unemployment rate stands at 16.4%. Meanwhile, there is hardly a difference between the employed and the unemployed; most of the local employers hand out extremely low wages.

Without economic opportunities, many of the young people find a perfect excuse to engage in crime; even though there may not be many top level drug dealers in the area, there are certainly enough petty thieves.

2. Tryon Hills

Tryon Hills is located just northeast of the city center. It certainly does have some potential; there are ample commercial spaces that serve small businesses in the form of stores and restaurants. Other attractions include the Tryon Hills Neighborhood Park and the Little Sugar Creek.

However, Tryon Hills is one of the most dangerous parts of Charlotte, there are several violent and non violent crimes committed in this neighborhood every year, and this is taking a toll on the community because many of the hard working, and upstanding young people decide to leave, while the criminals multiply.

Even the creek and the park are best avoided towards nightfall because they become infested with unsavory characters.

3. Smallwood

Smallwood is an economically depressed area; not a good neighborhood when you consider the lack of economic prospects. About a hundred years ago there was some upbeat outlook in this area; when you look at the Savona Mill, a textile mill that was located here over a century ago, you get the idea that there was some industrial activity in this area.

Nevertheless, the area is run down; there are too few businesses in the neighborhood which leads to a high level of unemployment. Yes, this is a largely residential area; but the residents need jobs too, and the lack of businesses leads to a bleak economic outlook for the people who live in the area.

The area needs revitalization; attracting a few businesses to set up shop here will turn things around completely.

4. Arbor Glen

Arbor Glen is a neighborhood in Charlotte that was developed with some big dreams; some major attractions here include the Clanton Park, and the Carolina Golf Club; both of which are very beautiful, and add a splash of greenery to the area.

However, Arbor Glen never quite lived up to its potential; perhaps because it did not attract as many high net worth families to keep the local economy bubbling. As a result; Arbor Glen definitely falls short financially. The median income here is $22,500 for a whole year. Some people get more than that just by being unemployed.

With so few economic prospects in the area, it is not surprising that Arbor Glen is losing its young people; many of them are moving out of the neighborhood in order to find jobs.

5. Lincoln Heights

Another neighborhood that was developed with so much greatness in mind is Lincoln Heights. The neighborhood has many single family town houses with lush lawns, and trees. What most people don’t see, however, is that the neighborhood is economically ravaged and depressed.

There is very little economic activity in the area, and this means that most of the people either have no jobs, or they have jobs that do not pay enough. Many of the young people are aggressive and unruly. There are plenty of street fights in this neighborhood, and there are also low level gangs.

Lincoln Heights is one of the most dangerous places in Charlotte, NC; not a place to raise kids, if you want them to be the best they can be.

6. Lakewood

Lakewood is a neighborhood in Charlotte, NC. It is located somewhat in the center of the City. The biggest attraction is the Lakewood Park, which is great to have a taste of the outdoors, and to have some great fun with the kids. However, it’s a good idea to keep one eye on the watch; this place is to be avoided during the night.

There are several reports of gun violence in the area. What makes these sad events even more worrying is that some of them are not robberies but willful acts of violence by neighbors. For example; in June 2018 a man shot and killed his neighbor in an apartment complex. In September 2021 a three year old boy was shot as he slept in his home, while in December 2020, during a robbery, two men shot and killed a woman.

7. Reid Park

Reid Park is a neighborhood in Charlotte, NC which is just the same as other drab places in the city. The Carolina Golf Club takes up a good part of the neighborhood, and there is plenty of greenery to be seen elsewhere across the city. However, when the economy is not good, and the people are not productive, these green space can quickly turn to hideouts supporting criminal activity.

8. Clanton Park-Roseland

Clanton Park-Roseland is a place that could have been a nicer neighborhood if the economy were any better; there is plenty of greenery, and the architecture is pleasant. There are many single family town houses lining the area; and most of them have lawns and trees to add to the beauty.

However, with an economy that is so bad; it is no surprise that most people with good prospects don’t want to live here. The unemployment rate is somewhat reduced here, but most of the jobs pay terribly low wages.

9. Seversville

Seversville is one of the Ring Villages that flourished in the 1980’s but saw a gradual decline over the years that followed. The layout is quite good, and there is plenty of greenery as well. There are single family town houses that look like they could accommodate some decent families.

The trouble is that the area is quite unsafe; it is usually classed as one of the unsafe neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC, because of all the madness that happens there. Some of the residents are just too aggressive, and this leads to street fights.

10. Firestone-Garden Park

Firestone-Garden Park is another neighborhood that needs a serious facelift. As for greenery and serenity there is the Firestone Park; and as for the economy- it is boosted by the Martin Marietta Charlotte Quarry.

The problem is that there is very little commercial space available in the area; and that makes small businesses rather hard to find in the area. This creates two problems; a shortage of supplies, and a shortage of jobs.



The worst neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC are either full of crime, or have the right conditions for crime to thrive. The good thing is that the problems have been identified; all that is needed now is for the necessary actions to be taken so as to help these neighborhoods, and the young people that live in them, change their fortunes.