Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Pensacola (2024)

There is hardly any city in the world without some level of crime. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the worst neighborhoods in Pensacola are those places within the city that are more run down; with the highest concentration of unsavory characters. This is true even though Pensacola, Florida is not commonly associated with crime.

Generally speaking; these are the areas where intending movers who want to enjoy the sun in Florida are told to avoid. The neighborhoods are just too rough, and the people are just too aggressive. Many of those who already find themselves here will also rather be elsewhere, and this is especially true when there are children involved.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Pensacola 2023

1. Brownsville/Alphabet Streets

The area known as Brownsville encompasses some nice little bungalows, most of which have lawns in front of them. The entire area still has some potential for middle income families; it is quite beautiful and the topography makes it ideal for kids to play and live an active life.

Young professionals currently steer clear of this neighborhood; it is known to be quite rough. There was a fatal shooting in this area in January 2022, and there was another one in April of the same year. There was a shooting in March 2022, but the victim survived after hospitalization.

This is just not an ideal place to raise kids.

2. Fairfield Drive

Fairfield Drive is a neighborhood somewhat in the middle of Pensacola. It is a major thoroughfare in Middle and West Pensacola; meaning that as far as commercial properties are involved, there is a lot of potential for the future.

There was a fatal shooting of a 21 year old man in this neighborhood in December 2021. In May 2022 there was another shooting, although the victim survived after a lengthy hospitalization. In July 2021, a young sportsman was shot and killed while driving in his car.

Fairfield Drive is without a doubt one of the worst neighborhoods in Pensacola; just terrible for decent people to live.

3. Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue is an important thoroughfare linking east-west Pensacola. There are plenty of small homes in this neighborhood; and there are plenty of open spaces which can be both good and bad.

Michigan Avenue is one of the places to avoid in Pensacola; many of the people you may encounter in this neighborhood are just too aggressive. Furthermore, there are plenty of incidences of gun violence.

In November 2022, a man was shot in this neighborhood. In March 2020, there was a shooting in this neighborhood as well, while in March 2022 a woman was killed on the road, just as she walked past. This is a truly terrifying neighborhood!

4. Hayne Street

Hayne Street is a largely run down part of Pensacola; there are several empty buildings in the neighborhoods, as well as shops that have since been abandoned. The neighborhood is made up of small, single-family homes, which would be great for middle income families.

Unfortunately however, the neighborhood has been taken over by the most unsavory types, and decent people know to be careful in this area. Some of the crimes prevalent in this neighborhood include shootings, muggings, rape, prostitution, and so on. There is quite a lot of gang related activity in this area; some of the lads fancy themselves as drug lords.

5. Baywoods

Baywoods is an area in Pensacola that is largely made up of small buildings; some of which have lawns and trees in them, and so look like they could be great for single families. There are also townhouses, and row houses in the neighborhood. It was well designed and mapped out.

Property crimes and the crazy driving of some of the motorists are perhaps the biggest worries that one has to deal with in this area.

6. Opal Avenue

Opal Avenue is a neighborhood in Pensacola, in Florida. This neighborhood is full of single family bungalows; some of which are quite spacious. However, the neighborhood has become largely run down.

In April 2022 police entered a building in this neighborhood only to find children living in deplorable filth. As soon as the policemen entered the building they were almost overwhelmed by the smell coming out of the place. The kids were immediately rescued.

7. Ruby Avenue

Ruby Avenue is a neighborhood in Pensacola which has many single family homes, laid out on a flat topography. There are also a number of shops and small scale businesses in the area; which means it has some potential for someone looking to move to Florida to set up shop.

Ruby Avenue is considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Pensacola, Florida. In September 2019 a woman was shot in a drive by shooting. In May 2016 a man defied police until he was shot in his car.

8. West Pensacola

West Pensacola, as the name implies, is located in the Western part of Pensacola. It has a population of 21,339, although it could be more than the official figures.

The neighborhood has a good number of commercial properties in addition to the residential buildings. With so many people living in poverty, it is no surprise that there is quite a lot of crime in the neighborhood.

9. Perdido Key

Perdido Key is a neighborhood in Pensacola, with residential and commercial properties, as well as some beautiful beach-fronts.

Perdido Key has quite a high number of gun violence; there are several shootings in this neighborhood every year. In October 2020, police officers were involved in a shooting in this neighborhood. In January 2022 there was a shooting in which baffled police. In October 2022 a man was found shot multiple times in this neighborhood.

10. Nature Trail / Beulah  

Nature Trail / Beulah is a very green area in Pensacola; where there are residential buildings, as well as remote cabins for holiday makers. There is actually a popular nature trail in the area where one can see some of the local plant and animal life.

Property Crime is what one should be afraid of in this neighborhood; although other forms of crime are also quite frequent in the neighborhood.



While the worst neighborhoods in Pensacola may pale in comparison with those of Brooklyn and Compton, they represent the biggest worry for residents of the city, and for those who would like to move to Pensacola.