Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Portsmouth VA (2023)

The worst neighborhoods in Portsmouth are those places where you just do not want to be when it gets dark. Once a thriving city occupied by middle income families, Portsmouth has deteriorated quite rapidly in recent times; and has become a hot-spot for crime, particularly the dangerous kind, which tends to involve guns.

With so many shootings recorded every year, Portsmouth is quickly getting a reputation as a place to avoid; as a place to stay away from, if one values his life, and does not want to end up in the news.

Of course, every city has some good and bad areas; it would therefore be very unfair to label the whole of Portsmouth as a crime scene, without attempting to filter out the good areas.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Portsmouth, VA 2023

1. Airline Boulevard

Airline Boulevard is located in Portsmouth. It is an area with a mix of residential and commercial properties.

One such act of madness occurred in august 2020; when one man was shot in the evening while crossing the street. There was no attempt to take anything from the man; the intention had clearly been to kill. The suspects in the shooting were two women. The victim survived after hospitalization, and another woman was also taken to the hospital after being hit by flying debris.

2. South Street

South Street is located somewhat to the south of Portsmouth; it is a sprawling neighborhood with townhouses, apartment complexes and condos. There are also commercial properties and various small businesses in the neighborhood as well.

South Street is probably the most dangerous neighborhood in Portsmouth, VA; there is quite a high rate of gun violence going on there. Very recently (on September 3, 2022) a young man from Portsmouth was fatally shot in broad day light. There was a second victim in the shooting, but he survived.

This is one of the places where seemingly random acts of madness occur quite regularly in Portsmouth; the shooting in question was not tied to a robbery.

3. Frederick Boulevard

Frederick Boulevard is an urban area in Portsmouth; some of the biggest landmarks include the Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church, the Wells Fargo Bank, and the Taco Bell. This is one area with a sprawling population, and so much potential.

Frederick Boulevard records a lot of crime; very recently (November 10, 2022) there were two separate shooting incidences, police declined to give details about the shootings, or the condition of the victims.

4. Broad Street

Broad Street in Portsmouth has townhouses, row houses, and some really big houses as well. There is even a self storage facility in the area. The street has direct access to the river, as well as access to some very important thoroughfares in the city. The neighborhood has some decent looking apartments; if one is not afraid of the violence.

Broad Street witnesses a whole lot of madness; in June 2022 a man was shot and injured, in August 2022 another man was hospitalized after having been shot. In November 2022 there were two separate shootings. This is without doubt one of the worst neighborhoods in Portsmouth.

5. Virginia Avenue

Virginia Avenue is a neighborhood in Portsmouth that has plenty of townhouses and row-houses. Most of the houses are single family buildings.

In July 2022, one man was shot and killed, while another sustained serious injuries, but recovered after hospitalization. On October 15, 2022, a man was lucky enough to be rushed to the hospital in time, and so he survived a shooting. On second of June 2022, a child was shot. Investigators believe the shooting was self inflicted; but the parent’s decision to expose the child to such harm explains all that is wrong with Portsmouth.

6. Maple Avenue

Maple Avenue is a neighborhood in Portsmouth that has access to some major thoroughfares in the city. The neighborhood has some businesses and small shops, but aside from that it is a residential area. There are townhouses, and some small single family homes, some of which are rented.

Maple Avenue has seen some horrific scenes recently; four people were shot in a house in this neighborhood on June 7, 2022. As at the time when police arrived the scene, 3 of the victims were already dead; while the fourth person died on the way to the hospital.

Break-ins, car theft and robberies are also quite frequent in this neighborhood.

7. Deep Creek Boulevard

Deep Creek Boulevard looks like a nice neighborhood for middle income families; the neighborhood has many single family homes some of which are townhouses, while others are bungalows and small houses. Most of the houses have lawns, trees and gardening spaces.

A two year old boy was shot and killed in this neighborhood in August 2022. Luckily the suspect was identified; and criminal charges have been filed against him.

8. River Shore Road

River Shore Road looks like a decent place; it is full of those little houses that are great for single families. Most of them have lawns and trees. The area is quite well planned out; a well design residential area.

The violence in and around Portsmouth has not spared River Shore Road; in August 2022 a 16 year old boy was shot in this neighborhood. Thankfully, he survived the shooting.

9. 7th Street

The area around 7TH Street in Portsmouth, is one place where it is best to avoid. Apart from the criminal activity such as break-ins, robberies, and car thefts, there are also some unexplained acts of violence.

Two boys were shot in this neighborhood in December 2021. One of the boys made a full recovery, while the other one succumbed to his injuries. In June 2022 a man was found with gunshots wounds. He was taken to the hospital, and survived the incident. In the same month, a woman was shot and injured, although she also survived said shooting.

10. Dale Drive

Dale Drive is near Deep Creek Boulevard and Mt. Calvary Cemetery. It is one of the busy places in the city; a fine balance between residential and commercial properties.

However, the potential of this neighborhood is dimmed by the amount of violence that happens there. In October 2022, a 22 year old man was shot and killed by a 16 year old. In November 2022 a man was shot and wounded in this neighborhood.



The worst neighborhoods in Portsmouth, VA are some of the places where shootings and other kinds of murder are so common place that they hardly make the national news anymore. It is sad to see such a place with great potential become a haven of violence and destruction.