Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Frankfurt 2023

Even a well populated and culturally diverse city can have a flip side, as shown by the worst neighborhoods in Frankfurt. It comes with the influx of people; and so must be expected. People and businesses tend to concentrate in areas where the economy is good enough to sustain business and a good quality of life.

Law enforcement tends to concentrate on the areas where there are businesses; it is necessary to ensure that people can go about their daily business activities so that the state can continue to thrive.  This usually leads to a slow and gradual abandonment of the areas where businesses are few, and where the economy is stale. They soon become hideouts for criminals and gangs.

Authorities argue that some of the crime reported in Frankfurt is “imported,” the Frankfurt International Airport is one of the largest in Europe; and the busiest in the world.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Frankfurt 2023

1. Hauptbahnof

Hauptbahnof is the neighborhood around the Frankfurt Central Station; which is the busiest train station in Hesse, Germany. Located somewhat in the centre of Germany, this district has always played an important role in transportation of people, goods, and services.

With the population so fluid, this is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Frankfurt because there are so many different types of people, including thieves, pickpockets and such unsavory characters lurking about. It is therefore important to stay alert when visiting this neighborhood.

2.  Konstablerwache

Konstablerwache is a popular location in Frankfurt; it is a neighborhood built around the central square in the centre of Frankfurt am Main.

Much of Konstablerwache is a pedestrian zone; and it is very well planned out. There is an open space in Konstablerwache, and it is lined with trees, and also built with cobblestones. This space serves the community as the park. The community also has a shopping centre.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood has a big problem which is crime. Konstablerwache is one of the places where one is more likely to suffer assault, muggings, robberies, and so on.

The city is stepping up plans to install additional CCTV cameras in the neighborhood; this may curb crime to some extent in the future.

3. Hauptwache

Hauptwache is a neighborhood located in the center of Frankfurt am Main. This is an ancient and historical place; it is also one of the most famous places in Frankfurt. Hauptwache is also linked to Konstablerwache; and so it shares much of the economic potentials as well as the problems of this neighborhood.

One of the major problems of Hauptwache is the rate of crime. Robberies and muggings are quite common in this neighborhood. Some research indicates that the elderly may be the most vulnerable as they may be the major targets of these criminals.

4. Westend

Westend is a neighborhood in the west of Frankfurt, although just a little off the centre of the city. Westend has a great many medieval styled buildings; which makes it a favorite place of residence for young professionals, particularly those with families. Westend also has a thriving financial community; this is a place with a good economy.

The problem is that the abundance of wallets full of money attracts pickpockets, robbers and other petty thieves. The presence of police patrol cars does not seem to have sufficiently impacted the rate of crime; the neighborhood has gained something of a bad reputation.

5. Höchst

Höchst is a huge part of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is part of the Ortsbezirk West. This used to be a separate town until 1928, when it was annexed by Frankfurt am Main. It is about 10 km west of downtown Frankfurt.

The area is well preserved; there are many old buildings in the area, as well as many festivals that take place in this historic, old town.

The problem is that so many different people come into the town, including many violent and crazy people. This causes crime; which is sometimes not because of poverty, but because of prejudice. For example; a child named Tristan was murdered near the entrance of the Liederbach Tunnel in Hochst. The motive of the crime is not known, but it seems unlikely that it was a robbery.

6. Sachsenhausen

Sachsenhausen is located in the west of Frankfurt. It is actually made up of two parts; Sachsenhausen-Nord and Sachsenhausen-Süd. Both parts are considered one district; the division is mostly for administrative reasons. The city was established around 1193, making it an old and historic district.

There are many historic landmarks in this city; some of which include the forest, which has been largely preserved, as well as the historic buildings which survived World War II.

Sachsenhausen has a population of 55,422, and a great many of that number are young people. Sachsenhausen has a bit of a crime problem.

7. Bahnhofsviertel

Bahnhofsviertel is located in the west of Frankfurt; it is sited close to the city’s main train station. This is one neighborhood that never sleeps; it has several hotels, night clubs, theatres, restaurants, and bars. This is part of the Red Light District in Frankfurt; so at night there is a completely different life.

Crime here seems to revolve around drugs; there are many heroin addicts, as well as other substance abusers lurking around, and they can sometimes commit heinous acts.

8. Griesheim

Griesheim is a quarter of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is located to the west of the city. Griesheim used to be an independent town until it was annexed in 1928, and it has since then seen a lot of urbanization. Nevertheless, there are several old buildings, and the area towards the river is still largely undisturbed.

Griesheim has some terrible crimes ruining the beauty of this great place; for example 5 men attacked a jewelry dealer who was 78 years old. They used all kinds of weapons during the attack, and the result was the death of the man, while his wife of the same age suffered terrible injuries.

9. Hanau

Hanau is a town in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis, in Hesse, Germany. It is often considered a suburb of Frankfurt am Main, just about 25 km east of the city. Some of the major attractions in this city include the railway junction and the port on the river Main. Hanau is quite an important hub of transport of people and goods.

The town used to be a hub of the gold trade; there were many goldsmiths. Hanau is still home to Heraeus, one of the largest family-owned companies in Germany.

Nevertheless, Hanau has some crime going on there; in February 2020, a series of murders tagged the Hanau Shootings took place. Eleven people were killed, and five others were wounded. However, this incident has continued to be analyzed because it was not a robbery.

10. Zeilsheim

Zeilsheim is a quarter of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is the westernmost district of Frankfurt, and has maintained its somewhat rural setting over the years. Yes, Zeilsheim is beautiful and has plenty of greenery.

However, there are reports of petty crimes taking place in the area.



The worst neighborhoods in Frankfurt do have one thing in common; they have high numbers of people traveling in from other locations. Sometimes it could be immigrants causing the problems, or it could be local drifters.  A few of the crimes seem to have been racially motivated. Whatever the case, it is a good idea to be careful at all times.