Top 10 Best Trained Armies In The World (2023)

Who has the best-trained armies in the world? An army, also known as a ground force can be described as a fighting force that majorly fights on land. An army usually, is the branch of a nation’s military that is stationed on land, but there are nations in which the term is used as a blanket word to describe the whole armed forces possessed by that particular nation.

In some nations, such as France, for example, in an attempt at disambiguation, the army is referred to as the “Land Army” in order to differentiate them from the air force which is referred to as the “Air army”.

Currently, worldwide, in terms of the sheer number of active troops, the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force of the People’s Republic of China is the largest, boasting of an impressive 1,600,000 active troops and reserve personnel of 510,000. In second place based on the same terms, is the Indian army which has 1,129,000 active troops and reserve personnel numbering 960,000. It should be noted that army reserves are different from the army itself in the sense that the reserves are only activated when there is a case of war or a time of natural disaster.

One pressing need that is faced by every nation is the desire to have a robust and solid army that will act towards creating and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for the nation and all its citizens. One core principle imbibed by every army is that of secrecy. Every army ensures that their tactics, full strength both in terms of numbers, weapons, and strategies, and the level of technological advancements which they have attained, are kept under wraps because anything and everything can be used by the enemy to their advantage.

Despite their best attempts, however, the battlefield, the place where those weapons, training, and strategies are put to practice, usually show those weaknesses as well as strengths, of the army.

All over the world, we have armies that have, through ingenuity, training, and practice, set themselves aside from the other armies of the world. These armies employ advanced strategies and methods and have specially trained individuals who can carry out special tasks to their advantage. The people who make up these armies are specially selected for the purpose of fostering the nation’s economic, political, and military superiority when placed side by side with other nations of the world.

This article aims to highlight the top ten armies from around the world who receive the best training geared towards making them a superior bastion for their respective nations.

Top 10 Best Trained Armies in the World

1. Britain – S RANGERS

The permanent presence of this army started in the 1970s. This army is especially known and respected for their ability to remain undetected while carrying out their missions. The British Commandos were responsible for training the very first army of Rangers. They engage in many forms of direct operations including airfield seizure, airborne, and air assaults as well as reconnaissance.

2. Poland – POLISH GROM

GROM stands for Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego. General Edwin Rozłubirski proposed the establishment of this unit as a means of fighting against terrorism. Each member of this unit is mandated to pass a series of tests which include a durability test, a psychological test as well as a “trust” test before they can be certified ready to join the unit. Anti-terrorism, Special Operations, parachuting as well as sniping are some of the areas in which they receive extensive training.

3. Israeli – SHAYETET 13:

Shayetet 13 is a branch of the Israeli Navy. This branch was created in the year 19468 but was only brought to the knowledge of the public in the 1960s. There are 3 units that make up the Shayetet 13. These units handle raids, underwater engagements, and above water engagements respectively. Personnel is made to go through 6 months of both basic as well as advanced infantry training. This branch of the Israeli Navy is known to have carried out Operation Escort in the year 1969 and also succeeded in taking out a pair of P-183 torpedo boats of Egyptian origin.

4. United States – S GREEN BERETS

This army is divided into several elite commando units made up of 12 members each. The Green Berets are trained to carry out sabotage, subversion, and Guerrilla War. The personnel in these units are required to know how to speak a foreign language. Before one is eligible to apply for a spot in one of these units, one needs to have served in the army for at least three years.

5. The Delta Force – US

Among the best-trained armies in the world, The Delta Force, this secret unit of the army gained popularity due to a movie starring Chuck Norris that was released in 1986. U.S Army Colonel, Charles Beckwith founded this unit in the month of October 1977. The personnel in this unit are chosen very carefully based on their physical as well as mental condition.

6. Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG)

Known in some circles as the Black Storks and Maroon Berets, the Pakistan Special Service Group remains one of the top Special Forces worldwide. They carry out various operations such as Unconventional Warfare, counter-terrorism and also, Special Recon Missions. It is rumored to include about 7,000 men but then, the actual number is a well-guarded secret.

7. Russian SPETSNAZ

These days this army is referred to as “Diversionary Brigades”. Russian Spetsnaz is used to refer to various special operations forces and came into existence during the cold war, in the 1970s. They are known to follow a scientific approach and have the ability to adapt to security, civilian, police, bodyguards’ self-defense training.

8. Indian MARCOS

Indian MARCOS which means ‘Marine Commandos’ refers to an elite unit of the Indian Navy that engages in special operations. Known in the past as the ‘Marine Commando Force’, this unit undergoes rigorous training lasting about 2 and a half, to three years, in order to forge them into the team they are. They also make use of advanced equipment to give them that extra edge. The unit is made up of personnel still in their early 20s.

9. Navy Seals – US

This is an umbrella term for the sea, air, and land teams of the United States Navy. Following the Russian Spetsnaz, the Navy SEALS are one of the leading unite worldwide in terms of their capabilities physically. In terms of the US military budget, they remain unrivaled in the whole world and this allows them the chance to train in every climate as well as a geographical scenario in the world to prepare them for everything they may face during an actual confrontation.

10. British SAS

The British SAS is just one unit of the British army and was founded in the year 1941. This special army unit is one of the leading Special Forces in the entire world and for a very good reason. This unit was created for the purpose of undergoing missions not suited to other units of the army and have undergone a series of training honing their skills for the sole purpose of fulfilling their military duties. They take on operations like counter-terrorism and covert reconnaissance and have received extensive training in both desert and mountain warfare preparing them for nearly every scenario that could arise out on the field during their mission.



The strength of a nation depends heavily on the strength of its military which is why the extra effort is put into the training of men and women into human weapons who will guarantee victory in the advent of war, or simply maintain the peace during normal time.

Countries are constantly researching ways in which they can train the men and women of their army to enhance their skills, while also putting their science and art department to work, researching new weapons and tech which would come in handy on the battlefield, which brought up this post on the best-trained armies in the world.

War is not a situation that any nation prays for because at the end of the day, even the side that emerges as victor loses, but when the cards are down, it is objectively better to be the winner despite having some casualties, than having those casualties and losing at the same time. It was earlier stated that the battlefield reveals both the strengths and weaknesses of an army when they engage another side in battle. It is the dream of every side that the attributes that would be revealed during battle would be regarded as strengths and work in their favor, rather than as weaknesses and work against them.

There are other well-trained and well-equipped armies in the world and they are adept at performing various occasionally secretive missions that ensure the economic, political, and military standing of their various nations are not threatened in any way. The ones that have been listed in this article, however, have stood out among the rest in comparison based on a wide range of parameters and achievements.  Their training is not necessarily the toughest or most extensive, but it is definitely the most targeted and creates men and women who are capable of completing their missions as when due.