Richest Tribes In Kenya 2020

Kenya is endowed with many rich tribes and each tribe is notable for possessing some qualities that may distinguish it from any other tribe. Meanwhile, Kenya’s diverse tribes are best identified through food, religion, modes of dressing, culture, and history.

In its entirety, Kenya comprises 42 tribes and each tribe adds value to the country’s cultural heritage in no small measure. Probably, it may be easy to identify Kikuyu natives not just because they are the most dominant Kenyans but because they have great flairs for business and have always succeeded in that regard. Briefly speaking, Kikuyu is the richest Kenyan tribe but in order to unravel the beauty of Kenyan culture, we have come up with a list comprising the Top 10 Richest Tribes in Kenya.

Top 10 Kenya Richest Tribes

  • Kikuyu

Kikuyu is Kenya’s most prominent and most dominant tribe and many of its natives have made great names particularly in business. Meanwhile, many people believe the Kikuyus are the most industrious Kenyans and by means of their industrious nature, they have made good use of Kenya’s financial opportunities. In many cases, Kikuyus make money through the establishment of businesses and one more interesting thing is that they hardly lavish money. Instead of spending heavily on trivial things, Kikuyus maintain the concept that any money spent really counts.

Based on statistics, the best part of Kenya’s richest people is Kikuyu natives who can also be found in every nook and cranny of Kenya, doing one business or the other. Impressively, Kikuyus’ prudent nature of spending has a great impact on their businesses, giving them the opportunities to set future targets and meet business objectives.

Besides wealth, Kikuyu happens to be one of Kenya’s most dominant landholders. Just behind Kalenjin, Kikuyu is Kenya’s second-largest landholder as its territory covers a large portion of Kenya’s entire landmass.

  •  Kalenjin

In terms of land ownership, Kalenjin is Kenya’s most influential tribe and its people hold large hectares of land. To signify the influence of the Kalenjin tribe, the largest Kenyan province is occupied by the people of Kalenjin. Considered the second richest Kenyan tribe, Kalenjin has numerous natives who have succeeded immensely in agriculture. With regard to this, it is often said that agriculture is the source of wealth for the best part of the Kalenjin natives. Kalenjin people are best known for their contributions to agriculture, they are still the most vibrant Kenyans in athletics.

  •  Kisii

In certain aspects, the Kisii tribe shares similarities with Kikuyu. Like the Kikuyus, many natives of Kisii are acclaimed for their success in agriculture and business. As regards this, it is widely believed that agriculture and business are the major sources of wealth for natives of Kisii.

Kisii is a prominent and third Kenya richest tribe that boasts of industrious people who occupy large tracts of fertile land. Owing to this, the Kisii populace has been able to carve out a great niche for itself in terms of agriculture. Moreover, it is a common habit for Kisii people to set aside large tracts of land for agricultural purposes. And in order to grab the country’s riches outside of agriculture, Kisii people are found across every Kenyan region where they engage in one productive occupation or the other.

  •  Somali

Although Somali is not as prominent as the other Kenyan tribes above, it remains a dominant community with numerous people. It is often said that its history portrays how it managed to endure a series of difficulties as a community. Fortunately, this has been the stimulus behind the ability of many Somali natives to survive amidst business difficulties. Meanwhile, business is considered the source of wealth for a multitude of Somalis as they’re always determined to carve out business opportunities from various angles of the country.

Despite being one of the beautiful Kenyan tribes a foreigner would like to know, the Somali tribe is apparently the community of aggressive people who fancy being observed wherever they are.

  •  Luo

As a foreigner, you may not have heard anything about Luo but it is actually one of the most prestigious Kenyan tribes. When richness is attributed to a particular tribe, it could be that such a tribe is endowed with agriculture or other essential potentials. At times, the richness may be attributed to culture or education. In the latter case, the Luo tribe is best known for its numerous educated people who are widely engaged in white-collar jobs. Undoubtedly, this signifies that education is the major source of wealth for many natives of Luo.

  • Luhya

Luhya is a notable Kenyan tribe and its territory stretches across the Western part of Kenya. Like the Kalenjin tribe, Luhya is best known for its intense concentration on agriculture and the ability to carve out great opportunities in this manner. Luhya natives have succeeded immensely in agriculture and outside of agriculture, some of them have made their marks as businessmen and businesswomen. Meanwhile, it is widely believed that there is a high concentration of sugarcane factories in Luhya territory because many Luhya natives are great and successful farmers.

  •  Maasai

Maasai is another major Kenyan tribe and its people are recognized as heavy landowners who value livestock farming. Since Maasai natives are usually blessed with large hectares of land, many of them take advantage of livestock farming to earn a livelihood.

  •  Kamba

Kamba is apparently a prominent tribe and its richness may be attributed to its large agricultural potentials. Compared to Bantu natives, the best part of the Kamba people fend for themselves by engaging in trade or agriculture. Over the years, Kenya has recorded numerous Kamba natives who have largely succeeded in business. Besides, the Kamba tribe has an impressive record in terms of producing Kenyan professionals and politicians.

  •  Asians

This is the last Kenyan tribe on this list and among Kenya’s total of 42 tribes, it is considered part of the minority tribes. Nevertheless, many Asian natives have built solid business empires, making them some of the vibrant Kenyans in the field of business. Just like the Kikuyus, many Asian natives are well-known for their dependence on business.

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