What are the names of God in Yoruba language and their meanings in English?. You have come to the right place to get the full list and meaning. A lot of religions use different ways to “depicts” God. The thought of monotheistic was that God is known to be the Supreme Being of the whole and the major object of faith. The theologians described the conceptualization of God, with common characteristics like omnipotence (unlimited power), omniscient (the all-knowing) omnipresence (present everywhere), and having an everlasting and relevant existence. The kind of theism solely based on these characteristics is utilized either in the literal meaning or way of analogy as classic attributes of God.

Names Of God In Yoruba Language

We will be writing on the Yoruba names for God, sit back to know.


  1. Oluwa, (Lord)
  2. Olorun, (God) Olorun Wa, (Our God)
  3. Oluwa Wa, (Our Lord)
  4. Olorun Baba, (God the Father)
  5. Olorun Omo, (God the son)
  6. Olorun Abrahamu, (God of Abraham)
  7. Olorun Isaki, (God of Isaac)
  8. Oba awon oba,( King of kings)
  9. Olorun Emi Mimo, (God the Holy spirit)
  10. Oluwa awon oluwa, (The Lord of lords)
  11. Olorun awon olorun, (The God of gods)
  12. Kabiyeesi, (The King)
  13. Olodumare, (The Almighty)
  14. Arugbo ojo,(Ancient of days)
  15. Olorun agbalagba, (Ancient of days)
  16. Ikan lana,(Same yesterday)
  17. Adagba ma paaro oye, (Unchanging God)
  18. Olorun ti o yipada, (Unchanging God)
  19. Olorun kan lailai, (The only God)
  20. Ikan loni, (Same today)
  21. Okan titi aye ainipekun, (The same forever)
  22. Oba ti mbe nibi gbogbo nigba gbogbo,( the ubiquitous God)
  23. Olorun Jakobu, (God of Jacob)
  24. Ikan lola, (Same tomorrow)
  25. Olorun owu,(The jealous God)
  26. Olorun ti kii s’enia ti yio paro, (God that is not man that could change)
  27. Alewilese, (He that can Speak and Act)
  28. Aleselewi, (He that can Act and Speak)
  29. Owibee sebee, (He that Speaks and Acts)
  30. Awimayehun, ( He who Speaks and does not change His words)
  31. Asoromaye, (He who prophesize and comes to past)
  32. Onimajemu,( Covenant keeping God)
  33. Olulana,(The wonderful way maker)
  34. Olorun oro (Word), (The God of spoken word)
  35. Oba to ti o gbe oro Re ga ju Oruko Re lo, (The God who exalts his word more that his name)
  36. Olutoju wa, (Our Keeper)
  37. Onibuore,(God whose barn is full of blessing)
  38. Afunni ma s’iregun,(The God who blesses without asking for reward)
  39. Adanimagbagbe, (The creator who never forgets the created)
  40. Oyigiyigi, (Great and Mighty)
  41. Alakoso orun at’aye, (The God of Heaven)
  42. Atogbojule,(Dependable God)
  43. Alagbawi eda,(Defender)
  44. Alagbada ina, (He that covers Himself with fire branded robe)
  45. Alawotele oorun,(He whose underwear is Sun)
  46. Asorodayo,(The God who gives joy)
  47. Oba t’o mu ‘banuje tan,(God who puts end to sorrow)
  48. Ogbeja k’eru o ba onija,(God who fights for the defenseless)
  49. Jagunjagun ode orun,(The great warrior of heaven)
  50. Olowogbogboro,(God whose hand is long enough to reach at any length)
  51. Olorun awon omo ogun,(The great warrior)
  52. Aduro tini bi akoni eleru,(The faithful God)
  53. Eru jeje l’eti okun pupa,( The Most powerful by the red sea)
  54. Oba t’o mu iji dake roro,(God who commands the storm, peace be still)
  55. Alaabo,(Our keeper)
  56. Oluso,(Our guard)
  57. Olupamo,(Our keeper)
  58. Oludande,(Our deliverer)
  59. Olugbala,(Our saviour)
  60. Olutusile,(God of freedom)
  61. Oludariji,(Our forgiver)
  62. Oba t’o se’gun agbara ese, (God who delivers from hold of sin)
  63. Oba t’o san gbogbo ‘gbese wa,(God who pays the price for our sins)
  64. Olorun ajinde,(The resurrected Lord)
  65. Olutunu,(Our comforter)
  66. Olufe okan wa,(My lover)
  67. Oba t’o yan wa fe,(God who has predestined us)
  68. Olusegun,(The conqueror) 
  69. Ajasegun, (The conqueror)
  70. Gbanigbani ni’jo ogun le,(Our defense in time of war)
  71. Ogbagba ti ngb’ara adugbo,( The Protector)
  72. Oba t’o pin okun pupa n’iya,( God who parted the red sea)
  73. Olorun t’o mu Jodani sa niwaju awon omo Re, (God who parted the river Jordan)
  74. Oba t’o bi odi Jeriko wo,(God who fell down the walls of Jericho)
  75. Olorun t’o kolu Egipiti l’ara awon akobi re,(God who killed the first born of the Egyptians)
  76. Oba t’o ju gbogbo orisa lo,(The Almighty God)
  77. Olorun t’o tobi ju gbogbo aye lo,(Greater than all the earth)
  78. Oba t’o da monamona fun ojo, (The God who created lightening for the rain)
  79. Aimope ani oje,(He who is not called but answers
  80. Oba to j’ewe at’egbo lo, (kings mightier than herbs and roots)
  81. Oba to ni owa t’owa,(The God who commands)
  82. Oba t’oni olo, t’olo, (The God who commands)
  83. Oba t’oni k’owa, t’owa, (The God who commands)
  84. Oba t’oni k’omasi, ti o si si mo,(The God who can close a door and no man can open)
  85. Oba t’ao ri, sugbon t’ari ise owo Re,(The unseen God but we can feel his impact)
  86. Olorun t’o n gbo adura, (God who hears prayers)
  87. Oba t’o n dahun adura, (Prayer answering God)
  88. Olorun t’ape t’o n je,(The God that you can call and he will answer)
  89. Oba t’o n dahun adura pelu ina,(God that answered by fire)
  90. Eleda,(Creator)
  91. Akoda aye,(The first among all things)
  92. Aseda orun,(He established the heavens)
  93. Oba t’o fi’di aye s’ole s’ori omi,( He who established the earth on waters)
  94. Oba t’o mo wa (The Potter),
  95. Oba t’o mo wa ( He that knoweth us),
  96. Oba t’o mo ohun gbogbo,(The all knowing God)
  97. Olorun t’o le se ohun gbogbo,(God who can do all things)
  98. Oba ti ohun gbogbo nbe n’ikawo Re,(God who has the whole world in his hands)
  99. Oba to joko soke orun to f’ile aye se itise Re,(He makes the heaven his seat and the earth his foot stool)
  100. Oba ti ntu won ka nibi ti won nti da’na iro,(He who causes confusion in the camp of the enemy)
  101. Atererekariaye,(He spreads out across the earth)
  102. Eletigb’aroye,(The great hear that hears all over the world)
  103. Alatilehin,(Our succor)
  104. Alaanu,(Merciful God)
  105. Oba ti aanu Re duro lailai,(God whose mercies endureth for ever)
  106. Oba alade alafia,(The Prince of peace)
  107. Oloore ofe,(The gracious god)
  108. Olorun ife,(The God of Love)
  109. Olorun ayo,(The God that gives Joy)
  110. Olutunu,(Comforter)
  111. Olubukun,(The blessed God)
  112. Onise iyanu,(Miracle worker)
  113. Onise ara,(Wonderful)
  114. Onise nla,(Great God)
  115. Mimo, Mimo, Mimo,(Holy! Holy! Holy)
  116. Oba t’o ninu mimo,(Righteous God)
  117. Oba alaya funfun,(Immaculate God)
  118. Ologo meta, (The Trinity)
  119. Olotito,(The Truthful)
  120. Olododo,(The Truthful)
  121. Iye,(Resurrection)
  122. Aduro gboingboin lehin asotito,(Defender of the Truthful)
  123. Imole ninu okunkun aye,(The light in darkness)
  124. Alagbara l’orun ati l’aye,(Mighty in heaven and on the earth)
  125. Oba ti nyoni kuro ninu ofin aye,(God who rescues from the dungeon)
  126. Atofarati,(Our defense)
  127. Atogbokanle,(The trustworthy God)
  128. Atofokante,(Our Confidant)
  129. Adunbarin,(Worthy to walk with)
  130. Adunbalo, (Worthy to follow)
  131. Adunkepe,(God you can call on)
  132. Apata ayeraye,(The rock of ages)
  133. Atobiju,(The Almighty)
  134. Atofarati bi oke,(Our support and defense)
  135. Apata wa,(Our rock of Ages)
  136. Odi wa,(Our shield)
  137. Alabarin aye wa, (Our companion)
  138. Olupese,(Our provider)
  139. Olugbega,(The lifter of our head)
  140. Oluranlowo,(Our help)
  141. Ireti wa,(Our hope)
  142. Olu aye,(God on earth)
  143. Olu orun,(God in heaven)
  144. Oba ti gbobo oba nt’owo Re gb’ase,(Kings from whom kings take directives)
  145. Adakedajo, (He who Judges silently)
  146. Adajo ma fi t’enikan se,(The just Judge)
  147. Oba ti kii s’ojusaju,(The just God)
  148. Oba t’enikan o le pe l’ejo,(The king that can not be judged)
  149. Oba aseyiowu,(Unquestionable God)
  150. Oba tii s’agan d’olomo,(The God who opens the womb of the barren)
  151. Abiyamo ode orun,(The great mother of heaven)
  152. Atorise,(God who can turn bad situation to good)
  153. As’oloriburuku d’olorire,(God who can remove the inadequacies from ones life)
  154. Arinu r’ode,(God who sees the visible and the invisible,)
  155. Olumoranokan eda, (He who sees the intent of the heart of man)
  156. Oludamoran (The Great adviser)
  157. Baba wa,(Abba father)
  158. Ore wa,(Our friend)
  159. Ibi isadi wa,(Our refugee)
  160. Aabo wa,(our protector)
  161. Oluwosan,(the healer)
  162. Asoku d’alaye,(He who brings the dead to life)
  163. Olorun alaaye,(God of the living)
  164. Oba ti n p’ojo iku da,(God who can change appointment with death)
  165. Oba ti emi gbogbo enia wa l’owo Re,( He who has the keys to our existence)
  166. Oba ti nti t’enikan o lesi,(He who shuts and no one can open)
  167. Oba ti nsi t’enikan o leti,(He who opens and no one can close)
  168. Awamaridi,(Unsearchable God)
  169. Eleruniyin,
  170. Abetilukara bi ajere,(God who is all ears)
  171. Aiku,(Living God)
  172. Aisa,(Faithful)
  173. Oba ti ki sun, ti ki togbe (The king that neither sleeps nor slumbers)
  174. Oba onise nla,(The great worker of good)
  175. Onigbonwo wa, (Our sponsor)
  176. Olorun pipe,(Perfect God)
  177. Olorun rere,(Good God)
  178. Akiri s’ore,(He who goes about doing good)
  179. As’ore kiiri, ,(He who goes about doing good)
  180. Gbongbo idile Jesse,(The root of the tribe of Jesse)
  181. Oba t’o f’oro da ile aye,(He that created all things by his spoken word)
  182. Oba to ti wa k’aye o towa,(He who was in existence before creation)
  183. Oba ti o ma wa nigba t’aye o ni si mo,(He who will remain at the end of all things)
  184. Oloruko nla,(The great name)
  185. Ologojulo,(The glorious God)
  186. Emi ni ti nje Emi ni,(I am the I am)
  187. Oba t’oni gbogbo ope,(He who deserves all praise)
  188. Olorun t’oni gbogbo iyin, ,(He who deserves all honour)
  189. Oba ti ko ni pin ogo Re pel’enikankan,(God that does not share his glory with any man)
  190. Oba t’o ti wa, t’o si wa, ti o si ma wa lailai, (The God that was, that is and that will remain for ever)
  191. Ibere ati opin,(The Alpha and omega)
  192. OBA AKIKITAN,(Eternity will not be enough to praise and honour you, O Lord)


We have closely looked at the names Yoruba people called God and I bet you this is the full and best list so far.


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