Yoruba Name For Maca Root (Benefits And Uses) (2023)

Maca has a long history of use in herbal remedies in Peru. The plant has been cultivated in the Andes Mountains and has been enjoyed as a meal for hundreds of years.

The root is used for making medicines, and it has been used to cure lots of sicknesses. So what’s the Yoruba Name For Maca Root?

Yoruba Name For Maca Root (Benefits And Uses)

Maca root contains lots of useful properties, and it is now popular in different parts of the world. It has different local names in various places. In Nigeria for instance, the Yoruba Name For Maca Root is the local popular name: Isu Baka.

Uses Of Maka Root

Maca can be taken in various ways and it can be used to achieve different purposes. It can be consumed directly to treat ailments like anemia and CFS (which is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). It can be used this way to enhance memory, stamina, and energy. This is good for athletes and sportspersons as well as anyone who desires to remain fit.

Apart from the treatment of such things as depression, stomach cancer, tuberculosis, and leukemia, women can make use of Maca to tackle female hormones imbalance, menstrual issues, as well as symptoms of menopause.

Maca can be used to make soup, and they can also be baked and roasted. Maca can as well be used to make drinks, and to increase fertility in livestock. It is a versatile plant that contains various compounds and properties which are very much useful to the human system.

The root is a nice source of carbs and protein. It’s rich in copper, iron, and fiber. It also contains different fatty acids and amino acids, as well as vitamins such as vitamin C.

One of the core things that has made the Maca Root a unique plant is the presence of a unique compound in it known as ‘Alkaloid Macaridine’. Alkaloid Marcadine is yet to be found in any other plant apart from Maca Root.

Health Benefits Of Maca Root

Maca obviously has lots of health benefits. Some of them are:


Many suffer from depression and anxiety at various points of their lives, due to various factors and reasons.

Some rats were used to test the potency of Maca, and it was discovered that this plant can reduce depression-like behaviors inside rats. It was concluded that Maca can help reduce anxiety and depression in humans too.

According to studies, maca helped reduce anxiety and depression symptoms when taken by 45 older women for 6 weeks.

So, instead of taking to unhealthy ways (like gulping alcoholic drinks and smoking cigarettes and marijuana) to fight off anxiety and depression, you can simply embrace the natural solutions offered by Maca. This delicious plant can help reduce your anxiety and depression by improving your mood.

Yoruba Name For Maca Root Uses And Health Benefits


High blood pressure is something dangerous that has killed lots of people. It is dangerous to the body system, and everything right must be done to keep it in check. Well, maca shouldn’t be ignored.

Maca can help lower blood pressure and make us healthier. In research conducted some time ago, regular use of maca lowered the blood pressure of over 20 postmenopausal women.


This vegetable is good for the skin, as it has been used to treat skin issues. There are claims it can help clear acne and blemishes in some people, and that it decreases skin sensitivity. Apart from this, maca also has what it takes to help the skin withstand tough temperatures.

Additionally, it may help protect the skin from UV Exposure. It was tested on the skin of rats, and the test showed the rats were protected from UV radiation. It hindered the rise of sunburn cells.


From all indications, it has been agreed that maca can help increase the energy level in an individual who uses it regularly. It can also help increase stamina and endurance, useful for athletes. A sports person with a good workout regime can include maca in his/her diet to get better.

If you get tired easily, you should include maca in your diet – as it helps deal with fatigue. Just a bit could boost your energy and get you stronger again. And if you also desire to have a better memory, you should give maca more attention. The vegetable helps expand and sharpen one’s mental activity. It improved learning in mice, preventing memory impairment in them after a test.


Some animals were used for this test in a lab some years back. These animals have enlarged prostates as a result of excess testosterone. After using maca on them, it was discovered the plant helped reduce their prostate size.

However, if you are suffering from this, you must work closely with your doctor before putting your hands on anything that affects your health and general well-being.


Maca contains properties that make the body system better. It is an adaptogen and tonic, and it has what it takes to make you healthier. Maca offers iron and helps prevent the likes of anemia and cardiovascular diseases.

Nevertheless, it must be strictly noted that scientists are still studying the functions of maca, and we must have more proof before accepting many claims we currently have about maca.

Does Maca Have Side Effects?

Although the natives of Peru consume lots of maca without side effects, we should be careful in regards to how much Maca roots we consume each day. Again, we are asked to avoid consuming raw maca because it can cause health issues. You should instead ensure your maca is boiled or dehydrated before consuming them.

Don’t forget that maca also contains MTCA. MTCA can actually mutate DNA, and because of this, some food safety agencies are wary of it. However, it is agreed in many quarters that cooking maca roots before consuming can compress these MTCA in it. Therefore, you should avoid eating raw maca roots despite what you might have heard about it. Cooking them won’t stop these vegetables from giving you enough nutrients good for your body system.

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