Yoruba Name For Almond (Health Benefits And Uses)

Before these delicious nuts became popular in Nigeria, the Asians have been enjoying the numerous benefits that are found in almonds. The almond tree is a wonderful one that produces the nuts generally called ‘almonds’. ( Yoruba Name For Almond ).

Almonds are the fruits plucked from the almond tree, and they have been embraced in different countries of the world. They can be eaten as a proper meal or as snacks and can be bought in different forms – shelled or blanched.


Yoruba Name For Almonds – Ofio

These delicious nuts are now popular in the southwest region of Nigeria, and many Yorubas are trying to know the Yoruba Name For Almond. Well, the Yoruba Name For Almonds is simply Ofio. Many traders (especially the uneducated ones) might not know what an ‘almond’ is. But when you mention ‘Ofio’ – they instantly know what you are talking about.

Almonds are filled with lots of fat. One of the things which made this nut a very special one is that it contains a nice property known as ‘Monounsaturated Fat’. Monounsaturated fat is very useful to the human system. It is good for the health, as it helps maintains a good level of HDL Cholesterol.

Yoruba Name For Almond

Uses Of Almonds

Almonds can be used to achieve various purposes. They can be used to treat diabetes and to stop cough. They can be used as a treatment for heart disorders, and also make right respiratory disorders. In fact, it has been made known that these exciting nuts can be used to stop impotency. And as if that is not enough, there are reports that almonds can be used to treat brain disorders.

The ones we have around us are the sweet types. They come in various forms, but the ones in Nigeria can be eaten raw without the need to cook them. Additionally, milk can be extracted from them. The milk inside almonds are nutritious and natural – but they can’t be compared to the ones we get from cows (in terms of nutrients).

Almonds can also be grounded and crushed, then we mix them with others delicacies.

They serve various functions as they contain various important nutrients needed by the human body. They offer the body:

  • Vitamin E
  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Niacin
  • Iron and
  • Phosphorus.


Health Benefits Of Almonds

Almonds have lots of health benefits, such as:


As humans, we need to ensure we consume things that are healthy for our body – including our brain (which is one of the most important organs of our body).

Almonds provide natural properties that promote the development of the brain. The nutrients inside these amazing nuts will help make the brain healthier. Studies have shown that they boost memory function.

Almonds are not only good for adults, they are also of great benefits to children. Since parents desire to have brilliant children they can be proud of, then they should be ready to do all it takes to make this come to pass. One of these ways is to ensure you feed your children regularly with foods that can give them a higher intellectual capacity. Almonds are wonderful for such things as these. It has certain nutrients known as riboflavin and L-Carnitine. These help to increase brain activity. If you are giving growing children the nuts, just take a few (two or three seeds) and peel off the outer layer before soaking inside water.

For adults and children, almonds contain properties that can help prevent Alzheimer disease.

Yoruba Name For Almond Health Benefits Uses

Properties like magnesium, copper, vitamin E, manganese, unsaturated fatty acids, and phytosterols are good for the heart (as they help protect the organ from dangerous diseases).

Guess what? Almonds contain these nutrients! This means almonds are good when it comes to the health of the heart. It has been shown through research that these nuts can improve the risk of heart diseases.

They help increase the level of HDL and decrease LDL, which reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.



One might think almonds aren’t pleasant for weight maintenance because of the fats inside of them. However, it has been proven that almonds can help in terms of weight reduction. It was confirmed that the nuts can help reduce hunger. This means, when you take almonds as snacks, you won’t feel hungry. You might not have the urge to eat something else for some time. This, of course, is great for weight maintenance.



As humans, our bones must be fine if we are to do anything whatsoever. The same thing is with the teeth. To enjoy our meals, we must have strong teeth that are with no pain. One core nutrient that makes this a reality is known as phosphorus. These have all it takes to strengthen our bones and our teeth making it durable also. These nutrients can be found in almonds.

So, as an athlete or sports person, you can make almonds a snack. Instead of moving with the habit of chewing unhealthy snacks, you can form the habit of eating almonds that makes your bones stronger.



Those suffering from diabetes can make use of almonds to beat their worries. A research was carried out not too long ago, and it was discovered that including almonds as part of a balanced diet is great for those suffering from diabetes. It was also made known that eating this nuts can help reduce levels of fasting insulin and glucose.

However, diabetic patients should ensure working with doctors before they try out anything health-related.


  • A Better Immune System

Vitamin E helps to boost the function of the human immune system. Almonds contain natural vitamin E that can make a person have a better immune system. Having a better system makes you more healthy.


Too much of everything is bad; too many almonds is also bad. However, when eaten in moderation, one of it health benefits is the treatment of constipation. It contains fiber – a property which eases bowel movement.

That’s all about Yoruba Name For Almond (Health Benefits And Uses).


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