As broad as you can think, the same manner is the field of art. We would be taking a detailed look into the list of art subjects in secondary schools for students. On a literal definition, we can see art as a conglomeration of different human learning endeavors which plunge into geography, literature, history, and so on. Even though in different secondary schools, there exist variations in the subjects offered to students who decided to be in art class.

In Nigeria today, the education system only gives room for any students to make the decision for themselves in the class they wish to be in respect to what they wish to become in their later future. So today we will be writing on art subjects that are offered in secondary schools and all you need to know about the course.


  • English Language

English language, outside been the core requirements for all classes in different secondary schools and institutions as an official language of the country, it is also the core language for art students, no profession in the field of art does not require the English language. These subjects exposed students to letter wring, compression, and how to answer questions from comprehension passage, speech and vocabulary development, writing, the figure of speech, use of English, Summary writing, phrases and clauses, and their applications, every field register, lexis, and structure, idiomatic expression and a lot more are all the basic things that students are exposed to in this subject which is relevant in an area the student might decide to study later in the future.

  • Mathematics

This is another core subject in secondary school today, no student is admitted to any field of learning without having at least credit in their O level mathematics. This subject exposed the student to basic calculations, algebra processes, quadratic equations, surd, and many other useful contents that will help students in day-to-day business activities and anything that involves arithmetic in their daily life.

  • Marketing

This is another subject that students in this class are expected to study. It simply involves the basic knowledge of marketing strategies and procedures, after production or manufacturing, the need to make your good and services available to a larger audience is of no limited value, so they thought what to do to bring in my consumers to patronize your commodities, how to relate with trending economic situation and still maintain your audience or consumers

  • Accounting/Commerce

Also, this is another subject that is required of students to pass an art student.

In this subject, students are given the elementary rudiments on how to run a business with transparency and accountability. Most students are much familiar with reading but are not equipped with basic business strategies, so this subject entrench learners on how to run a business successfully, how to prepare a business financial statements, how to prepare an inventory of a business, recording business transactions, and how to make decision-based on the available infirmary

  • Economics

This is another subject that is expected of learners in art class.

This subject exposed students to the study of humanity in relationship with his wants, his needs, and scarcity.

It equipped students on how to make a rational decision out of every situation that involves want and needs and relatively scarce commodities. How to make choices while procuring goods and services.

  • Biology Or Agricultural Science.

The importance of education is not limited to just the core subjects students are to study in their later life but also to understand subjects in another area of life. So, students have the liberty to choose either Biology or Agricultural Science. In Biology, students learn the basic terms of life because Biology is a study of life and living in an ecosystem, also they learn basic life processes like the Carbon cycle, water cycle, nitrogen cycle, and others.

In agricultural science, they learn basic things in both plant husbandry and animals’ husbandry.

This subject helps equip students with a little touch of science courses.

  • Christian Religious Studies Or Islamic Religious Studies.

another important branch of art is religious studies, this subject is also one of the subject’s learners are expected to study while in a secondary school as an art student.

Students have the liberty to choose either Christian religious studies or Islamic religious studies as a Christian or a Muslim as the case may apply.

Students who chose Christian religious studies are been through the creation of the world, history of both major and minor Prophets, the entire life of Jesus Christ and his purpose to come to earth, the missionary journeys of the Apostles are been thought and other relative knowledge the students need to have in respect to the scripture.

And for students who choose Islamic religious studies, are exposed to the Quran, the life of Muhammad, and so on.

  • Government

This is another interesting subject among the list of art subjects for secondary school students, this subject exposed students to basic societal obligations, right under the law, and some of the forms of government.

This subject is one of the core course for art students because there are many Field of study that emanates from this subject. Also, it helps the student to know the history of the past government, everything about the country to know and others.

  • Literature In English

This helps students to read and explain basic poems, dirge, sonnets, and other related topics.

It helps students to develop their oratory prowess, their creative thinking, and creative writing.

  • Civic Education

This subject is major to educate students on their Civil Rights, how to handle public properties, how they should see themselves as a citizen and what is acceptable under the law, basic fundamental human rights, and many others.


It is worth importance to note that most of the subjects that are been taught in this class are not just based on random assumptions or on the will of the teachers rather, it is a set of lay down procedures that they must follow as a teacher.

The syllabus contains most of the topics students need to be taught before he or she graduates from secondary school.

These syllabi are always prepared subjects by subject and in collaboration with external examination bodies such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, SAT, JAMB, and so on.

This is as a result of standard requirements so as to make students suit to compete globally with colleagues in another part of the country and the world at large.



As an art student or one who is planning to choose art class all the subjects expected of you to know and what the subjects are all about to have been listed.

Education is as important as the food we take in. in life, if one has to be where his or her equals is or even forge further than were their equals, then education is not an option. Education might not be to the peak of academics but at least a secondary school education can take one far.

No one can be the custodian of knowledge nor can one-man study the whole course or know about virtually everything in the world of education, this is a major purpose while education has been grouped into different sections which from secondary in the senior class category one can decide where he wants to belong and choose for himself or herself where they want to belong.

Likewise, in every country, there are classes and categories of educational system they practice and this system must be practiced by all educational systems and bodies in the country so as to reach the country’s set educational goals. For every nation that gives credence to education and provides the necessary bases for education to thrive well, they always have standing objectives and goals they planned to attained using the educational system.

So, it is now left for the nation to work out the best educational practices that best suit their desire and to easily achieve these goals and also evaluate the processes on a routine basis to check for quality and how far they have moved.