A list of possible solutions to the problems of women’s education in Nigeria. Women are nation builders, they add life, spice, and beauty to every home. The happiness of a woman is really hard to hide, as it shows in everything she does. Little wonder why more and more companies employ more women as their unique skills, their soft and amiable side brings about growth in companies and establishments.

Despite the increased preference for women, a lot of women are not qualified enough to take on key positions due to the low level of education they receive. We are interested in identifying the problems of women’s education in Nigeria and solutions (probable). This is due to the following:


1. Poverty

Poor families which many children usually do not have the means to send all their children to school. They would prefer to send their male children to school while the females stay back and work so that their brothers could be educated.

2. Inequity

Girls are not given equal opportunities to further their education like their male counterparts. This is because they are seen as inferior to men in some families.

3. Ignorance

Many people live in ignorance of the fact that women in high places are great achievers. They assume that a girl should not be ‘too educated’ as basic education is enough.

4. Early Marriages 

Early marriages cut short the dreams and aspirations of the girl child. Most husbands would not support their young wives when it comes to being more educated.

5. Public Orientation 

The general belief that women end up in the kitchen is a barrier to women’s education in Nigeria.

6. Social Media 

The flashy lifestyle of superstars such as musicians and the likes as portrayed on social media give girls the impression that they don’t need complete education to succeed, hence many refuse to further their education.

7. Bad Leaders 

Some leaders convince their followers that educating their female children is pointless and only a waste of resources. Hence low girl child education in Nigeria.

8. Religion 

Religious fanatics hardly educate their female children to a reasonable level. They believe education corrupts the girl child.

9. Adequate Policies 

Adequate policies are not in place to adequately fight for the education of the girl child.

Probable Solutions To Problem Of Women Education In Nigeria and Solutions

There are ways to improve the level of girl child education in Nigeria. This includes

1. Public Sensitization 

The public should be sensitized to the need to educate girls. They should be made to understand that girl education is not evil, and is as important and educating males. Public education on the importance of girl child education in Nigeria.

2. Effective Policies

There should be policies that would actively fight for the right of the girl child to proper education.

3. End Too Early Marriages 

Early marriages should be stopped so as to allow girls to go to school and become empowered women.

4. Justice And Equity 

There should be no restrictions when it comes to female education. They should be seen as having equal rights to education as the males.

5. Scholarships

Government and individuals should give scholarships to deserving girls from poor families that cannot afford to educate them.
Women should not be looked down upon. We should realise that in educating a woman, we have educated a nation.

That’s all on “Problems of women education in Nigeria and solutions / Importance of girl child education in Nigeria”. We would like to know your opinions and suggestions through the comments below.

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