Top 10 Areas To Avoid In Blackpool (2023)

Blackpool is an area and borough in Lancashire, England. This is an urban settlement which still manages to offer many advantages to young people looking to put down roots in a new area, and to invest in a home. However, speaking from the point of view of statistics, there are a few places to avoid in Blackpool, just like in any other city.

In order to paint a more accurate picture; this article breaks down the types of crime recorded in the individual neighborhoods, and then articulates between serious crimes, and anti social or unruly behavior which is rampart among young people, no matter where you look.

For emphasis please note that Blackpool is not the most dangerous place in England, and that the danger can be greatly reduced by applying common sense.

Areas To Avoid In Blackpool 2023

1. Anchorsholme And Norbreck

Anchorsholme And Norbreck are two adjoining areas in the Blackpool area of Lancashire in England. The most prominent attraction to this area is the Norbreck Castle Hotel; which is a 480 bedroom hotel sitting on the coast. This area welcomes tourists from all over the country.

Perhaps the rate of crime has something to do with tourism, but Anchorsholme and Norbreck is one of the top areas to be avoided in Blackpool.

However, of all the crimes reported here anti-social behaviour was the most popular. Other crimes were violence and sexual offences, public order offences. There were very few criminal damage and arson offences.

2. Ansdell & Fairhaven

Ansdell & Fairhaven have been described as railway towns; the biggest attraction to the neighborhood is the Ansdell & Fairhaven railway station. The Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club is also located in the area. It hosts the Open Championship as well as other golf challenges. The station is used to convey spectators to the course.

There is quite some crime reported in this area, but thankfully the most common crime was anti-social behavior. Far fewer cases of violence and sexual offences were reported, and there were also thefts and burglaries.

3. Ashton St Annes

The area around Ashton road in St Annes, Blackpool is a mix use residential and commercial area with plenty of green spaces. The biggest attraction to the area is the public park which is huge and family friendly. This park was built between 1914 and 1916, and is listed on the public register.

As a public park, people come in from all over the country to spend quality time with their loved ones. Where there are large numbers of people, there are bound to be incidences recorded.

Ashton St Annes recently saw several reports of anti-social behavior. There were also cases of violence and sexual offences (grouped as one), and then there were cases of shoplifting crimes.

4. Bispham

Bispham is a village located on the Flyde coast in Blackpool in Lancashire, England.  This village is in the north of the Blackpool centre. Being so close to the sea, the village receives a lot of visitors; sometimes the visitors add a few numbers to the crime statistics because this is an otherwise sleepy village.

Of all the crimes recorded in this neighborhood, the most common were anti-social behaviour. Other common crimes recorded were violence and sexual offences, as well as shoplifting and burglaries.

5. Blackpool Town Centre

Blackpool Town Centre is the real Blackpool; it is where you find the local residents and experience the town’s culture. This is a mostly commercial area; occupied by shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, entertainment theatres and so on. This is a great place to come out with the family and experience what Blackpool has to offer.

Some of the crimes recorded in this area include anti-social behavior, violence and sexual offences, as well as shoplifting and ‘other thefts’.

6. Bloomfield 1

A strange name for a neighborhood but Bloomfield 1 is a section of the Bloomfield town in Blackpool, Lancashire. The neighborhood is a very attractive one to young people because there are several sports complexes located there.

Where young people gather in numbers one can expect reports of bad behaviour. Of the criminal activities reported here recently the most popular was anti-social behavior. Violence and sexual offences also occurred quite frequently, while there were also incidents of shoplifting.

7. Bloomfield 2 & 3

Bloomfield 2&3 are also sections of the Bloomfield neighbourhood. This too is a sporting environment; it has a lot of young people coming in.

Of all the crimes committed in this area, the most common were anti-social behaviour. Other crimes reported were violence and sexual offences (grouped as one), and then there were incidents of criminal damage and arson.

8. Bourne

Bourne is a neighborhood in Lancashire; the residential buildings in this neighborhood are quite expensive. This neighborhood has some potential for real estate investments, even though there are some reports of crime.

Bourne received several reports of crime; the most common being anti-social behavior. Other crimes reported include violence and sexual offences, while fewer incidents of burglaries and criminal damage were recorded.

9. Brunswick

Brunswick is a neighbourhood in Lancashire. Some of the residential buildings in the neighbourhood include row houses, garden houses, and multifamily apartments.

Brunswick reported several crimes recently; some of the most popular being with 64 incidents of anti-social behaviour. There were also several cases of violence and sexual offences. Fewer incidences of thefts and burglaries were also recorded.

The local police have recently reported a sharp drop in the cases of crime; they have intensified the policing work, including paying visits to both suspects and residents.

10. Bryning With Warton & Westby

Bryning is joined with Warton and Westby for this report. These are neighborhoods in Lancashire, some of which have fairly large residential properties- very attractive to wealthy people keen on living in the suburbs.

The crime rate here is roughly half of what is seen in some other parts of the city. The most common crimes include anti-social behavior, theft, and violence and sexual offences.



While this article has been titled areas to avoid in Blackpool; it must be mentioned that most of these crimes were just young lads running around, acting like idiots. This anti social behaviour is not to be condoned, but it hardly compares to violent crimes which are seen in high numbers in other parts of the country.